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Poll shows UCP on road to election wipe out

The group’s seat projection shows the NDP winning by 58 to the UCP’s 29. That would be a 34-seat pick-up for the NDP at the expense of Jason Kenney’s UCP.




Another poll has been released showing the United Conservative Party is on the path to annihilation in the 2023 Alberta election.

Done by LeanTossup, the poll shows the NDP under Rachel Notley sweeping back to power with a massive majority.

The group’s seat projection shows the NDP winning by 58 to the UCP’s 29. That would be a 34-seat pick-up for the NDP at the expense of Jason Kenney’s UCP.

The poll shows the NDP sweeping both Edmonton and Calgary with the UCP only holding on to rural seats.

Courtesy LeanTossup. UCP blue, NDP orange

The poll shows Kenney is likely to lose his own seat, with LeanTossup predicting a 98% probability of a NDP victory in Calgary-Lougheed.

Courtesy LeanTossup
Courtesy LeanTossup
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  1. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    We need political relocation asap. Every Albertan that’s not communist should move to Sask. Then we can win an independence vote (won’t work the other way around because of demographics of AB attract communists, too many now). Freeloaders think Sask has “nothing to do”. Correct, nothing to do in bs lame downtown bars, we like to work instead. Let the freeloaders think there’s nothing to do and that we’re all hillbillies.. The further freeloaders, and government worshippers stay away from this province, the better. There’s no hope for Canada left except that likeminded Canadians move somewhere small enough that they can politically make a difference. Maritimes are small but full of Trudeau Liberals. Alberta used to be Texas of Canada, but it’s been overrun with freeloading communists. Alberta is toast. I mourn this but it is what it is. Demographics is destiny. The only floating lifeboat left in Trudeau’s communist utopia is SK. Don’t care where you come from, Newfoundland, Alberta, Rural BC, Montana, Ontario… Get your ass some land here and see what happens.

  2. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    Oh UPC can’t blame their upcoming loss on Wildrose now.
    Hurtin’ Albertans… Move to Saskatchewan. Traitor Moe is on his way out. Alberta is lost now to your big city communist demographics. Sorry, not your fault but it is what it is. Sask didn’t vote in a single ndp or liberal two elections in a tow now, and Alberta city centres keep increasing.
    Moe was promoting the vaccine, said passports were illegal, then implemented them a few months later. This is all orchestrated for dumb dumb Moe (I have an ag drgree from u of s) step down for being a dummy, to let Wall come back in and “fix” things. Wall was at Bilderberger conference. He’ll be making a comeback. Moe too dumb to understand he’s a fallout turkey. My hope is although Wall is on deep state inside, they know they need Saskatchewan children (lots having babies), farming, and oil and potash… so the deal might be to let us have our idea of Sask independence, in order to have one place left in the world with all the stuff everyone needs still functioning. This is best case scenario obviously. But also obviously, the elite that think they’ll be leftover after all this bs blows over needs at least one place with workforce and commodities to get them their cake.

  3. Proud Albertan

    November 12, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    If the Commie Marxist NDP boot lickers get back in power… we might as well close it down once and for all… good bye farms… free thinkers…western heritage… welcome to hell people

  4. Leslie Solar

    November 11, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    i am not sure what the real answer is, but perhaps a raft of Independents being elected who are honest people who actually love this country and freedom, and their fellow man, and are not in it for the money or the Prestige of being a MLA.

  5. Mises

    November 11, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    Good job UCP. Having leader who is a bagman for Davos and Big Pharma wasn’t a great idea. You can still fix it during upcoming AGM at Grey Eagle. No spine?

  6. Illusion

    November 11, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    I don’t trust polls or election results anymore. As long as Dominion (Soros) is doing the vote counting, why on earth does anybody trust that we will be able to bring about meaningful change and actually elect somebody that isn’t under the control of the globalists? This is no different than the US opinion polls that had Trump 10 points behind Biden and then when Trump started pulling ahead in the results on election night, they shut down the polls and trucked in loads of fake ballots giving unnatural spikes in Biden’s vote in swing states. Why do we think that we won’t be given the same treatment as the Americans? The level of propaganda in the media is so intense now, the truth is basically completely absent from the information that we are given. I highly doubt that anywhere near 50% of Albertans are supporting the NDP, even in 2015 that number was barely 40% and that was before everybody got to see the damage that was done. There is no doubt that Kenney is finished with his base, but my guess would be that the WIP is a lot higher than what we are seeing and the NDP is a lot lower. It’s called dishonesty folks, and they will do the same thing when counting the ballots if we let them.

  7. d.r.cmolloy@gmail.com

    November 11, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    It would be quite easy to get the city folk to support the the NDP. The rual areas Will decide the next gov let us hope that enough taxpayers in. the city wake from their stupor . Look what happened In the Calgary election we could be really doomed.

  8. Spitfire66

    November 11, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    We don’t have 4 years for Nutley to completely destroy Alberta, we need the Wildeose in 2023!
    Gotta get the message out now, later will be too late to save this province.
    Kenney needs to stow that Federalist bs and get on board with Alberta autonomy idea, he could be a hero instead of the biggest pork chop we mistakenly voted in!
    Don’t think it will happen as his fat ass is here but his heads in Ottawa!

  9. Freedoms fans

    November 11, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Should of chosen honesty with the plandemic. Now your stupidity threatens alberta with an even more communist government on the future. I am so scared for our future and my children’s future.

  10. Chris

    November 11, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    This is good news for Alberta. We still are not smart enough to understand how damaging the NDP and UCP has been to us. 4 years of NDP should bring more people over to WIP. Trudeau and Notley should wake up a few more people in the coming years

  11. John Lankers

    November 11, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Sorry, Berta Baby, my comment wasn’t a reply to you it was directed at the stupidity of the general population.

  12. John Lankers

    November 11, 2021 at 11:59 am

    This isn’t funny anymore!!!

  13. berta baby

    November 11, 2021 at 11:45 am

    Hahahahahahaha…… hahahahhahahaahh…… oh man that’s to , hahahahahhahaha .

    How’s that new base going for ya?


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New Sask law exempts employers from COVID-19 lawsuits

The release bragged that Saskatchewan was one of only five jurisdictions with such extensive sexual harassment protections, but after the legislation was passed, Morgan defended the COVID-19 provisions as being common.




By Lee Harding

Employees’ quests for legal COVID-19 recourse has died with recently passed legislation that is “protecting vulnerable workers” according to Labour Minister Don Morgan.

Legislation recently passed by the Government of Saskatchewan prevents employers from being sued for implementing measures listed in the Public Employers’ COVID-19 Emergency Regulations or the Employers’ COVID-19 Emergency Regulations.

Amendments to the Saskatchewan Employment Act say “no action or proceeding lies or shall be commenced or maintained against an employer” if that employer acts in good faith.

“It’s broad general thing that would cover anything related to COVID-19 — signage, lack of signage, whatever else might reasonably arise from it. The threshold is that they must act in good faith,” said Morgan.

“We aren’t trying to target a specific lawsuit that’s been started or being threatened … But we know that COVID-19 vaccines, etc., are a worldwide issue right now and we want to be able to encourage our employers to have some comfort that they’re not going to be subject to lawsuits.”

The legislation applies regardless of when a perceived transgression may have occurred. The amendment received royal assent November 30. However, when the Saskatchewan Employment Amendment Act, 2021 was first announced in a press release November 18, nothing about COVID-19 was even mentioned.

Although the opening sentence mentioned “better and safer workplaces for employers and employees” the rest of the release concerned details about sexual harassment and union bargaining provisions.

Now the Labour Relations Board must exclude supervisors from the same bargaining unit as those they supervise, wherever possible. Sexual harassment at the workplace is now defined as any unwelcome action of a sexual nature, and provisions of the act extend beyond employees to include independent contractors, students, and volunteers.

“The legislation that governs our employers and employees needs to address the challenges of the modern work environment, including protecting vulnerable workers,” Morgan wrote in the release. “These amendments will help us build a stronger, safer and healthier Saskatchewan.”

fact sheet the release linked to concluded with a brief mention of COVID-19.

“We are introducing a provision that will provide protection for public and private sector employers that comply with the new COVID-19 vaccination regulations. These regulations give the employee the choice of showing evidence of being fully vaccinated or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test at least every seven days.”

The release bragged Saskatchewan was one of only five jurisdictions with such extensive sexual harassment protections, but after the legislation was passed, Morgan defended the COVID-19 provisions as being common.

“That’s being done generally across North America,” Morgan said.

The same day Morgan made his comments, a post on the Freedom Alliance Facebook page suggested a strong desire for legal recourse alongside skepticism, and an apparent unawareness of the new provincial law.

“Does anyone here know of any lawyers in Saskatoon that believe in the same rights and freedom as we do? I believe it’s time to really do something about losing my source of income 

“The couple lawyers I did speak with basically said the pandemic supersedes all our rights! Would be great if we found a lawyer that called out the BS! Might have to source out to other provinces,” replied Michielle Ross Noble.

“At the mine I work at they had a lawyer go to bat and it seems to be that the government is above the law and beyond the constitution. Money talks louder than laws these days,” replied Garrick Bernard.

“I also live near Saskatoon,” replied Ron Chappell. “Good luck finding a lawyer that will stand up for your rights and freedoms. Seems these evils are above the law including the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. There should be lawsuits going on everywhere. Either we don’t hear about them or they are not happening. Justin Trudeau is [a] tyrant.”

To this Funk made what proved to be a moot reply.

“Then a group of us should band together and file lawsuits! Who’s with me?”

Harding is a reporter based in Saskatchewan

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Maverick leader describes his perfect successor

“I am aware of three or four people who are seriously considering running for leadership,” interim leader Jay Hill told the Western Standard.




Jay Hill, interim leader of the federal Maverick Party, says he hopes for a candidate for his replacement is someone that can “move the provinces and premiers towards greater autonomy for the West.”

On Wednesday, the Maverick Party released the rules for its leadership race that will see a new leader elected May 14, 2022.

The party will officially be accepting leadership applications as early as January 3 with a deadline of April 30.

Hill says he hopes to see two to six candidates apply.

“I am aware of three or four people who are seriously considering running for leadership,” Hill told the Western Standard.

“We’re more so focused on the quality side of things rather than quantity.”

The Maverick Party, formerly known as Wexit Canada, advocates for greater autonomy for Western Canadian provinces including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the three territories.

“I’d like to see someone with the right vision and oratory skills to communicate with passion for Western Canadians,” said Hill.

Hill pointed to Quebec’s position within Canada and said the Maverick Party supports moving the western provinces in that direction.

Included in the list of rules for those interested in throwing their hat into the leadership race is a registration fee set at $10,000.

“Our governing council really struggled with that fee,” said Hill, who indicated the registration fee is still “substantially less” than any of the other federal parties.  

“We were really aiming for the right balance — that sweet spot — where you want to be realistic and make it doable and not a deterrent.

“It’s efficient to get serious contenders with serious commitment to register and not those with frivolous reasons.”

Hill, the former House leader for the Conservative Party of Canada, said he’s “too old” to run the party moving forward.

“My roll in elected office is done,” said Hill, adding he was done with the “high stress and high drama” when he quit federal politics in the fall of 2010.

When a new leader is elected in May, Hill plans to stay on and assist the party “depending on the needs of the new leader and how he or she feels I can contribute the most.”

Hill said he is excited and is looking forward to “a good, credible and lively leadership race.”

Melanie Risdon is a reporter for the Western Standard

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Maverick Party petition calls for carbon tax break for Canadians

Canadians will soon have to choose between food on their tables or heat in their homes,” the petition reads.




The Maverick Party, with a newly launched petition, is calling on the federal government to suspend the collection of carbon taxes from Canadians from January 1 to April 1, 2022.

Carbon tax is a levy imposed on human activity that results in carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, usually by the burning of fossil fuels like gasoline, natural gas and coal.

The petition notes although carbon taxes are designed to “change behaviour,” the rising costs of living are an “added extra burden” on taxpayers.  

The petition also says the party “understands that the cost of living is increasing at a pace that families can’t keep up with,” pointing to “skyrocketing” inflation and the cost of essential items rising.

“Many Canadians will soon have to choose between food on their tables or heat in their homes,” the petition reads.

“The federal government can alleviate some of the burden by declaring a carbon tax moratorium on New Year’s Day 2022.”

The Maverick Party is demanding the government give Canadians who are “drowning financially” a break to get through what will likely be “the most expensive winter in memory,”

The Trudeau government implemented the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act in 2019 that was upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada in March of this year.

“Putting a price on carbon pollution is widely recognized as the most efficient means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also driving innovation,” the Government of Canada states on its website.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter for the Western Standard

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