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Top Ontario doc says separating vaxxed and unvaxxed best way to get COVID under control

Ontario has had more than 626,000 cases of COVID-19 which has left more than 10,000 people dead.




One of the ways to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control is to stop “the mixing of unvaccinated and vaccinated,” says Ontario’s chief medical officer.

“Basic means of protecting individuals is stopping the mixing of unvaccinated and vaccinated,” said Dr. Kieran Moore at a Tuesday press conference.

“And if our cases continue through and after the holidays we would make recommendations of government to continue the certification process in play. But we’ll continue to review the data. We do have a very robust testing strategy in Ontario for the winter months as we’ve released previously. We’ve purchased … 11 million rapid antigen test for all students in Ontario.”

Moore was asked whether COVID-19 is “something we’re just going to have to learn to live with” and whether it would ever go away.

“We have a long ways to go with the World Health Organization and other international organizations to try to decrease the number of individuals in which this virus can mutate and/or spread,” he said.

“But I do see a time when we’ll have low, endemic rates and it will turn out to be like influenza or other winter respiratory viruses where there’s a seasonality to it, where it does have an intermittent impact on our health-care system and like influenza, you need an annual vaccine to protect against it.”

Ontario has had more than 626,000 cases of COVID-19 which has left more than 10,000 people dead.

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  1. Leslie Solar

    December 17, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    left coast: Doctors (at least in alberta) are PROHIBITED from engaging in early treatment if a patient tests positive with covid. ON THREAT BY THE COLLEGE OF P&S OF LOSING THEIR LICENSE TO PRACTISE. It never occurred to me either, but when it did, I asked my doctor if, should I come down with covid, would she provide me with immediate treatment. Answer was NO–go to the Alberta Health website and follow their directions. She specifically said that if she did early treatment, she would be in jeopardy of losing her license to practise. The Dr.s are also given a VERY LIMITED LIST OF ‘exemptions” that they are allowed to give. (essentially, they are prohibited from giving ANY letter of exemption, again on threat of losing their license to practise).

    This is a very orchestrated effort around the world, by the globalists. Kenney attended the Bilderbergur conference twice, (one in 2014). Hes a globalist, folks.

  2. Seven-Zero-One

    December 9, 2021 at 10:59 pm

    Separate vaccinated Jew’s from Un-vaccinated
    Subsidize Easterners just showing truth colors.

  3. Kelly Carter

    December 9, 2021 at 9:52 pm

    “We have a long way to go in order to reduce the number of individuals this virus can mutate and spread”, Good lord, how did this fool ever get a license to practice medicine? The only way to get rid of this virus is to allow it to be endemic, move through the population and mutate to a less virulent form as these viruses tend to do. Only took 18 months with SARS because only the sick were treated, and it was allowed to move through the rest of the population and mutate.

  4. Deb

    December 9, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    Wow to bad Canada doesn’t have people in authority speaking out like the EUA has.
    Dr. Kieran Moore Ontario’s chief medical officer is just reading from the global script based on no scientific evidence. Just spewing more fear and division . https://www.europereloaded.com/5-meps-respond-to-ursula-von-der-leyens-proposal-to-talk-about-mandatory-vaccination-in-eu/

  5. Dennis

    December 9, 2021 at 11:51 am

    Here is an article that tells just a portion of the corruption taking place the world over funded by non other than Bill Gates and Big Pharma. People like this are simply Useful Idiots to the cause.


  6. Jack Masterman

    December 9, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Why would anyone pay attention to these high paid “health ministers” when they have been so wrong about so much when telling us what to do to minimize COVID. They don’t appear to have EVER looked at the science or what is happening in other countries (India, Japan) to minimize COVID.

    They just come up with some directive using their own personal bias that usually makes no sense.

    I hate seeing my tax dollar wasted on their salaries.

    I look forward to the day when rational people review the directives put out by these so called “health ministers” and start legal action against them for the damages they have done, the lives they have cost and the economic disaster they have created.

  7. dwood439@protonmail.com

    December 9, 2021 at 7:35 am

    He is lying. The science demonstrates vaccinated people can spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated. I personally know a double vaxed person who just got Covid. You know he is lying because they refuse to talk about how many of the unvaccinated have natural immunity. The CDC in court just stated there no cases of people with natural immunity transmitting the virus. Another study I read said .04% chance of a person with natural immunity spreading the virus.
    Where is the leadership in protecting Charter rights in Canada?

  8. Phillip Zelenka

    December 9, 2021 at 4:11 am

    It is the elephant in the room: that anyone who has had Covid and recovered is effectively vaccinated by natural means and thus does not need a ‘jab’. It is noteworthy that the governments universally refuse to acknowledge this process of natural vaccination and instead insist that these people must get the ‘jab’ to be considered vaccinated. In Ontario then, there are some 626,000 people that are naturally vaccinated and thereby do not need a ‘jab’. The government could save the money on the cost of both the vaccine and of the medical personnel administering it, but refuse to do so. Is there a purpose to using more vaccine than necessary? Maybe someone should look at the procurement contracts of the Liberals. Is there a “commission” being paid for purchasing large quantities of doses?

  9. Dennis

    December 8, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    Ah, you commentors are all talking common sense. That is not allowed in Canucistan.

  10. Left Coast

    December 8, 2021 at 2:33 pm

    Dr. Kieran Moore is an incredibly stupid man . . . and likely has not treated a Patient in decades, like so many in Provincial Health Ministries.

    There is plenty of Real Science out there today that completely contradicts his crazy proclamation. Is the good Dr. not aware that many, if not most of the Unvaxed have met the Virus & have Natural Immunity, which by the way is 20 Xs better than the shot. Natural Immunity tends to have much smaller viral loads, not so with the VAXED who can be superspreaders.

    The double VAXED are catching Covid in many countries at a much higher rate than the Unvaxed. Is the VAX failing to protect? Perhaps that is why there are now Boosters.
    The double VAXED are also filling hospitals in many countries and the double VAXED a dying in greater numbers. In Britain recently over 80% of the Covid Deaths were VAXED.

    A Doctor in South Africa who has Treated over 7,000 patients has had no Fatalities . . . is that not incredible? Why do you think Canadian Drs. have not contacted him to find out what he has been doing?

    “Dr. Shankara Chetty, a family doctor in South Africa who, according to his website, has “treated 7000 Covid-19 patients without a single hospitalization or death,” combined insights from his medical knowledge along with his observations of government dictates and media censorship to support his conclusions.”

    Why do we not have any Canadian Drs. with a record like this? Why are so few Canadian Doctors actually treating Covid Patients rather than waiting for them to be so sick they have to go to the Hospital? Is that the PLAN . . . to kill of as many mostly Seniors to cut pension costs?


  11. DonPedrito

    December 8, 2021 at 2:30 pm

    Hasn’t he read the CDC report about COVID transmission, or the UK study recently published in The Lancet, both to the effect that the vaxxed catch and transmit COVID at much the same rate as the vax-free? In other words, Vax status is irrelevant; what matters is whether or not one is infected and contagious, which is best determined by a rapid antigen test. How can Ontario’s CMOH be so clueless?

  12. jgl

    December 8, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    Doesn’t he just look like a crazed Nazi.
    Are people still listening to this propaganda nonsense.
    It’s unbelievable that after almost 2 years many still haven’t figured out what is really going on.

  13. Liliana Brown

    December 8, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    Did you also know that in the 1950’s Alberta segregated those deemed “mentally unwell” and forcibly sterilized them to create a more desirable society? History has a way of repeating itself. We never know the skeletons in our nation’s closet until we start digging into our history. At this point NOTHING would shock me. Absolutely nothing.

  14. Baron Not Baron

    December 8, 2021 at 1:07 pm

    “Ontario has had more than 626,000 cases of COVID-19 which has left more than 10,000 people dead.”

    BAHAHA WS what kind of “journalism” is this? Can you please explain how can someone die from a pseudo-disease? Also answer me this: was the passport created for the virus, or the virus for the passport?

  15. Illusion

    December 8, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    I remember 10 years ago, a lady in her 50’s was telling me how, when she was a schoolgirl in Alberta, there was a fence segregating the Catholic and Protestant (Public) schoolyards and the kids weren’t allowed to play with each other. I was shocked that this type of cult-like practice was commonplace in Alberta so recently in the past and I really didn’t think that we would see that kind of stuff outside of places like Ireland, post WWII. Now, I look at monstrous statements like what this doctor is making and now some old fence dividing schoolyards seems tame. I now fully understand not only how we had segregation 60 years ago in Canada but also how had eugenics boards a 100 years ago. We have not evolved or changed in any way and these same ugly characters were just laying low waiting for their opportunity to jump on the backs of minorities once again.

  16. James Taylor

    December 8, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    2 years later with a virus with a 99%+ survival rate: “everything we have said is wrong, and all our actions thereto have been wrong, but trust us guys, this is what we gotta do.” -Government

    These idiots need to be delegitimized. Ignore them all and carry on with your lives

  17. berta baby

    December 8, 2021 at 12:24 pm

    That’s good news keep that guy way far from me…. Un real how useless the judiciary system is in this shit hole country. To me though all I hear is segregation I wonder how he felt in his prime in the 60’s. It was a crime for whites to marry blacks . Lol I bet he has some stories the old fuck

  18. Cosmo Kramer

    December 8, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    So says the freak who was caught on the hot mic last year saying that he says whatever is written down for him.

  19. John Thomas

    December 8, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Why are so many vaccinated people getting Covid? Communism????

  20. Peter No

    December 8, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    Nazi doctor

  21. Jack of all Trades

    December 8, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Next: Camps and then The Final Solution!

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Ottawa press gallery discusses letting Chinese propaganda agency in

Xinhua has been accused of misusing press privileges at the direction of Chinese diplomats.




Officials with the Parliamentary Press Gallery held a behind closed doors meeting on Tuesday to talk about letting reporters from Xinhau, the Chinese Community Party’s propaganda agency, into the club, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

“The gallery is not bound by any outside political considerations,” said gallery president Catherine Levesque of the National Post. 

“We are doing our due diligence to ensure Xinhua meets certain criteria and we will be making a decision shortly.”

Xinhua has been accused of misusing press privileges at the direction of Chinese diplomats.

“Membership in the Parliamentary Press Gallery allows access to the secure physical buildings of the parliamentary precinct and the opportunity to directly question individuals who drive and shape public policy,” gallery directors wrote in a 2020 code Journalistic Principles And Practices.

“As a result, accreditation is a privilege, not a right.”

Xinhua had been a member until 2020 when its press pass lapsed.

The Department of National Defence in 2012 blacklisted the agency from attending its press briefings, and a Xinhua correspondent in 2012 disclosed he was asked to maintain surveillance on Chinese dissidents in Canada.

The gallery would not discuss the Xinhua application but the gallery code states members must “respect the rights of people involved in the news.”

The Commons by a unanimous 266-0 vote last February 22 condemned China for human rights atrocities including the genocide of its Uyghur Muslim community. MPs also voted to petition the International Olympic Committee to relocate the 2022 Winter Games from Beijing.

“We need to move forward, not just as a country but as a world, on recognizing the human rights violations that are going on in China,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier told reporters.

“This is an issue that matters deeply to me, to all Canadians, and we will continue to work with our partners and allies on taking it seriously.”

Xinhua was originally granted Press Gallery membership in 1964 at the request of then-Foreign Minister Paul Martin Sr.

“It is a step in the direction of mutual understanding between Canada and mainland China,” Martin said at the time. Membership was approved in a press credentials swap that saw the Communist Party permit the Globe & Mail to open a Beijing bureau.

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PHA head says cellphone snooping fears unwarranted

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar said managers at no time collected information that personally identified any of 33 million cellphone users.




The president of the Public Health Agency (PHA) says Canadians need not fret over the fact his organization snooped on 33 million cellphone users, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar said managers at no time collected information that personally identified any of 33 million cellphone users.

“No personal information was asked or was received,” Kochhar told the Commons health committee.

“No individually identifiable data is contained in any part of the work.”

The Commons ethics committee last Friday voted 10-0 to examine the data collection program using cellphone tower tracking. The PHA said it sought the information to monitor compliance with lockdown orders.

“The actual reason why we collected this data is reliable, timely and relevant public health data comes out of it for other policy and decision making,” said Kochhar.

“This is population-level mobility data analysis. This is what we have collected.

“That would help us to understand the possible link between the movement of populations within Canada and the impact on COVID-19. We did that in terms of a very clear way of getting that open and transparent means of collection. We never, ever actually know when we use that information that it is individually identifiable. It is aggregated data.”

MPs on the ethics committee earlier noted cellphone users were never told the PHA was collecting the cellphone tracking data. Conservative MP John Brassard (Barrie-Innisfil, Ont.), noted the scope of the monitoring was only detailed when the Agency issued a December 17 notice to contractors to expand the program.

“It becomes increasingly concerning that government is seemingly using this pandemic as a means and a cause for massive overreach into the privacy rights of Canadians,” said Brassard.

“As parliamentarians, it’s incumbent upon us to make sure we protect those rights, that there is proper scrutiny and oversight.”

“The Public Health Agency was collecting data without the knowledge of Canadians, effectively doing it in secret. We need to know what security measures were in place to protect the privacy rights of Canadians.

“It is vital we do not allow the COVID response to create a permanent backslide of the rights and freedoms of Canadians including their fundamental right to privacy.”

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Health Minister Duclos has no info on $150-million COVID contract to SNC-Lavalin

But testifying at the Commons health committee, Duclos had no answer when asked why the contract was issued.




SNC-Lavalin was given a $150-million sole-source contract to provide “urgently” needed field hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic — but Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos doesn’t seem to know much about it, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

The field hospitals were never used.

“This is obviously in support of the needs at the request of provinces and territories,” said Duclos.

But testifying at the Commons health committee, Duclos had no answer when asked why the contract was issued.

“What is the status of the mobile field hospitals SNC-Lavalin was contracted to produce?” asked Conservative MP Shelby Kramp-Neuman (Hastings-Lennox, Ont.).

“It was an example of the significant level of preparation that we did throughout the crisis,” replied Duclos.

“Why have the field hospitals from SNC-Lavalin not been deployed?” asked Kramp-Neuman.

Duclos replied he had no information on “the exact nature of the state of that equipment.”

“Did the Prime Minister’s Office approve of this?” asked MP Kramp-Neuman.

“That’s a public works question,” replied Duclos.

“We’re not getting a lot of clarity here,” said MP Kramp-Neuman, adding: “The buck stops with you. Sadly, I recognize you don’t have all the answers to everything, but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a lot of answers to anything.”

An unidentified Department of Public Works manager finalized the SNC-Lavalin contract on April 9, 2020 without notice to other bidders.

“A public call for tenders was not issued due to the urgency of the need as a result of the pandemic,” said an internal e-mail.

However, as late as Sep. 9, 2020, the Québec contractor had still not fixed a delivery date, according to staff emails.

Paul Thompson, deputy minister of public works, Tuesday said he knew little of the contract details.

“I personally don’t have all the details at my fingertips,” said Thompson.

SNC-Lavalin was paid to supply field hospitals equipped with 200 hospital beds, ventilators, masks, medical gowns and ten days’ worth of medication, back-up generators, water and oxygen tanks, X-ray machines, shower bays and latrines.

“The self-sufficiency of the unit makes it extremely flexible for deployment where the need is greatest in Canada,” said a memo.

Internal records dated Oct. 13, 2020 disclosed no one wanted the field hospitals.

The department said spending included $2 million for design work and millions more on warehousing medical supplies for presumed future use.

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