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Fact-Checking Policy:

Having the facts right in our news and opinion copy is of paramount importance to the Western Standard.

Unless a matter is well-known as accepted fact, all claims made in Western Standard copy must be fact-checked. It is the responsibility of all Employees and Contractors at the Company to thoroughly investigate the veracity of all pursued claims or leads, and when possible, attempt to corroborate with at least one other source to eliminate any reasonable doubt. Sources being used by Employees and Contractors must come from competent authorities or sources of direct relation to the subject. 

All written content for the Western Standard must be approved through the established Editing Procedures before being published as laid out in the Western Standard Policies & Procedures Manual.

Without exception, all written content must comply with the Western Standard Style Guide found in the Policies & Procedures Manual. Opinion content must be edited and approved directly by the Opinion & Broadcast Editor, while news content must be edited and approved directly by the News Editor.

Western Standard Employees and Contractors are required to gather information with integrity, and thoroughly verify all claims made by sources.

Western Standard Employees and Contracts are permitted to protect the identity of sources where not doing so would unreasonably compromise the safety or employment of the source. Where this is the case, the Employees and Contractors are required to retain a personal record of their identity for contact should their contributions be called into question. 

Ethics Policy:

The Western Standard’s Company Values require that it, its Employees and Contractorslive by the values of honesty in our news reporting, fearlessness in our opinions, and integrity in our business arrangements.

Western Standard Employees and Contractors are required to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and fairness in their editorial investigations, reporting, and writing.

The Western Standard is committed to a strict separation between its News Division and Opinion & Broadcast Division.

In order to protect itself and its readers from the influence of government, the Western Standard is strictly committed to not accepting any government funding.

The Western Standard is committed to upholding its Privacy Policy which can be found at westernstndardonline.com and in the Policies & Procedures Manual.

The Western Standard is committed to supporting its Employees and Contractors and will provide fair treatment and advancement in the workplace based purely on merit which can be found in more detail in the Company’s Policies & Procedures Manual.

Corrections Policy

The third of the Western Standard’s Editorial Principles, “Commitment to the truth even when it hurts” is the cornerstone of the Company’s Correction’s Policy. It means we must never overlook faults in our own arguments, and serve the truth, even when it undermines our other values.

Similarly, when the Western Standard or one of its Employees or Contractors makes an error or new information comes to light contradicting the assumptions of what has been previously published, an update, correction, or retraction must be issued.

In the event the Western Standard publishes content which passed our Fact-Checking Policy but is later found to be false or inaccurate, immediate action will be taken. A retraction and/or correction will be made to the initially published story so that it aligns with the most recent and relevant facts. Should further steps be required, the Western Standard may issue a retraction or apology at the discretion of the Publisher.

The Western Standard welcomes and encourages public and readership feedback to correct errors of any kind which can be emailed to the News Editor at news@westernstandardonline.com.

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Petition: No Media Bailouts

We the undersigned call on the Canadian government to immediately cease all payouts to media companies.

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No Media Bailouts

The fourth estate is critical to a functioning democracy in holding the government to account. An objective media can't maintain editorial integrity when it accepts money from a government we expect it to be critical of.

We the undersigned call on the Canadian government to immediately cease all payouts to media companies.

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The Western Standard will never accept government bailout money. By becoming a Western Standard member, you are supporting government bailout-free and proudly western media that is on your side. With your support, we can give Westerners a voice that doesn\'t need taxpayers money.

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