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WATCH: Kelowna Remembrance Day ceremony marred by vaccine protesters

“Not the right time, not the right place,” one man can be heard shouting.




Hundreds of people who set aside their views for a day in order to pay respects to fallen Canadians had their ceremony dismantled by protesters in Kelowna.

Police responded to the unofficial Remembrance Day event at Kelowna’s City Park after a handful of people protesting COVID-19 measures set up a microphone and began interrupting the event.

“Have you forgotten? You have forgotten,” the woman interrupting the ceremony says.

Standing to her left was Bruce Orydzuk, a well known protester in the Kelowna area who went viral in July after berating a security guard at a vaccine clinic.

The Remembrance Day interruption visibly upset many in attendance, several of whom were veterans.

“I was there with my wife. Veterans were quite upset and a lot of people were screaming at each other. Never thought a remembrance day ceremony would be controversial but here we are. Really sad,” tweeted Matt Glen.

“Not the right time, not the right place,” one man can be heard shouting.

British Columbia declared a state of emergency on March 18, 2020 due to the “threat of COVID-19,” leading to 19 months of lock-downs, vaccine passports, forced business closures, and more.

Many who oppose the province’s actions have taken to social media, condemning the behaviour displayed by the protesters in Kelowna.

Reid Small is a BC correspondent for the Western Standard

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  1. mm

    Reid Small

    November 16, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    @Dominic Ieraci The weak ones are also those who interrupt. This behaviour gets clout points from those who already agree while further ostracizing those who don’t, including the potential fence-sitters. Regardless of how satisfying it may be to an emotional grunt such as yourself, it only hurts the efforts you claim to be fighting for. A hill worth dying on deserves a calculated approach. Anything else is just emotional virtue signalling.

  2. Dominic Ieraci

    November 16, 2021 at 9:11 am

    The protestors are 100% in the right.This is the hill to die on. Those weak sheep complaining are missing the forest for the trees. Fuck your divisive reporting

  3. Lisa

    November 15, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Pete-I completely agree with you in asking WHERE have the churches and legionnaires been? It seems to me that people have become so dumbed down to the tyranny, that they would rather criticize those who expose the injustices, rather than stand up against them! I think they call that Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. Mars Hill

    November 14, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Thank you Western Standard for sticking to reporting and giving the public a platform to express their views; none of us are perfect; lets endeavour to let common sense have it’s own voice.

  5. Pete

    November 14, 2021 at 11:51 am

    There are good comments here and I especially agree with Leslie Solar on the “big lie” at the heart of this issue. I have been attending anti-lockdown protests in Camrose, Edmonton, Mirror and Hanna, Alberta since April of 2020. When vaccine mandates became a thing those protests became anti-vaccine mandate protests. Not ant-vaccine but anti-mandate. I have wondered where the Legionnaires have been along with the Churches and others. We could use you at our protests for freedom but with some individual receptions you stay away. Where is your hill to die on in defending our freedoms ? The war dead had their hill but you seem to be about complying rather than standing up and drawing a line.

    On November 11, 2020 our small Alberta village’s Legion held an indoor ceremony where only Legion members were permitted. The excuse for this was public safety and Covid restrictions. This year on Remembrance Day the ceremony was outdoors, more than a quarter of the villagers attended, little social distancing was observed and only one person wore a mask. Much better than the previous year with regards to making the ceremony accessible to the public but I still can’t enter many Legion buildings in Alberta without a vaccine pass. My hill to die on is vaccine passports. They divide Canadians. Where is your hill ?

    Finally, we must not let ourselves be divided by those who push the big lie. Politicians, AHS bureaucrats, the lying mass media have all bought into a fake pandemic. The voices of dissenters have been quashed. I have written to the Premier of Alberta and to my MLA on multiple occasions throughout this fake pandemic WITHOUT REPLY. With regards to the many protests I have attended in the last 19 months the media has either not been present or completely misrepresented the protesters and our message. I cannot blame the freedom protesters in Kelowna for their actions. At this point I don’t care whose feelings they hurt because all previous attempts to present the evidence have been successfully rebuffed by those who have bought into an anti-freedom narrative that allows no dissenters.

  6. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 10:27 pm

    Pretty sure dead soldiers who DIED for our freedoms aren’t going to be offended by likeminded people protesting the Hitler like “papers please”, that Canada now is. Those soldiers in the ground are on OUR side. They’re offended by fake bs politicians purporting to be lobbying in their name!

  7. Major Tom

    November 13, 2021 at 11:11 am

    James Smith……agreed! Today, I call myself a Jew because I cannot enter a Legion Branch without ….”my papers..”…..Possessing a 50 year membership card….being awarded a 50 year Legion Gold Medal…..possessing a DND Veterans Card…having natural immunity to the Whuhan Wheezer….means nothing!
    I quit! When this brave woman spoke, the wreaths were already laid…so the service was over! History will prove that those who stood for freedom were not the Legionaires!

  8. Barbara

    November 13, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Go to http://www.allfiredupforfreedom.com

    Full of info and resources and it’s Alberta based

  9. James Smith

    November 13, 2021 at 10:11 am

    Legions across the country demanding to see our papers before we can enter(including vets)if we refuse an experimental injection that might kill or injure us and have no effect on stopping a virus we are not allowed in. The nazi’s didn’t lose the war they were just hiding and waiting and became politicians

  10. Baron Not Baron

    November 13, 2021 at 10:10 am

    I must add.. the old men – the veterans – live in the past, of the war times. They are NOT CAPABLE to discern the past lie from the present lie. The past lie is the fact that the wars were brought up to butcher the European kinds, one-another. The present lie is that once vaxxed, their lives shorten, therefore, the gvt KEEPS THEIR PENSIONS.. The only thing left for the veterans, in general, is their sacrifice (a psychological trauma)- without knowing it was in vain even since back then, before they even put that uniform on for the first time – as they were sent into the cannon’s barrel on purpose, as “leaders” decided already their fate. The truth is that only a tiny fraction of them know that.

  11. Paul Bryce

    November 12, 2021 at 2:41 pm

    I just had an e-mail from a friend who atended this rally/ceremony in Kelowna. Why was there a seperate rally in the park that was not endorsed by the City of Kelowna? Because the official ceremony was vaccine passport holders only. I have been to protests in Kelowna many times and I know the people quite well, they would not have been needlessly interrupting a remebrance day ceremony unless their was an apartheid event they could not participate in. What a shameful day in memory of the veterans who didnt shirk their duties in the face of bullets or viruses but now we are fearful of a made up pandemic which is killing 0.5% of the population or less and we are creating an apartheid society out of fear. SHAME.

  12. Barbara

    November 12, 2021 at 10:34 am

    What’s wrong with you Western Standard?

    Remembrance Day celebrations by politicians isn’t about remembering it’s about lying and pretending that they care about the freedoms our soldiers fought for.

    It’s the perfect place to call out their hypocrisy. The politicians were disrespecting our soldiers.

    Our rights and freedoms are being stripped from us and you defend this?

    This journalist is incompetent and needs to be let go.

    What a sham.!!!!

    And you need to stand up and stop being so wishy washy and do your job. Otherwise you will lose your subscribers…. fast.

  13. mm

    Reid Small

    November 12, 2021 at 10:19 am

    @Major Tom. You are right, the term “anti-vaxxers” is often used to dismiss people without actually acknowledging their message. I do not use it for this reason which is why it is not in the article body, or in any of my articles for that matter. The headline however is not my choosing. Upon request, an editor changed the terminology.

  14. Peter No

    November 12, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Marred????? People fighting segregation and discrimination in their own country, fighting future death from starvation after being kicked out from work – they are real heroes!
    Subscription canceled pending official apologies from WS editor.

  15. Baron Not Baron

    November 12, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Reid Small.. you’re a vaxxer, aren’t you? This is not “marred”, it is PROPER(!), asshole! I bet you took all the shots and extra, just to make sure your offsprings will be chimarean?

  16. Ben Wilson

    November 12, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Terrible Article. Looks like it was written by Toronto Star.
    It was very rude to interrupt a Memorial event and everyone knows this. These few protesters were paid activists. Paid by big Pharma I suspect. The name of this article should have been. *** Small group of fake protesters disrespect an important event to make average citizens think people who don’t support mass vaccinations of the public are horrible people***. A real Journalist would have investigated who those few protesters were. A real Journalist would have asked why such a small number of protesters and interviewed the protesters. God Bless!!

  17. jgl

    November 12, 2021 at 6:53 am

    Remembrance Day is marred by all who sit back and watch tyranny take over our once free society.
    Most are too cowardly to continue the fight for freedom, the freedom our brave veterans defended and lost their lives for.

  18. Andrew Red Deer

    November 12, 2021 at 6:42 am

    If not there , then where?

  19. Leslie Solar

    November 11, 2021 at 10:27 pm

    The declaration of the “emergency” is the big lie. The death rate from covid, even with the false claim that “there is no treatment” for it, is lower than most of the common influenze outbreaks that we have on almost a yearly basis. Think about it:

    Take a bug that can actually be cured if dealt with early. Prohibit early treatment. Threaten all the doctors with losing their medical license if they do early treatment. Then prevent the pharmacies from prescribing drugs known to work, which have been in use for other ailments for decades, whose side effects are known and benign. Tell anyone feeling sick to get tested. If they test positive, tell them to go home and “self-isolate” in their bedrooms. Dont take anything except maybe an aspirin if you develop a fever. Then if your oxygen levels plummet, go to Emerg. Then mandate that an ICU use something like remdesivir that can harm kidneys and other organs. Then lock down small business, and make as many people as possible dependent on government handouts (which will start inflation and cause a bunch of other problems). Oh, and then impair your own economy with fake “Climate Change” mandates. Drip. Drip. Drip. Destroy your country’s economy, and the freedom of its citizens.

    I am not sure how to do it, but maybe a study of how the President of Hungary threw Soros and his University out of Hungary, and put him in jeopardy if he ever sets foot in the country again, might be a good case study.

  20. Bryan

    November 11, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    False flag event, perhaps?

  21. Major Tom

    November 11, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    What the lame stream media calls anti-vaxxers are mostly pro choice folk…..
    Was this a Red Flag event?….Marxists undermining the pro choice patriots by disrupting a Remembrance Day service? The true mockery is the politicians who lay wreaths and are the very ones signing off on destroying our freedoms!

  22. Left Coast

    November 11, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    Will Remembrance Day survive the decade?

    Our Totalitarian Govts. from the marxist Crime Minister to the feckless inept Premiers are turning this country into a Failed State.

    As the VAXED are starting to drop from the Delta Variant and the Boosters are going to make a lot of the VAXED ill or worse . . . they want to start on the Children?
    Long past time for a Reality Check . . . remember we have know since May 2020 that the Healthy under 69 population had only a .04% chance of dying from the Wuhan Flu. Under 40 was a fraction of that & under 18 practically ZERO.

  23. Mike power

    November 11, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    As a veteran it is difficult not to agree with the sentiment of the protesters. When governments decree, freedom is gone in a flash. The solemn ceremonies of Remembrance Day, not the ideal place to protest, but protesters aren’t mocking the sacrifices of the war dead, but pointing a finger at those who did. Politicians and governments.

  24. berta baby

    November 11, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    They fought for freedom right? Against the nazi who put the un wanted in camps and forced science experiments on them right? Nuimberg trails right after the war from the health experts trials .

    And now 100 years later forced vaccines / vax passports/ propaganda against the unvaxxed even when the actual science says the vaccines wear off. But the numbers seem to still only pick up unvaxxed cases …. Odd .

    But ya not the right place or the right time huh.

    Singing songs of freedom out side the death camps …. Wow

  25. K

    November 11, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    “Marred”? Fuck right off. The segregation of the vaccinated and the continuing lie of this ‘virus’ is the ONLY thing that matters in this country right now. These people fought for nothing if this bullshit is not stopped immediately. Wake up.

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Bernier tickled with support from Trudeau’s half brother

“It’s very dangerous to speak like that, coming from the leader of a democratic country, you cannot speak like that,” said Bernier.




People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was presently surprised on Friday to learn Justin Trudeau’s half-brother is cheering for the PPC.

During the presser, Bernier was told of the Western Standard‘s hour-long interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s half-brother Kyle Kemper who — among other things — called out Trudeau for his divisive speech towards unvaccinated Canadians.

During the interview, Kemper also showed support for the People’s Party of Canada.

When Bernier was asked how he felt about a Trudeau family member propping up the Purple Wave, he said he was “surprised to hear a member of the Trudeau family is cheering for the PPC” and said he agreed with Kemper that Trudeau has been divisive.

“It’s very dangerous to speak like that, coming from the leader of a democratic country, you cannot speak like that,” said Bernier.

“We, at the PPC, we want to unite everybody under the freedom umbrella. We don’t believe in division and segregation.

“This party is growing and I know that the mainstream media don’t like to cover the PPC because we are telling the truth based on facts and on science.”

In the Friday press conference, Bernier said he speaks for millions of Canadians with his one message to the government: “We want our lives back.”

Despite the vast majority of Canadian’s being vaccinated, Bernier showed frustration over the remaining COVID-19 measures, “from vaccine mandates to lockdowns and vaccine passports.”

The PPC leader also pointed to the recent lifting of mandates and restrictions in a number of European countries and elsewhere.

“Canada is becoming the outlier. Not only do we still have most of these measures in place, but some governments are planning to add more,” said Bernier referencing his home province of Quebec bringing in a “punitive tax” against the unvaccinated.

Bernier calls the “science” into question and suggested there is evidence the “authoritarian measures” have little to no effect on the spread of COVID-19 while imposing “massive negative economic and health impacts on the population.”  

“Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can catch and spread the virus. Vaccine passports are completely useless,” said Bernier.

Over the coming days, Bernier said he plans to join the trucker’s Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and support those protesting the vaccine mandate calling it a “blatant example of the unscientific approach adopted by the federal government.”

“Unvaccinated cross-border truckers have been providing an essential service to the Canadian economy for two years. That’s why they were exempt from the border closures,” said Bernier.

“They pose no threat to anyone. They’re alone in their trucks most of the time. There is no crisis because of sick truckers. So why are they suddenly being forced off the road with a new vaccine mandate?”

Calling Canada’s supply chain “more fragile than ever,” Bernier called the Canadian and US governments “irresponsible” and said there is no logic behind adding further needless disruptions.

“More and more Canadians, vaccinated and unvaccinated, want an end to this nightmare. The tide is turning. It’s time to stop living in fear and learn to live with this virus.”

Bernier followed with a list of requests for the Liberal government.

“First, repeal the vaccine mandates on federal employees and federally regulated industries,” said Bernier.

He also said he believes all civil servants, military personnel and government employees should be reinstated and federal regulated industries be instructed to rehire employees who were “unjustly fired.”

For those unjustly fired who don’t want to return to their former jobs, Bernier said they should be given “any severance package and unemployment benefits that a terminated employee normally receives.”

“Second, repeal all travel restrictions on planes, trains and boats for unvaccinated Canadians. These measures are useless and are a violation of our basic constitutional rights.

“Third, the government should stop bailing out provinces that devastate their economy with lockdowns, curfews, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates.”

Bernier blamed the federal government for influencing provinces to implement COVID-19 measures with the “billions of dollars of borrowed and printed money sent by Ottawa through various programs.”

“Provincial governments should be responsible for their own decisions. If they want to impose destructive measures, they should be accountable to their own citizens,” said Bernier.

Bernier also took time to congratulate Conservative MPs including deputy leader Candice Bergen and Finance critic Pierre Poilievre who have opposed “the government’s authoritarian measures after two years of silence,” while accusing O’Toole of supporting Trudeau’s decisions throughout the pandemic.

Calling the Conservative Party of Canada a “morally and intellectually corrupt party,” Bernier suggested the “door is open” for any who would like to join the People’s Party.

Bernier said he is looking forward to the next general election and his opportunity to debate the other leaders on stage.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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AHS researched COVID manipulation tactics

Other studies linked being female and those with higher incomes with being more compliant while political conservatism was linked to those less compliant.




An Alberta Health Services (AHS) document featuring the results of a number of studies focused on attitudes and adherence to COVID-19 guidelines has been obtained by the Western Standard.

The 63-page report dated September 2020 focused on factors that “impact attitudes towards or adherence to COVID-19 public health guidelines” and on “what interventions can create more positive attitudes towards following public health guidelines.”

It included data collected from 30 studies compiled from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand — jurisdictions considered to be somewhat similar to Alberta.

A list of key messages from the evidence summary include:

• Studies consistently show higher adherence to COVID-19 guidelines among people who (i) trust government or authorities; (ii) perceive the threat of the virus to be greater; (iii) have a greater knowledge of the pandemic, (iv) who are older; and (v) who identify as a woman.

• Accessing information through traditional news media (print; television; radio) is associated with greater guideline adherence, while use of social media is associated with a higher likelihood of endorsing conspiracy beliefs, factual misperceptions and lesser degrees of guideline adherence.

• Limited evidence suggests that distinct population groups may require distinct messaging to promote guideline adherence.

• No strategies for promoting adherence to public health COVID-19 guidelines have been robustly proven in the published scientific literature. The most promising strategies appear to be communications to increase knowledge about the pandemic and perceived threat of the virus. Moralistic messaging (e.g.linking physical distancing to being a good person/citizen) could produce problematic consequences such as ostracization of individuals who do not adhere to public health guidelines.

• As evidence on changing attitudes and behaviours related to COVID-19 is still emerging, medical and public health leaders may benefit from reviewing literature on attitude and behaviour change in other, more widely studied health and societal contexts (e.g., climate change, waste reduction, vaccination or smoking cessation) where theories and frameworks have been established.

Recommendations stemming from the study included targeting those with limited knowledge of the pandemic or those that weren’t convinced of the efficacy of public health guidelines as they are “more likely to exhibit consistently poor adherence.”

The groups identified in the study with the “higher risk of non-adherence” to the guidelines include “men, younger people, those who identify as politically conservative, and those who are prone to lower levels of trust in government or science.”

The study also recommended public health content be distributed on social media because “multiple studies found that social media users were less likely to be adherent to public health guidelines.”

The recommendations also suggested officials work with “behavioural scientists and experts in communication sciences” to craft public health messaging designed to influence behaviour change.

Other findings in the report said adherence to guidelines was related to individual characteristics such as narcissism, impulsiveness and agreeableness or societal characteristics such as individualism or collectivism.

A number of factors were listed categorizing their impact on attitude toward adherence to public health guidelines.

For instance, a greater trust in government or authority predicted greater compliance. Other studies linked being female and those with higher incomes with being more compliant while political conservatism was linked to those less compliant.

Also included in the report is a breakdown of how political affiliation affected people’s attitudes towards the virus and public health measures.

“They report that supporters of the Liberal Party are more likely to be very concerned about the virus (46%) than those who support the Conservative Party (39%), Bloc Quebecois (33%), and People’s Party of Canada (PPC) (29%),” said the report.

“Supporters of the Liberal, Green, and New Democratic Parties were slightly more likely to report making behaviour changes (making 63% of recommended changes, on average) than supporters of the Conservative Party (59% of changes), PPC (51%), and Bloc Quebecois (60%).”

A section on research gaps points to a number of important areas that have been “underexplored” including the impact of tailoring specific messaging to particular subgroups such as the Hutterite populations, First Nations Peoples and those experiencing homelessness.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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New collective agreement secures Alberta nurses as highest paid in Canada

UNA has filed more than 150 grievances on behalf of its members related to AHS’ Immunization or Testing of Workers for COVID-19 policy.




Alberta Finance Travis Toews has announced Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) have ratified a new collective agreement that will see a 4.25% pay raise for Alberta nurses.

UNA said the new collective agreement involves more than 30,000 registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses, represented by 130 UNA locals. The pay raise — spread out over the four-year deal — will keep Alberta nurses among the highest paid in Canada.

“I am pleased to hear that registered nurses have voted to accept the mediator’s recommendation. This four-year labour agreement comes after many months of dedicated negotiations,” said Toews.

“Alberta’s nurses have played a critical role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re deeply appreciative of the role they have played in caring for our friends, families and neighbours over the past two difficult years.”

As part of the new collective agreement, UNA said nurses will receive a one-time lump payment of 1% in recognition of their pandemic efforts, as well as enhanced psychological and mental health supports. UNA also said semi-annual lump-sum payments will be convereted to the wage grid.

“I also applaud the parties in arriving at an agreement that recognizes and works to address the unique labour market realities facing Alberta and North America in the recruitment and retention of registered nurses,” said Toews.

The new agreement will allot $5 million annually to recruiting and retaining staff in rural and remote Alberta. It also comes with the creation of a union-employer provincial workload advisory committee with $2.5 million allocated to relocation assistance.

AHS President and CEO, Dr. Verna Yiu brought in a mandatory COVID-19 immunization plan or AHS staff late last year. Approximately 1,650 full-and part-time AHS staff were subsequently put on involuntary leave without pay for noncompliance.

AHS was forced to walk back the mandate by providing testing options for some staff after critical staffing shortages, particularly in rural Alberta. The agency’s website details province-wide notices of physician and volunteer shortages. Red alerts due to EMS staffing shortages are also on the rise.

UNA is has filed more than 150 grievances on behalf of its members related to AHS’ Immunization or Testing of Workers for COVID-19 policy.

UNA deemed the policy “unfair, unreasonable, and discriminatory, and inconsistent with the UNA-Multi-Employer Collective Agreement.”

Amber Gosselin is a reporter with the Western Standard.

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