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Hundreds of federal workers in court today challenging vaccine order

No federal judge has yet ruled on whether the November 15 order from the Treasury Board is constitutional.




Lawyers for 201 federal employees are in Federal Court on Monday challenging government orders to reveal their vaccination status, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

No federal judge has yet ruled on whether the November 15 order from the Treasury Board is constitutional.

“They refuse to be vaccinated for reasons that vary,” wrote Justice Simon Fothergill.

“They say their rights at common law and pursuant to the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms are infringed by the vaccination policy in a manner that cannot be justified.”

The Treasury Board required some 280,000 employees in “core administration” to prove they had COVID-19 shots or request an exemption for medical or religious reasons. About 98%, a total of 271,321 affected workers, are vaccinated. The board counted 1.6% or 4,662 who requested waivers, refused a vaccine or would not disclose their medical history on privacy grounds.

“The vaccination policy does not permit mandatory testing as an alternative to those who simply do not wish to be vaccinated or who do not consent to disclosing their vaccination status to their employers,” wrote Fothergill.

The 201 plaintiffs unsuccessfully sought an injunction suspending enforcement of the policy until the Federal Court could rule on its constitutionality.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc first announced the vaccine program for federal employees August 13 without detailing enforcement measures.

“What will happen to federal employees who choose not to be vaccinated?” asked a reporter.

“We’re not focused on those questions,” replied LeBlanc.

Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, on October 1 said enforcement appeared complex.

“It’s a complicated program to roll out and then there also have to be arrangements for testing for those who can’t get the vaccine,” said Tam.

Cabinet had threatened unvaccinated staff with loss of pay and benefits or outright firing, but an internal memo said no federal employee would lose their job over COVID-19 rules.

“Will an employee on leave without pay eventually have their employment terminated if they continue to be unwilling to be vaccinated?” asked an October 8 memo.

“The current policy on vaccination does not consider termination of employment or a specific end date to leave without pay.”

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  1. Left Coast

    November 24, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    The dailyexpose.uk has the much deeper story:

    “The public are being repeatedly lied to by elected officials, unelected advisors, and the mainstream media, with all of them claiming that the world is currently experiencing a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. This could not be further from the truth.”

    “But it all makes absolutely no sense because official Public Health data shows that over the past three months… two-thirds of Covid-19 hospitalisations [people who get very sick from the shot] have been among the fully vaccinated, and a frightening 91% of Covid-19 deaths [people who die from the shot] have been among the fully vaccinated, and projections shows things are about to get a lot worse.”

    “…in the week beginning November 6th a total of 773 Covid-19 hospitalisations [people injured by the shot] were confirmed in Scotland. Of these 137 were among the unvaccinated population, whilst 363 were among the vaccinated population.”

    “…the fully vaccinated accounted for the majority of hospitalisations [in Scotland] between October 16th and November 12th, and again by taking into account hospitalisations as far back as August 23rd we can see that things have been getting progressively worse for the fully vaccinated by the week.”

    “In the week beginning August 21st the vaccinated accounted for 68% of hospitalisations, but fast forward to the week beginning November 6th and we can see that the vaccinated accounted for 73% of hospitalisations.”

    “The worst week so far for the vaccinated however, in terms of hospitalisations, came in the week beginning October 16th which saw the vaccinated population account for 79% of Covid-19 hospitalisations [people injured by the shot].”

    The VAXED are the New Superspreaders . . .

  2. Left Coast

    November 23, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    Texas COVID-19 Summit: COVID-19 Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective?

  3. Left Coast

    November 23, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    So the Govt wants People who have survived 2 Years of the Covid nonsense as the Virus has mutated and traveled around the world numerous times . . . to get VAXED NOW?

    This is quite friggin insane . . .

    It is even more Insane when applied to healthy Children . . . who have near ZERO chance of dying from Covid and have Survived Two years already with Covid.

    These people are tyrants & loons . . . lock them up!

  4. Barbara

    November 22, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Kenny says 90% of Albertans in hospital emergency rooms are unvaccinated. That’s a lie.

    Check out Waterford Ireland and watch how the media is trying to explain why their hospitals are full with the vaccinated.


  5. Left Coast

    November 22, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    Tale of 3 nations: Austria, Japan and India – guess which is not using Ivermectin… (Chart)


    Why is Ivermectin not used in Canada? Because our Politicians, Health Departments want you to be VAXED . . . the the Drug Companies have paid them well to say that !

  6. Barbara

    November 22, 2021 at 11:41 am

    It’s not only Kenny that betrayed us. It’s EVERY person, EVERY MLA, that Allowed Kenny to postpone the leadership review until next April.

    The MLAs think we’ll just blame Kenny and they’ll be off the hook.
    BUT now we know that the UCP does not represent us or care what we think.

    WE have to be the grownups in the room and WALK AWAY FROM THIS PARTY for good. It’s the only way! There is no one in it that gives a damn what we think or want AND that is not going to change no matter what we say or do.

    WILDROSE is our only option. Let us get behind them now.

    We need to cancel our UCP MEMBERSHIPS now and replace them with Wildrose memberships.
    We need to star supporting the Wildrose now so the Party will be ready for the next election. Otherwise the NDP will win.

    We can do this. It just takes a little courage.

  7. K

    November 22, 2021 at 11:34 am

    I’m not expecting much, but I’m hoping and praying for a positive outcome.

  8. Non-Compliant Alberta Separatist

    November 22, 2021 at 11:12 am

    So, a few questions:

    If you are a Federal grifter (any public servant is a grifter who mooches off the taxpayer) who refuses the jab and is put on unpaid leave without pay, is the Union allowed to replace your position or does your job role remain part of the “headcount” and “empty” even though
    they can’t actually fire you as a Union Member? A public sector department with 40 employees, of which 20 are “on leave”, would still get 100% of the “pigs at the trough” budget right? If they have to increase the headcount to 60, with 20 off (effectively still 40 people), you get 150% of the budget right? 1.5x the “pigs at the trough” for the taxpayers to pay.

    If you are on unpaid leave, do you still have to pay union dues to a union that doesn’t support you? Does the Union have the right to garnish your wages if you find another “temporary job” working at McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Walmart, while you are on unpaid leave? The union stills “representing you” right, so they need their “cut”?

    To achieve a double-grifter achievement, can those Federal “on leave” people go on “assistance” (poggy) while they are on unpaid leave from their Federal grifter job?

    What about pulling a hat-trick grifter achievement? “Assistance”, “EI”, and “Union strike pay” while you “work from home” as an unpaid leave Federalist?

    I guess if you own a small business, or work for a private sector business, the government can force you out of business, or force the private sector to terminate you, but the pseudo-elite “public sector” Federalists will get special treatment.

    “Special” Rules to Me (Elites and public sector), Harse Rules for Thee (private sector)

  9. Leslie Solar

    November 22, 2021 at 11:02 am

    The studies are out there and they are clear. Ivermectin (and other pharmaceuticals), which is very cheap at this point in time, actually works, when it IS GIVEN EARLY. BY DOCTORS. THE ONES FOLLOWING THEIR HIPPOCRATIC OATH, and not doing what the Nuremberg trials said was wrong. It is MORE EFFECTIVE than remdesivir, which is the (very expensive) drug given after one is sick enough to be in ICU. Several doctors discuss this online.

    Poor little Jason Kenney. Just terrified that the ICU’s would be overflowing and HE would have to then choose the terrifying choices of who gets treatment in the ICU and who doesnt.

    Here’s a flash, little guy. If you hadnt allowed these charlatans in the Health Authorities to PROHIBIT early treatment by the rank and file doctors, YOU WOULDNT HAVE HAD THE FULL ICU’S!!!! And you wouldnt have been terrified, hiding behind the skirts of Dr. Henshaw. Maybe we need a premier who has progressed beyond the level of a 5-year old, in his capacity for critical thinking!

    And maybe we can get an intelligent leader who is at least at the 6-year old level (or, better yet, who has never attended a Bilderberger conference) who can do what India has done (with a package of pharmaceuticals costing about $2) AND ACTUALLY SOLVE THE PROBLEMS.

    So here we are, full page ads blaring at us (that we all paid for) that the “vaccine” (that isnt a vaccine) is your best option, since it is “safe and effective” (and it is neither–has many nasty side effects, which happen often, and you will need “boosters” every 6 months in order to be allowed (note: ALLOWED) to have some semblance of civil liberties (which was enshrined in our constitution when it was repatriated from Britain, via legislation in 1982).

    AND NOW THEY WANT TO GIVE THESE JABS TO OUR CHILDREN. Notice that there have been NO DEATHS of children from covid (and only mild symptoms) over these last many months while the jabs have not been approved for kids. We need to stand up and take action. Enough is enough. The solution is simple: ALLOW THE FRONT-LINE DOCS TO DO THEIR WORK FROM THE ONSET OF SYMPTOMS. ON EVERYONE. And allow prescriptions of such long-certified drugs as Hydroxychloroquin, and ivermectin, which have virtually no side effects.

    And we need to scream at Kenney and the Medical Regulators to just GET OUT OF THE WAY. Kenney needs to resign. Henshaw needs to resign. The doctors already have lawsuits on deck. Lets hope the judges expedite these cases, and uphold the Charter and other Human Rights legislation. Time to rise up, guys. Our children are now at stake.

  10. Bryan

    November 22, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Lord Jesus, Creator of everything and everyone, whose Hand watches over us, please guide the judge to side with these individuals seeking freedom from the tyrant’s law breaking diktats.

    I pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus!


  11. Baron Not Baron

    November 22, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Even our overlord’s UN “human rights chart” claims we are the only ones to decide about our bodies.

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Sask Polytech ditches vax policy but burdens unvaxxed with testing costs

The Justice Centre is unsatisfied with the response of Sask Polytech and reiterated its intention to pursue legal action against the institution and against the University of Saskatchewan over its requirement for staff and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19.





The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is unsatisfied with the decision of Saskatchewan Polytech to reverse its vaccination requirement for staff and students because the institute does not recognize natural immunity and imposes testing costs on the unvaccinated.

On November 19, the Justice Centre sent Sask Polytech and the University of Saskatchewan letters demanding they reverse their requirement that all staff and students be vaccinated by January 1, 2022. 

On December 1, Sask Polytech reversed its “vaccinated only” policy but now requires unvaccinated staff and students to comply with testing three times a week at their own expense. In a press release, the Justice Centre called this “unacceptable.”

“Such testing requirements for students are even greater than the Saskatchewan government’s requirements for employees of its ministries. Sask Poly has also failed to recognize the compelling scientific evidence of natural immunity for those who have already recovered from Covid-19 and have proof of antibodies,” reads a JCCF press release on Saturday.

“Testing costs, which could exceed $200 per week, mean that only the wealthy and privileged can bear the burden,” stated Andre Memauri, the Justice Centre’s Saskatoon-based lawyer.

“Sask Poly, which has chosen to impose discriminatory testing requirements for staff and students, has the ability to acquire these tests at wholesale cost.”

The Justice Centre said it would commence legal proceedings against Sask Poly in the Court of Queen’s Bench unless Sask Poly immediately absorbs the testing costs and recognizes natural immunity. 

On October 28, the U of S and Sask Polytech announced mandatory vaccinations for all students, staff and faculty, removing the alternative of twice weekly testing which had been in place since the start of the school year. The Justice Centre will also commence legal action against the U of S for refusing unvaccinated students. 

On November 26, Global News reported a 19-year-old student was hospitalized briefly with breathing problems after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The student’s mother, Michelle Marciniuk, publicly called for the university to reconsider its policy.

The U of S’ policy includes exemptions on medical and religious grounds in accordance with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. But according to the Justice Centre, the university usually rejects exemption requests or does not respond to them for several weeks. Besides this, the university has made itself the arbiter of faith considerations for religious exemptions. Medical exemptions have become a difficult document for patients to receive in Canada, due to regulatory pressure on physicians not to provide them based on their medical judgement except in very rare circumstances.

The U of S crowns itself for academic freedom, diversity, equality, human dignity and a healthy work and learning environment, yet it has harshly terminated faculty for speaking on the hallmark principle of informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination of children,” stated Andre Memauri, a U of S alum. 

“Now, the U of S seeks to exclude and villainize those who decide for various reasons not to be vaccinated…Without question, our community has been through a great deal of difficulty and it requires these institutions to lead as vessels of science not ideology…The Justice Centre demands both schools follow the science and adopt policies that bring students together in the most safe and lawful manner.”

The letters sent to both schools from the Justice Centre on November 19 warned that the schools are seeking to deprive students from education on the basis of vaccination status, contrary to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Sections 2(a), 7, and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Harding is a Western Standard contributor based in Saskatchewan

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CRA wants more tax filers to file online

The government’s own research shows millions of paper filers resist change.




The taxman is angry that too many Canadians are still filing by mail, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

The government’s own research shows millions of paper filers resist change.

“Those who submit their taxes by mail most often say they use paper rather than filing electronically because it is simply how they prefer to do it, e.g. they do it out of habit, because ‘it’s what they are comfortable with,’ they like it, etcetera,” said a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) report.

“Just 13% cite security issues.”

Data show of 30.5 million tax returns filed this year a total 2.7 million or 9% were filed on paper. Millions of taxpayers, a total 4,234,772 including Internet filers, demanded refunds be paid by mailed cheque instead of direct deposit.

The CRA complained it would be “more timely and efficient” if all taxpayers used the Internet. The Agency spends $6.9 million annually mailing T1 general tax forms alone.

“There is still a sizable proportion of taxpayers who are conducting their business with the Canada Revenue Agency through paper rather than taking advantage of digital services which are much more timely and efficient,” said the report.

Research showed typical paper filers were working age men under 55 who completed their own return without a tax preparer, had a university degree, earned more than $80,000 a year and were more likely than other Canadians to prefer in-person teller service rather than online banking.

“The most important factor influencing why respondents file by paper instead of online is disinterest,” wrote researchers, who added: “Apathy is a barrier. Fifty percent of likely switchers say they are simply not interested in switching. Therefore the agency will have to demonstrate the value of switching.”

Findings were based on questionnaires with 2,000 taxpayers who filed returns by mail. The Agency paid Earnscliffe Strategy Group $130,061 for the survey.

The research follows a failed 2012 campaign to have all Canadians use direct deposit for payment of tax refunds and benefit cheques. The attempt by the Receiver General of Canada, the federal office responsible for processing payments, was intended to save costs. Paper cheques cost 82¢ apiece to process compared to 13¢ for electronic transfers, by official estimate.

An estimated 13% of taxpayers refused to surrender bank account information to the Receiver General. “Cheque recipients have become harder to engage,” said a 2020 Department of Public Works survey.

“A few have a general distrust of the Government of Canada’s ability to protect data,” wrote researchers. A total 23 percent of Atlantic residents said they wouldn’t rely on the government to protect their privacy, followed by 22% in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 21% in Ontario, 19% in Alberta, 18% in BC and 12% in Québec.

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WATCH: Alberta Oil drives Guilbeault to meeting with Nixon

Federal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault’s tour of Alberta has already kicked off with a whiff of hypocrisy.




Attended by a sizable entourage, Guilbeault exited his black gasoline-powered SUV and hustled into the McDougall Centre in Calgary for a meeting with Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon.  

Guilbeault has dedicated most of his career to telling Canadians they need to transition from petrochemically fueled transportation. During this meeting though, Guilbeault chose not to find an utilize an electric-powered SUV in order to demonstrate his environmental virtue. With the resources of the entire federal government behind him, one would have thought that Guilbeault could have arranged appropriate transportation for his cross-Canada tour.  

It’s almost as if electric vehicles are still not ready for mainstream use yet. 

At least Guilbeault contributed to the Western economy with his conspicuous consumption of local petrochemical products.  

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