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Coverage, memes polarized for unvaxxed family booted from BC’s Ronald McDonald House

Austin told the Western Standard on Thursday they had received an overwhelming amount of support but said the “hate” was coming their way, as well.




A swell of media coverage of a family having to relocate from a Vancouver Ronald McDonald House due to their vaccination status has polarized Canadians and Americans on the subject.

The Furgason family has undergone an exhausting ordeal while their four-year-old son Jack undergoes treatment for leukemia at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

The Kelowna family of four has been staying at Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House (RMH) near the hospital since October. On Monday, they were notified of RMH BC & Yukon’s decision to require all guests in the house to be fully vaccinated.

Neither of Jack’s parents — Austin or Lindsey — are vaccinated and both their children are under the age of five. The family was given until the end of January to vacate.

Austin confronted the administration at the house on Tuesday morning and posted the video of his interaction with the staff member on Facebook that same day which went viral.

Austin told the Western Standard on Thursday they had received an overwhelming amount of support but said the “hate” was coming their way, as well.

US-based Fox News spoke with Austin Wednesday night bringing the Family’s story into American living rooms.

Former Fox News contributor and American-Canadian political commentator Steven Crowder picked up the story and took to his podcast Louder with Crowder on his YouTube channel Thursday to rant about the situation referring to it as “medical fascism.”

Even activist, talk-radio host and founder of Turning Point USA — a nonprofit that advocates for conservative values on high school, college and university campuses — Charlie Kirk referenced the Furgason’s story on The Charlie Kirk Show Thursday.

The family’s struggle has also jumped the pond landing in the UK’s Daily Mail news site on Wednesday.

The story has been covered across Canada by numerous mainstream media outlets as well as across Facebook and Twitter, some posting disturbing Ronald McDonald clown memes further polarizing people on the topic.

Twitter meme
Twitter meme

Some are applauding RMH for its policy aimed at keeping at-risk patients safe while others have slammed the charity for being discriminatory and heartless for leaving families in need without a place to stay.

Commenters have been largely polarized on social media and news stories, some attacking the family with visceral statements and others calling on everyone to boycott supporting RMH with #BoycottMcDonalds.

#BoycottMcDonalds has been trending for two days now with 490 tweets on Friday alone.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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  1. Patricia Seddon

    January 15, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    I think they got somewhere around 130,000 via go fund me… so someone out there cares..even if Ronald McDonald House does not.
    The list of groups I will never donate to again grows every day.

  2. Left Coast

    January 15, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Long past time they tested for Natural Immunity . . . I would bet the Farm that almost ALL of the Un-vaxed who have been living amongst Covid for 2 years have plenty of Natural Immunity . . . which by the way is 20 Xs better than the VAX . . . and that was when we thought that the VAX actually worked.

    This is far more disturbing . . .

    “An Indianapolis-based insurance company, OneAmerica, said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people 18 – 64. Their CEO has said, “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be a 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.” Who knows more about an increase in the death rate than a life insurance company?

    A 3-year-old girl dies ‘unexpectedly’ of a heart attack a day after receiving a COVID shot. We are seeing deaths of 15 and 16 year old boys and girls.”

    Eminent physicians and scientists have warned that the COVID vaccines can exacerbate any condition the person may have, aware of or not… cancer, heart conditions, neurological, vascular, etc. Also, anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction may occur. Independent studies have shown that deaths related to the vaccine have been vastly under-reported and in many cases an outright lie perpetrated by the FDA and the CDC. To anyone paying attention, this should not be of any surprise. These doctors have warned us for well over a year.

  3. Only Freedom Matters Now

    January 15, 2022 at 10:43 am

    Exactly like the escalation of hate and ostracization that the Jews experienced in the 1930s.
    The people that did this and support this are sick, twisted and evil just like any Nazi sympathizer.

  4. David

    January 15, 2022 at 8:38 am

    Rotten Ronnie strikes again.

    How many boosters will it take for the clown to realize the Mrna treatment is more dangerous than usefull?

  5. Claudette Leece

    January 15, 2022 at 7:13 am

    Anyone who evicts a family at this time in their life over a failed experiment, deserves what they get. I will never contribute to RMH or work again raising money for them. A persons real character comes out in bad times, RMH likes the money, we will see how they like the consequences of this decision. How sad more and more Americans see, how Canada’s really like not the falsehood of the nice country

  6. Jack of all Trades

    January 14, 2022 at 7:06 pm

    Here is the link to a partial list of athletes who died or developed a serious heart condition or stroke after they were jabbed.
    While on the page, click the link on the top and subscribe to Kirsch’s newsletter.

  7. Left Coast

    January 14, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    A Vaccine by definition prevents you from transmitting or getting the disease it is designed to protect you from.

    If the Covid shot did that . . . why would any “VAXED” person be afraid? If you had a Measles Vax you could walk & live among those with Measles and be safe. Why do you think the Media & Politicians are spreading un-vaxed Fear?

    The Experimental Covid VAX is actually mRNA Gene Therapy . . . it is Not a Vax at all.
    Millions who have been VAXED are coming down with Covid & Variants, filling hospitals all over the World. The Reality is that it wears off in a few weeks and is not effective against Variants. Hence the Boosters . . . they are on No. 2 Booster in Israel today.
    At the 1 year point the VAX is not looking that good. Canadian soccer player diagnosed with Myocarditis recently, at least 4 international Soccer Players are DEAD. Meanwhile you VAXED types are getting all upset at the folks who did not want to be part of the Great Covid VAX Experiment.

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Ottawa press gallery discusses letting Chinese propaganda agency in

Xinhua has been accused of misusing press privileges at the direction of Chinese diplomats.




Officials with the Parliamentary Press Gallery held a behind closed doors meeting on Tuesday to talk about letting reporters from Xinhau, the Chinese Community Party’s propaganda agency, into the club, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

“The gallery is not bound by any outside political considerations,” said gallery president Catherine Levesque of the National Post. 

“We are doing our due diligence to ensure Xinhua meets certain criteria and we will be making a decision shortly.”

Xinhua has been accused of misusing press privileges at the direction of Chinese diplomats.

“Membership in the Parliamentary Press Gallery allows access to the secure physical buildings of the parliamentary precinct and the opportunity to directly question individuals who drive and shape public policy,” gallery directors wrote in a 2020 code Journalistic Principles And Practices.

“As a result, accreditation is a privilege, not a right.”

Xinhua had been a member until 2020 when its press pass lapsed.

The Department of National Defence in 2012 blacklisted the agency from attending its press briefings, and a Xinhua correspondent in 2012 disclosed he was asked to maintain surveillance on Chinese dissidents in Canada.

The gallery would not discuss the Xinhua application but the gallery code states members must “respect the rights of people involved in the news.”

The Commons by a unanimous 266-0 vote last February 22 condemned China for human rights atrocities including the genocide of its Uyghur Muslim community. MPs also voted to petition the International Olympic Committee to relocate the 2022 Winter Games from Beijing.

“We need to move forward, not just as a country but as a world, on recognizing the human rights violations that are going on in China,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier told reporters.

“This is an issue that matters deeply to me, to all Canadians, and we will continue to work with our partners and allies on taking it seriously.”

Xinhua was originally granted Press Gallery membership in 1964 at the request of then-Foreign Minister Paul Martin Sr.

“It is a step in the direction of mutual understanding between Canada and mainland China,” Martin said at the time. Membership was approved in a press credentials swap that saw the Communist Party permit the Globe & Mail to open a Beijing bureau.

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PHA head says cellphone snooping fears unwarranted

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar said managers at no time collected information that personally identified any of 33 million cellphone users.




The president of the Public Health Agency (PHA) says Canadians need not fret over the fact his organization snooped on 33 million cellphone users, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar said managers at no time collected information that personally identified any of 33 million cellphone users.

“No personal information was asked or was received,” Kochhar told the Commons health committee.

“No individually identifiable data is contained in any part of the work.”

The Commons ethics committee last Friday voted 10-0 to examine the data collection program using cellphone tower tracking. The PHA said it sought the information to monitor compliance with lockdown orders.

“The actual reason why we collected this data is reliable, timely and relevant public health data comes out of it for other policy and decision making,” said Kochhar.

“This is population-level mobility data analysis. This is what we have collected.

“That would help us to understand the possible link between the movement of populations within Canada and the impact on COVID-19. We did that in terms of a very clear way of getting that open and transparent means of collection. We never, ever actually know when we use that information that it is individually identifiable. It is aggregated data.”

MPs on the ethics committee earlier noted cellphone users were never told the PHA was collecting the cellphone tracking data. Conservative MP John Brassard (Barrie-Innisfil, Ont.), noted the scope of the monitoring was only detailed when the Agency issued a December 17 notice to contractors to expand the program.

“It becomes increasingly concerning that government is seemingly using this pandemic as a means and a cause for massive overreach into the privacy rights of Canadians,” said Brassard.

“As parliamentarians, it’s incumbent upon us to make sure we protect those rights, that there is proper scrutiny and oversight.”

“The Public Health Agency was collecting data without the knowledge of Canadians, effectively doing it in secret. We need to know what security measures were in place to protect the privacy rights of Canadians.

“It is vital we do not allow the COVID response to create a permanent backslide of the rights and freedoms of Canadians including their fundamental right to privacy.”

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Health Minister Duclos has no info on $150-million COVID contract to SNC-Lavalin

But testifying at the Commons health committee, Duclos had no answer when asked why the contract was issued.




SNC-Lavalin was given a $150-million sole-source contract to provide “urgently” needed field hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic — but Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos doesn’t seem to know much about it, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

The field hospitals were never used.

“This is obviously in support of the needs at the request of provinces and territories,” said Duclos.

But testifying at the Commons health committee, Duclos had no answer when asked why the contract was issued.

“What is the status of the mobile field hospitals SNC-Lavalin was contracted to produce?” asked Conservative MP Shelby Kramp-Neuman (Hastings-Lennox, Ont.).

“It was an example of the significant level of preparation that we did throughout the crisis,” replied Duclos.

“Why have the field hospitals from SNC-Lavalin not been deployed?” asked Kramp-Neuman.

Duclos replied he had no information on “the exact nature of the state of that equipment.”

“Did the Prime Minister’s Office approve of this?” asked MP Kramp-Neuman.

“That’s a public works question,” replied Duclos.

“We’re not getting a lot of clarity here,” said MP Kramp-Neuman, adding: “The buck stops with you. Sadly, I recognize you don’t have all the answers to everything, but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a lot of answers to anything.”

An unidentified Department of Public Works manager finalized the SNC-Lavalin contract on April 9, 2020 without notice to other bidders.

“A public call for tenders was not issued due to the urgency of the need as a result of the pandemic,” said an internal e-mail.

However, as late as Sep. 9, 2020, the Québec contractor had still not fixed a delivery date, according to staff emails.

Paul Thompson, deputy minister of public works, Tuesday said he knew little of the contract details.

“I personally don’t have all the details at my fingertips,” said Thompson.

SNC-Lavalin was paid to supply field hospitals equipped with 200 hospital beds, ventilators, masks, medical gowns and ten days’ worth of medication, back-up generators, water and oxygen tanks, X-ray machines, shower bays and latrines.

“The self-sufficiency of the unit makes it extremely flexible for deployment where the need is greatest in Canada,” said a memo.

Internal records dated Oct. 13, 2020 disclosed no one wanted the field hospitals.

The department said spending included $2 million for design work and millions more on warehousing medical supplies for presumed future use.

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