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From: Derek Fildebrandt, Publisher
RE: The West needs a strong and independent media

Dear Reader,

Our media landscape is dominated by a few big players, almost all of which are owned by big Eastern and foreign corporate interests, or by the government itself.
As taxpayers, we are forced to pay billions of dollars every year to support the Liberal CBC. But now even the non-government owned mainstream media are on the take, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars a year in a massive taxpayer-bailout from the federal government. This means that even those few bright spots of independence and free-thinking in the media are now on the government dole and cannot speak without fear that the government could pull their funding at any time. 

There are a few great journalists in the non-government-owned media, but they mostly work for large, corporate interests owned and operated out of Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Western voices — voices that speak for the West without fear of what their bosses in Toronto will say — are few and far between.

The West needs a strong and independent voice that is willing to take on the issues facing our people.

This is why we re-founded the Western Standard in 2019. 

Since then, the Western Standard has burst onto the scene and shaken-up Western Canada’s media landscape. 

With a small budget and team of dedicated reporters and opinion columnists, we have quickly become the third most-read online news platform in Western Canada, with an average of 1.5 million readers per month.

Our news team is made up of credible reporters largely recruited from the mainstream media, but focus on issues all too often ignored by the old players.

Our opinion columnists fearlessly take on controversial issues that most of the old players are too afraid to touch directly.

The Western Standard’s mission is to be the “independent voice of the New West”. 

We are making a big difference, and giving Westerners a homegrown alternative to the big, government-owned and government-funded media. We are changing the conversation.

We refuse to accept a penny of the big-media bailout. We don’t have deep pockets from special interests. 

That is why we need you — the reader — to step up and become a Member of the Western Standard

You can become a Standard Member for just $10 a month or $99 a year for unlimited access; much cheaper than a subscription to one of the big government-funded newspapers. We are reinvesting every penny of that into improving our ability to provide you with real, independent, Western news and opinion coverage.

Supporting independent media with your membership is the price of having any media left in this country that isn’t on the government take. If you want there to be any independent Western media left, then we need you to step up and support it. 

We have built something great in a short period of time, and we are making a big difference.

Together, we can make sure that we have a voice that speaks for a West that is strong and free.

Yours Truly,

Derek Fildebrandt
Publisher, Western Standard

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No Media Bailouts

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We the undersigned call on the Canadian government to immediately cease all payouts to media companies.

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The Western Standard will never accept government bailout money. By becoming a Western Standard member, you are supporting government bailout-free and proudly western media that is on your side. With your support, we can give Westerners a voice that doesn\'t need taxpayers money.

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