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Kenney pleads for party unity to ‘work for Albertans’

“We have made mistakes in the process,” Kenney admitted.




Premier Jason Kenney made an impassioned plea for party unity Saturday, urging United Conservative Party members to continue to work for the good of Albertans.

Kenney’s leadership has been under fire for months during which he brought in numerous COVID-19 lockdowns.

On Monday, it was announced enough riding constituency associations — 22 — had signed on and met the threshold for a leadership review to be held in March.

Speaking at the 2021 UCP AGM, Kenney said he “welcomed” such a review.

But he urged delegates in the meantime to keep their eye on the ball and “continue to do the people’s work.”

Kenney, who started his speech 30 minutes late, was met with a partial standing ovation that saw many members sit on their hands.

The premier said the UCP’s COVID-19 policies “have inflicted damage on our government and party.

“Like every government in the world, we’ve sought to lead through COVID by trial and error, often faced with only bad choices,” he said.

“We have made mistakes in the process.

“But we have strived to find the right balance. I know some of you are angry with me.

“As premier, I must take responsibility for that, but let me tell you, from the bottom of my heart, that our government has always strived to find the right balance.”

Kenney said if COVID-19 restrictions hadn’t been brought in, Alberta hospitals would have been overrun. He said he was days away from having to approve medical triage, “something that filled me with dread.”

He said Alberta would continue with the province’s “successful vaccination plan.” Something that was met with a loud boo from one delegate.

Kenney listed a number of programs his government brought in and noted Alberta is predicted to lead the country in economic growth next year.

“Last month, we shipped more Alberta oil than any time in our history,” Kenney said.

“Alberta is on a roll. Alberta is on the rise.”

Kenney noted the UCP has completed 82% of their 372 election commitments in 2019.

And he vowed to keep pushing Ottawa so that Alberta can get a fairer deal in confederation.

Kenney left the stage as Tom Petty lyrics blasted out: “..stand my ground, I won’t back down.”

Former Wildrose leader Brian Jean was also at the AGM. He has announced he will be seeking the UCP nomination to run in a byelection in Fort McMurray, with the expressed intent of forcing Kenney to resign.

Jean lost a leadership battle to Kenney when the Wildrose and Tories merged.

After Kenney’s speech, Jean said he was less than impressed because he had heard it all before.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard and the Vice-President: News Division of Western Standard New Media Corp. He has served as the City Editor of the Calgary Sun and has covered Alberta news for nearly 40 years. dnaylor@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. Non-Compliant Alberta Separatist

    November 22, 2021 at 10:44 am

    Leslie Solar nails it!

    Jason Kenney is a Globalist bought and paid for POS, and the best possible thing for the NDP and the independence parties of Alberta.

    Keep up the great work Jason, and Alberta will either up with an NDP government (heaven forbid people are stupid enough to vote this way), or the Alberta separatist parties will merge into a single party (to avoid vote splitting).

    Alberta will be free of the Federalist career politicans like Kenney, Turd-Oh, etc. if I and people like Leslie Solar vote for independance.

    Wildrose Indepence Party of Alberta (WIPA) is my choice of the ticket to get out of this mess.

  2. Leslie Solar

    November 20, 2021 at 8:36 pm

    Either Kenney is stupid and cant do critical thinking (in which case he is way over his head as premier) or he is a venal liar and tool of the globalists (in which case we need him out of there). And I dont think it is the former.

    What is the most important thing for albertans? Is it some warehouse Amazon might build? or some XYZ factory up in Grand Prairie?

    Might it be the HEALTH of oneself and his/her family? And reading up on the fake “vaccines” and their risks, and why the ICU’s were full doesnt take an advanced degree in mathematics, or computer science. Jason, you dumb F…, when the doctors are PREVENTED from providing early treatment, on pain of discipline and losing their medical licenses, the “disease” will progress more often with more patients, until the only place they are allowed to go becomes their only option—Emerg., and/or the ICU. And at that point, their chances of having a long recovery, or even dying, are several orders of magnitude greater than if they had had early treatment (with drugs that doctors know work).

    So, cry your crocodile tears somewhere else.–The ICU’s were going to be overwhelmed. Medical facilities were about to have to triage patients in the ICU. Poor little Kenny–had no choice but to lock everyone down, and put out full page ads at taxpayer expense touting the fake experimental “safe and effective” “vaccines” that arent safe and not effective, dont meet the definition of “vaccine”, are DNA altering shots which have horrendous numbers of very bad side effects in the short term, and all sorts of ugly side effects projected in the long term, particularly after one is required to have a booster shot after 5 months, and then another, and another….. The kind of effects that Bill Gates might like to see in culling the world population.

    But poor little jason. He had no choice. He had to lie about it. you know, for our own good. Lets all wear masks forever even though there is not an iota of “science” showing any beneficial effects. But look over here–shiny object–Amazon is investing. Another shining object–we sold more oil than ever last year. (Cant choose our markets since the ports are shut to oil, and pipelines are not being built, and those that exist only go to the US (who would rather buy from the Saudis). And entire high-rise office buildings in Calgary are completely empty) Oil is in just fabulous shape. What were we thinking?

    And education for our kids (if they survive the fake vaccines now being served up to them). If early treatment were allowed, children would have no more risk from Covid than from the common cold. So, Jason, why the push for vaccination. Oh–another shiny object over here–cheap daycare. $10/day. What a deal!! Until Albertans get used to paying that amount (never mind any discussion of what that might do to inflation and the Canada deficit(s)) Thats a recipe for what happened in the USA. The feds will now have a lever when mandating what these daycare centres teach these little kiddies. (carefully read the details of how they are going to train more “workers” for the new centres, and license them, and etc.) Otherwise they might just take that subsidy away. Kind of like the vaccinations–dont get the jab? (even though you may have natural immunity to covid from exposure to it, and thus really have “immunity” that the jab doesnt give you) no restaurant sit-downs for you. No athletic club workouts (you know, that exercise that helps keep you healthy in the first place)….no travel, if Kenney can help it…Buts lets keep him in power to “work for albertans…”

    Kenny is a globalist POS. He knows exactly what he is doing. The Western Standard have documented his lies and double-speak. No–we will never have a “vaccine passport”. While he is working in the back rooms getting ready to implement one. And etc.

    These were not “mistakes” of Kenney. He is a liar, who wouldnt recognize, or act in, the best interests of Albertans if he tripped over them. He needs to go. and sooner than later.

  3. Andrew Red Deer

    November 20, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    150,000members down to 10,000members what consensus is that compared to 4 million albertans time to write the party off and go full bore seperation with WIPA.

  4. berta baby

    November 20, 2021 at 2:03 pm

    This clown is concerned about people losing jobs and small bussiness’s failing due to crashing oil prices but he is okay if they lose their ability to work and run a bussiness if they arnt vaxxed?

    Fuck you kenney

  5. Baron Not Baron

    November 20, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    He has done nothing but Klaus Schwab’s work. He is a liar. Overrun hospitals??? Triage???? For a pseudo disease with a mortality rate of 1%? Vaccinations? Pfizer will reveal its data only in 2076!!!!!! We will be all dead by then. Only the automatons that they are birthing nowadays will be still alive. WHAT A JOKE. #FJK

  6. Baron Not Baron

    November 20, 2021 at 12:54 pm


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Maskless teen student with asthma ostracized at Calgary Catholic school

“Kids in my class called me an ‘outsider’ which made me feel worse than I already felt,” said 14-year-old Darius.




A Calgary Catholic school has segregated and since banned a student from attending school for not wearing a mask, says the student’s parents.

And before that, teachers had even taped off an area around the boy’s desk “like a crime scene.”

Darius Lynn, a Grade 9 student at St. Helena Junior High School in Calgary, suffers from asthma and was permitted to go maskless at his desk during the 2020-2021 school year.

When Darius returned to St. Helena for the 2021-2022 school year, without his parents’ knowledge, he was advised he would be required to wear a mask full time.

He complied for the first few months but eventually reported to his parents in late November he was struggling to breathe while wearing the mask.

“I had no idea he was told to wear a mask again this year,” Darius’ mother Stephanie told the Western Standard.

“My husband and I just assumed he wasn’t needing to wear a mask again this year.”

Stephanie said she and her husband Paul reached out to the new principal and Darius’ teachers to request they allow their son the same exemption as the previous year.

They were told he would need a doctor’s note, which Stephanie said they have been unable to acquire.

“Mask exemptions are impossible to get,” said Stephanie.

“Right now, doctors are just too scared to write them.”

Stephanie said the school’s solution was to, “move my son’s desk into the hallway.”

Darius also spoke with the Western Standard and said the teenagers in his class referred to him as an “outsider” after he was moved into the hallway.

“When they did group projects, they would just send me to the library and I had to work on my own,” said Darius.  

“Kids in my class called me an ‘outsider’ which made me feel worse than I already felt.”

Stephanie said she and her husband tried to appeal to the principal, but “she wouldn’t budge,” so they reached out to the superintendent.

“We begged for her to let Darius back into the classroom but he ended up sitting out there for two weeks where he was discriminated against and basically ridiculed so we contacted the superintendent,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie said she emailed Chief Superintendent Bryan Szumlas with the Catholic School Board who helped the Lynns get their son moved back into his classroom.

“So, he was moved back into the classroom, which was good, but what we didn’t know was that his teachers taped off the floor around his desk like a crime scene,” said Stephanie.

“After they put tape on the floor around my desk, some of the kids in my class would step past the tape and pretend they couldn’t breathe,” said Darius, explaining the teasing he endured.

Darius said his teachers had witnessed some of the teasing, but said, “most of the time the teachers didn’t do anything about it.

“They (teachers) also made me wait a few minutes before I could move to my next class because there were basically a bunch of students in the halls.”

“It was just awful what they were doing to him. They were treating him like a walking disease and visibly segregating him,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie said Darius had to stay within his taped boundaries for about a week until Christmas break.

“After the break, the principal notified us that Darius wouldn’t be welcome back if he wasn’t willing to wear a mask,” said Stephanie.

“In fact, one of the communications with the school referred to his asthma as his ‘apparent asthma’ like we were making it up or something.

“They said he could move to the online schooling system or do their D2L system from home,” said Stephanie referring to a web-based learning system offered throughout the school division.

“He doesn’t do well online so we are just trying to do the best we can. He’s in Grade 9, he should be able to be with his peers to finish off his last year in middle school.”

Darius said he has mixed feelings about not returning to school.

“I’m just really upset that I don’t get to see my friends anymore, but I also feel like I have less distractions at home,” said Darius.

Stephanie said it’s been a hard year for Darius as he also had to walk away from community hockey due to the vaccination mandates and additional costs associated with frequent rapid testing.

“He is totally destroyed,” said Stephanie.

The Lynns have two other sons — both attending Notre Dame High School — one in Grade 11 who is special needs and one in Grade 12.

“The real kicker for us is that we have a special needs son who has never worn a mask, doesn’t social distance and we have never been required to show a doctor’s note for him,” said Stephanie.

“They have totally humiliated my son and I’m angry. We just want our son to be treated with dignity and compassion. He has lost hockey because of the mandates and now he isn’t allowed to go to school.”

The family has since been referred to Area Director Deana Helton with regard to their son’s situation.

The Western Standard has contacted the school principal along with Helton but hasn’t heard back yet.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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Copping strikes EMS advisory committee amid system strains, red alerts

The Alberta Provincial EMS Advisory Committee will provide recommendations on a provincial EMS service plan by May.




Health Minister Jason Copping has appointed MLAs R.J. Sigurdson (Highwood) and Tracy Allard (Grande Prairie) to co-chair a new EMS committee to address “unprecedented” demands on the healthcare system.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is also rolling out a 10-point plan to maximize EMS system capacity.

The government listed many aggravating factors driving the system strains including “EMS staffing fatigue and illness, hospital offload delays, more requests for patient transfers, delays in receiving new ambulances and specialized vehicle parts caused by global supply issues.”

The province has seen a plethora of “red alerts” reported by EMS members and tweeted by the Union of Health Care Professionals @HSAAlbertaEMS. A red alert is when there are no available ambulances for emergency calls.

The government also reported a 30% increase in 911 calls in recent months. There was no mention of personnel shortages caused by the government’s COVID-19 mandate.

“Alberta’s government has been supportive of EMS throughout the pandemic. As we approach the peak of Omicron cases, we know the EMS system is seeing significant strain, which impacts service. We recognize this is a challenge and are taking immediate steps to improve emergency care access while we explore longer-term solutions,” said Copping.

AHS will immediately hire more paramedics, transfer low-priority calls to other agencies, and stop automatic ambulance dispatch to motor vehicle accidents with no injuries. AHS is also “launching pilot projects to manage non-emergency inter-facility transfers, and initiating an ‘hours of work’ project to help ease staff fatigue.”

Dr. Verna Yiu, president and CEO of AHS is confident these actions “will allow us to better support our EMS staff and front-line paramedics, and in turn this will ensure our patients receive the best care possible.”

Additionally, AHS will issue a request for proposals in February to conduct a third-party review of Alberta’s provincewide EMS dispatch system.

“The objective review by external health system experts will provide further opportunities to address ongoing pressures, improve effectiveness and efficiency through best practices, and provide the best outcomes for Albertans who call 911 during a medical event,” the government said.

The Alberta Provincial EMS Advisory Committee will provide recommendations on a provincial EMS service plan by May. Committee representatives include “contracted ambulance operators, unions representing paramedics, municipal representatives and Indigenous community representatives.”

Sigurdson said the committee will consider taxpayers’ needs.

“Albertans expect that when they call 911 in their time of greatest need, EMS will always answer. The committee’s goal will be focused around ensuring and improving service to Albertans while supporting the most critical piece of that equation: our EMS staff across all of Alberta.”

Amber Gosselin is a Western Standard reporter.

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WATCH: O’Toole will not be welcoming the truckers in Ottawa

“It’s not for the leader of the Opposition to attend a protest on the Hill or a convoy, it’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions, in a way that’s responsible and respectable to the health crisis we are in.”




Conservative leader Erin O’Toole was asked six times during a Monday press conference about his stance on the truckers Freedom Convoy 2022, before giving a vague answer.

“We have been talking with the Canadian Trucking Alliance for several months,” said O’Toole told reports.

“We’ve seen a crisis in the supply chain coming for several months and we’ve proposed policies to try to help alleviate that. The most important of which is vaccines. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”

O’Toole press conference

Other specific. questions on the truckers’ comments were left with vague answers.

But the end of the conference O’Toole said it’s not his place to get involved.

“It’s not for the leader of the Opposition to attend a protest on the Hill or a convoy — it’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions, in a way that’s responsible and respectable to the health crisis we are in,” O’Toole said.

“We’ve been trying to tackle the supply chain crisis, encourage vaccination, not ignore problems and divide the country like Mr. (Justin) Trudeau does.”

O’Toole said policies cannot be put in place which could contribute to supply chain issues, as Canadians are already worried about their grocery bills.

O’Toole said he was focused on the economic strain Canadians are having, with record inflation, cost of living, 30% higher gas prices and the housing market’s rising costs,.

Ewa Sudyk is a reporter with the Western Standard

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