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Moe: ‘Saskatchewan needs to be a nation within a nation’

Premier Scott Moe said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement last week on Canada’s plan to cap oil and gas emissions will be “quite harmful” to Saskatchewan.




Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is angry the federal government didn’t consult with provinces before announcing plans to implement environmental policies he says will be “detrimental” to his province.

“Saskatchewan needs to be a nation within a nation,” said Moe in a tweet on Tuesday.

tweet from Premier Scott moe

“When the federal government implements policies that are detrimental to our province, our government will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan people.”

Moe clarified he was “not talking about separation ” but would like to see Saskatchewan have its own “cultural identity within the nation of Canada.”

Moe said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement last week on Canada’s plan to cap oil and gas emissions will be “quite harmful” to Saskatchewan.

“They didn’t have the decency to pick up the phone and consult with this province,” Moe said, adding the decision will impact “30,000 families in the province” and “15 to 16 percent” of Saskatchewan’s GDP.

In a Tuesday press conference, Moe pointed to Quebec’s immigration and child care agreements being different from those in Saskatchewan.

“We saw Quebec most recently with the child care agreement — Quebec has a very different agreement than any of the other provinces in Canada. And we want that as well,” said Moe.

Moe also referenced his government’s October throne speech which stated the province wants to “build a stronger, more independent Saskatchewan within Confederation.”

The speech also indicated the province is seeking to create a “provincial police force to compliment municipal police forces and the RCMP” and looks to reclaim the administration of corporate income taxes from Ottawa.

Moe also highlighted the province’s plan announced in September to open international trade and investment offices in London, Dubai, Mexico City and Ho Chi Minh City by April. That follows the launch of offices in Tokyo, New Delhi and Singapore in January of this year. 

NDP deputy leader Nicole Sarauer was critical of Moe’s “nation within a nation” statement and called it an attempted “distraction” from the COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan.

Sarauer agreed the feds should have consulted with the provinces before announcing their plans to cap emissions but openly criticized Moe for his pandemic response.

“We have a horrendous COVID death rate right now. The premier couldn’t even keep his own citizens safe and had to rely on federal help to come in and fly Saskatchewan residents to Ontario,” said Sarauer.

Moe has made it clear since winning in the 2020 provincial election, his government’s wish is for more autonomy for Saskatchewan, promising a “stronger and independent Saskatchewan,” but has said he does not support the idea of separation from Canada.  

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

Melanie Risdon is a Calgary-based Reporter for the Western Standard. She has over 20 years experience in media at Global News, Rogers and Corus. mrisdon@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    “but has said he does not support the idea of separation from Canada.”. Glad you clarified that you fake traitor. A la Kenney conservatism.
    Well then you’re a lame duck then aren’t you Moe-nsanto. You cuck fake conservative.
    I for one want off the SOS Trudeau titanic that is sinking with souls on board. They ship is going down. You and Kenney can rearrange deck chairs as much as you like on a doomed ship… the ship is doomed, it’s sunk. Trudeau, Soros snd Gates are floating off on their private lifeboats after penetrating the hull, leaving the dying masses to blame you. You, because you’re dumb enough to not understand the ship is down, there’s no saving it now. Pretending there is doesn’t make you a leader. It makes you wrong and a fall out scapegoat.

  2. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    Moe… you’ve been going on lately about Trudeau (Castreau)’s assault on the energy industry. I know 20+ people in Saskatchewan’s energy industry (and Alberta’s for that matter because everyone knows anyone good in pipelines or oil in Alberta was born in Saskatchewan) who have either reluctantly under duress, taken the vaccine unwillingly to keep their job, or left the industry to save their body. Who the hell do you think the energy industry in SK and AB is made of? New to Canada people with fake petroleum engineering degrees? You pretend to defend “Canada’s” petroleum industry while at the same time allowing out of country management to force them to take a vaccine to visit cntl, tundra and even Nutrien sites??? You fake fing sh. The grand future you speak of will have millions of empty job vacancies because of your vaccine mandates. The industry will die because everyone you mandated to get this vaccine will be dead in the next 5 years. You short sighted imbecile. You know Gate, Soros and the like want to kill SK/AB oil… so you do what Gates, Soros and the like recommend per the vaccines? You childish imbecile! You are so dumb and unwise I have no more words for it.

  3. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Scott Moe is a sellout. I have a video of him saying vaccine passports are illegal under privacy and health acts. A few months later he implements them, tells news that court cases are doomed to fail because the mandates are 100% judge proof. Oh really?
    Moe is a traitor and probably has an iq of 90. Which is apparently all you need for an ag degree at u of s. He’s mentally inept and gullible af. I don’t care if he’s supposed to be on “my side”. He’s far too stupid to be on my side. He’s for himself and for the pfizer monsanto funded U of S. He’s a fake conservative. Moe, next time Wall calls you because he knows you’ve politically hung yourself, just take your money to retire. You have nothing left to give this province. You’re a fat cat greedy idiot who is too stupid to know anything. You’ve earned far more your wage than your iq would have predestined you to. Retire and F off, before you get called to Nuremberg 2.0. Dummy. You are not smart enough to win this you baffling walrus.

  4. SaskFreedom

    November 13, 2021 at 6:16 pm

    Moe is a Wall puppet. He’s probably a nice guy but he’s dumb as sticks. Here’s some scenarios to consider. Moe, while being head of the provincial government, crucified himself by agreeing to SHA suggestion he export SK hospital “covid” patients. As it turns out, most exported covid patients were newborns (without covid) and heart attack patients (without covid, but potentially vaccinated).
    He stupidly does this so that the communist ndp and leaderpost can crucify him for it for the next 40 weeks. He’s an idiot. Has no idea the SHA and NDP snd Leaderpost are the ones proposing his “solutions” so they can later use this against him in the leaderpost communist column. He has no idea his “top doc” is giving him bad advice so that everyone hates him, the far left and his base. He’s that dumb unfortunately. And it’s a shame because Moe could have been better because i think he means well, but he’s too dumb to understand how much of a puppet he is.
    He coerced all employees to get the vax, then pretends he doesn’t want it for 5 year olds… Well ns… maybe something bad for a 5 year old is also bad for everyone.
    North Dakota is only 40% to 50% vaccinated. They had 10 people in icu last time I checked a few weeks ago when sask had over 100. North Dakota also has way more ICU’s per capita, but they’re not even 1/10th full with only 40-50% vaccinated. Obviously the vaccines make covid more deadly to both unvaccinated and vaccinated alike. Otherwise why is North Dakota less vaccinated than Sask, but has less total icu covid patients? Either the stats the sha are reporting are total bs, or, the more vaccinated a province/state is, the more people (vaccinated and unvaccinated) end up in icu. Take your pick, it’s one or the other.

  5. Andrew Red Deer

    November 12, 2021 at 12:34 pm

    You missed the boat Scott…. freedom is as freedom does, to paraphrase a great movie… You give up on one freedom, and the rest fall like dominos, the only way out for you and Kenney is STOP THE INSANITY now!

  6. Left Coast

    November 11, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    886 Deaths in Saskatchewan in 2 years from the Wuhan Flu is far from a disaster.

    About 9,000 people die every year in Saskatchewan . . . the NDP fool is blowin smoke up everyone’s A$$ . . . I suspect the seasonal Flu numbers are in the same ballpark.

    The next shoe to fall will be the Delta Variant ravaging the Yukon where 90% are VAXED.
    Booster shots coming soon . . . a Michigan School Division had to shut down last week after the Teachers all received their Boosters . . . and afterwards most were too sick to go to work.

    Moe needs to get informed . . . perhaps Call Gov. Christy Noem in South Dakota or Gov. Desantis in Florida . . .

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Maskless teen student with asthma ostracized at Calgary Catholic school

“Kids in my class called me an ‘outsider’ which made me feel worse than I already felt,” said 14-year-old Darius.




A Calgary Catholic school has segregated and since banned a student from attending school for not wearing a mask, says the student’s parents.

And before that, teachers had even taped off an area around the boy’s desk “like a crime scene.”

Darius Lynn, a Grade 9 student at St. Helena Junior High School in Calgary, suffers from asthma and was permitted to go maskless at his desk during the 2020-2021 school year.

When Darius returned to St. Helena for the 2021-2022 school year, without his parents’ knowledge, he was advised he would be required to wear a mask full time.

He complied for the first few months but eventually reported to his parents in late November he was struggling to breathe while wearing the mask.

“I had no idea he was told to wear a mask again this year,” Darius’ mother Stephanie told the Western Standard.

“My husband and I just assumed he wasn’t needing to wear a mask again this year.”

Stephanie said she and her husband Paul reached out to the new principal and Darius’ teachers to request they allow their son the same exemption as the previous year.

They were told he would need a doctor’s note, which Stephanie said they have been unable to acquire.

“Mask exemptions are impossible to get,” said Stephanie.

“Right now, doctors are just too scared to write them.”

Stephanie said the school’s solution was to, “move my son’s desk into the hallway.”

Darius also spoke with the Western Standard and said the teenagers in his class referred to him as an “outsider” after he was moved into the hallway.

“When they did group projects, they would just send me to the library and I had to work on my own,” said Darius.  

“Kids in my class called me an ‘outsider’ which made me feel worse than I already felt.”

Stephanie said she and her husband tried to appeal to the principal, but “she wouldn’t budge,” so they reached out to the superintendent.

“We begged for her to let Darius back into the classroom but he ended up sitting out there for two weeks where he was discriminated against and basically ridiculed so we contacted the superintendent,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie said she emailed Chief Superintendent Bryan Szumlas with the Catholic School Board who helped the Lynns get their son moved back into his classroom.

“So, he was moved back into the classroom, which was good, but what we didn’t know was that his teachers taped off the floor around his desk like a crime scene,” said Stephanie.

“After they put tape on the floor around my desk, some of the kids in my class would step past the tape and pretend they couldn’t breathe,” said Darius, explaining the teasing he endured.

Darius said his teachers had witnessed some of the teasing, but said, “most of the time the teachers didn’t do anything about it.

“They (teachers) also made me wait a few minutes before I could move to my next class because there were basically a bunch of students in the halls.”

“It was just awful what they were doing to him. They were treating him like a walking disease and visibly segregating him,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie said Darius had to stay within his taped boundaries for about a week until Christmas break.

“After the break, the principal notified us that Darius wouldn’t be welcome back if he wasn’t willing to wear a mask,” said Stephanie.

“In fact, one of the communications with the school referred to his asthma as his ‘apparent asthma’ like we were making it up or something.

“They said he could move to the online schooling system or do their D2L system from home,” said Stephanie referring to a web-based learning system offered throughout the school division.

“He doesn’t do well online so we are just trying to do the best we can. He’s in Grade 9, he should be able to be with his peers to finish off his last year in middle school.”

Darius said he has mixed feelings about not returning to school.

“I’m just really upset that I don’t get to see my friends anymore, but I also feel like I have less distractions at home,” said Darius.

Stephanie said it’s been a hard year for Darius as he also had to walk away from community hockey due to the vaccination mandates and additional costs associated with frequent rapid testing.

“He is totally destroyed,” said Stephanie.

The Lynns have two other sons — both attending Notre Dame High School — one in Grade 11 who is special needs and one in Grade 12.

“The real kicker for us is that we have a special needs son who has never worn a mask, doesn’t social distance and we have never been required to show a doctor’s note for him,” said Stephanie.

“They have totally humiliated my son and I’m angry. We just want our son to be treated with dignity and compassion. He has lost hockey because of the mandates and now he isn’t allowed to go to school.”

The family has since been referred to Area Director Deana Helton with regard to their son’s situation.

The Western Standard has contacted the school principal along with Helton but hasn’t heard back yet.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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Copping strikes EMS advisory committee amid system strains, red alerts

The Alberta Provincial EMS Advisory Committee will provide recommendations on a provincial EMS service plan by May.




Health Minister Jason Copping has appointed MLAs R.J. Sigurdson (Highwood) and Tracy Allard (Grande Prairie) to co-chair a new EMS committee to address “unprecedented” demands on the healthcare system.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is also rolling out a 10-point plan to maximize EMS system capacity.

The government listed many aggravating factors driving the system strains including “EMS staffing fatigue and illness, hospital offload delays, more requests for patient transfers, delays in receiving new ambulances and specialized vehicle parts caused by global supply issues.”

The province has seen a plethora of “red alerts” reported by EMS members and tweeted by the Union of Health Care Professionals @HSAAlbertaEMS. A red alert is when there are no available ambulances for emergency calls.

The government also reported a 30% increase in 911 calls in recent months. There was no mention of personnel shortages caused by the government’s COVID-19 mandate.

“Alberta’s government has been supportive of EMS throughout the pandemic. As we approach the peak of Omicron cases, we know the EMS system is seeing significant strain, which impacts service. We recognize this is a challenge and are taking immediate steps to improve emergency care access while we explore longer-term solutions,” said Copping.

AHS will immediately hire more paramedics, transfer low-priority calls to other agencies, and stop automatic ambulance dispatch to motor vehicle accidents with no injuries. AHS is also “launching pilot projects to manage non-emergency inter-facility transfers, and initiating an ‘hours of work’ project to help ease staff fatigue.”

Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO of AHS is confident these actions “will allow us to better support our EMS staff and front-line paramedics, and in turn this will ensure our patients receive the best care possible.”

Additionally, AHS will issue a request for proposals in February to conduct a third-party review of Alberta’s provincewide EMS dispatch system.

“The objective review by external health system experts will provide further opportunities to address ongoing pressures, improve effectiveness and efficiency through best practices, and provide the best outcomes for Albertans who call 911 during a medical event,” the government said.

The Alberta Provincial EMS Advisory Committee will provide recommendations on a provincial EMS service plan by May. Committee representatives include “contracted ambulance operators, unions representing paramedics, municipal representatives and Indigenous community representatives.”

Sigurdson said the committee will consider taxpayers’ needs.

“Albertans expect that when they call 911 in their time of greatest need, EMS will always answer. The committee’s goal will be focused around ensuring and improving service to Albertans while supporting the most critical piece of that equation: our EMS staff across all of Alberta.”

Amber Gosselin is a Western Standard reporter.

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WATCH: O’Toole will not be welcoming the truckers in Ottawa

“It’s not for the leader of the Opposition to attend a protest on the Hill or a convoy, it’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions, in a way that’s responsible and respectable to the health crisis we are in.”




Conservative leader Erin O’Toole was asked six times during a Monday press conference about his stance on the truckers Freedom Convoy 2022, before giving a vague answer.

“We have been talking with the Canadian Trucking Alliance for several months,” said O’Toole told reports.

“We’ve seen a crisis in the supply chain coming for several months and we’ve proposed policies to try to help alleviate that. The most important of which is vaccines. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”

O’Toole press conference

Other specific. questions on the truckers’ comments were left with vague answers.

But the end of the conference O’Toole said it’s not his place to get involved.

“It’s not for the leader of the Opposition to attend a protest on the Hill or a convoy — it’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions, in a way that’s responsible and respectable to the health crisis we are in,” O’Toole said.

“We’ve been trying to tackle the supply chain crisis, encourage vaccination, not ignore problems and divide the country like Mr. (Justin) Trudeau does.”

O’Toole said policies cannot be put in place which could contribute to supply chain issues, as Canadians are already worried about their grocery bills.

O’Toole said he was focused on the economic strain Canadians are having, with record inflation, cost of living, 30% higher gas prices and the housing market’s rising costs,.

Ewa Sudyk is a reporter with the Western Standard

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