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Nearly a third of Albertans won’t vaccinate their children against COVID

The Angus Reid poll comes as governments across the country are planning to rollout the vaccines for children aged five-11 as soon as they are approved by the feds, likely next month.




Nearly a third of Albertans say they will not vaccinate their children against COVID-19, a new poll shows.

The Angus Reid poll comes as governments across the country are planning to rollout the vaccines for children aged five-11 as soon as they are approved by the feds, likely next month.

The Angus Reid poll shows 29% of Albertans say they will not vaccinate their kids. Opposition was even higher in Quebec, sitting at 30%.

In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the opposition stood at 26% while in BC it dropped to 23%

Courtesy Angus Reid

Nationally, 51% of Canadians say they will get their kids vaccinated as soon as it’s available. Another 18% said they would vaccinate their children after a period of time.

A total of 23% said they would not have their kids jabbed, with 9% saying they weren’t sure.

“And as COVID-19 cases increase in schools, some jurisdictions have begun planning for approval, with British Columbia allowing parents to register kids for their first jab in the event such approval is granted,” pollsters said.

And pollsters found the idea of a third-booster shot is okay with the majority of Canadians.

“Three-in-five (62%) say they would take the shot right away if it were offered, while another one-in-five (20%) say they would get an additional dose eventually but would be in no rush,” said the poll.

And, gloomily, the poll found most of the respondents said life will never be the same in Canada.

“Currently, the largest group of Canadians (37%) say that Canada will never return to the way that it was before February 2020. Vaccinations, travel restrictions, working arrangements and other changes have evidently entrenched themselves into the Canadian psyche. Others are holding out hope that these new realities will still fade away, but few feel that it is imminent.”

Courtesy Angus Reid

Full details on the poll, including methodology, can be found here.

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  1. Left Coast

    October 20, 2021 at 10:34 am

    COVID-19 vaccines do not operate the same as vaccines.

    “They actually put together a genetic code and they inject this code into your system. This code tells your body to produce the spike protein, which is what kills people from coronavirus in the first place.”

    As the COVID injection recodes messenger RNA to permanently and persistently replicate spike proteins, the immune system is forced to constantly fend off the malignant substance.

    The ongoing battle ultimately depletes natural immunity, the doctor asserts.

    “When this spike protein enters your body, your body starts fighting it – it now silences your body’s natural immunity. People are going to have auto-immune diseases – ‘antibody immunity enhancement. Your body keeps producing spike proteins and your body keeps fighting it.”

    Further inspection reveals the spike protein was uniquely manufactured to cross the blood-brain barrier within minutes and accumulate in the heart and reproductive organs.

    “They have lied to us,” Immanuel admonished. “The bio-distribution of that spike protein goes everywhere, and they don’t even know the bio-distribution of the mRNA in which they put in your body. When your body produces the spike protein, it’s glitz in your body and it accumulates in parts of your body – your brain.

    “The body is very smart – so smart that it has a way of blocking dangerous material from crossing into the brain or crossing membranes into the placenta or into the sexual organs or into the ovaries or testicles. They outsmarted the body by coating this genetic material — lipid so that it can cross into the blood-brain barrier – the placenta. That’s why people are having miscarriages.”

    NO ONE in their right mind would do this to their children . . .

  2. BobbyS

    October 19, 2021 at 10:46 am

    Is it Verboten to point out that in much of Europe it is illegal to jab anyone under 15 years of age? Of course we can’t see that from here, but I was there on a medical evacuation flight a month ago (non-covid) and Holland has declared an end to the Pandemic (now Endemic) and Czechia has gone from 200 deaths a day to 2, not by vaccinating (they are less vaxxed than Canada), but by treating people early. Among the drugs they use is the Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin, which does’t work at all here.

    The politics here are sickening. Literally.

  3. Left Coast

    October 19, 2021 at 10:26 am

    51% of Canooks are really that Stupid? And another 18% of Cannoks are waiting at the station for the Stupid Train to pull in so they can board?

    The FACT that the chances of Children under 18 dying from Covid is near ZERO . . . but the Chances of having a bad experience or death from the VAX is many times HIGHER escapes these uninformed loons.

    Certainly the are aware that this is an Experimental VAX . . . that their Children are the Experiment. I would expect the vast majority of them get their information from the Govt Funded FakeStream Media . . .

    In other words, the chances that covid will kill you if you are under 50 are almost 6x lower than the chances you will develop a debilitating (and often fatal in the long run) heart condition.

    Even more shocking – people under 40 who take the jab are almost 13.5 times more likely to develop some form of myocarditis or pericarditis than to be killed by Covid. Keep in mind the median age from this study was 33.

  4. Bill Mccann

    October 19, 2021 at 9:01 am

    The same third that aren’t vaxed, how surprising. People really are dumb.

  5. Dennis

    October 19, 2021 at 7:32 am

    Alberta, Land of the Educated Fools.

  6. berta baby

    October 19, 2021 at 4:47 am

    I doubt that… when it comes to it , even though no kid has died from it in Alberta and the AHS cunts lie continuously people will demand their kids be needled .

  7. Mars Hill

    October 18, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    Grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie, don’t shit your pants when things get heavy, that’s needed to wake up the world and take care of the bad guys.

  8. K

    October 18, 2021 at 3:39 pm

    Only a third? What the hell is wrong with the people in this province? Independence is a fast fading dream. We’re in commie country now.

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Sask Polytech ditches vax policy but burdens unvaxxed with testing costs

The Justice Centre is unsatisfied with the response of Sask Polytech and reiterated its intention to pursue legal action against the institution and against the University of Saskatchewan over its requirement for staff and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19.





The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is unsatisfied with the decision of Saskatchewan Polytech to reverse its vaccination requirement for staff and students because the institute does not recognize natural immunity and imposes testing costs on the unvaccinated.

On November 19, the Justice Centre sent Sask Polytech and the University of Saskatchewan letters demanding they reverse their requirement that all staff and students be vaccinated by January 1, 2022. 

On December 1, Sask Polytech reversed its “vaccinated only” policy but now requires unvaccinated staff and students to comply with testing three times a week at their own expense. In a press release, the Justice Centre called this “unacceptable.”

“Such testing requirements for students are even greater than the Saskatchewan government’s requirements for employees of its ministries. Sask Poly has also failed to recognize the compelling scientific evidence of natural immunity for those who have already recovered from Covid-19 and have proof of antibodies,” reads a JCCF press release on Saturday.

“Testing costs, which could exceed $200 per week, mean that only the wealthy and privileged can bear the burden,” stated Andre Memauri, the Justice Centre’s Saskatoon-based lawyer.

“Sask Poly, which has chosen to impose discriminatory testing requirements for staff and students, has the ability to acquire these tests at wholesale cost.”

The Justice Centre said it would commence legal proceedings against Sask Poly in the Court of Queen’s Bench unless Sask Poly immediately absorbs the testing costs and recognizes natural immunity. 

On October 28, the U of S and Sask Polytech announced mandatory vaccinations for all students, staff and faculty, removing the alternative of twice weekly testing which had been in place since the start of the school year. The Justice Centre will also commence legal action against the U of S for refusing unvaccinated students. 

On November 26, Global News reported a 19-year-old student was hospitalized briefly with breathing problems after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The student’s mother, Michelle Marciniuk, publicly called for the university to reconsider its policy.

The U of S’ policy includes exemptions on medical and religious grounds in accordance with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. But according to the Justice Centre, the university usually rejects exemption requests or does not respond to them for several weeks. Besides this, the university has made itself the arbiter of faith considerations for religious exemptions. Medical exemptions have become a difficult document for patients to receive in Canada, due to regulatory pressure on physicians not to provide them based on their medical judgement except in very rare circumstances.

The U of S crowns itself for academic freedom, diversity, equality, human dignity and a healthy work and learning environment, yet it has harshly terminated faculty for speaking on the hallmark principle of informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination of children,” stated Andre Memauri, a U of S alum. 

“Now, the U of S seeks to exclude and villainize those who decide for various reasons not to be vaccinated…Without question, our community has been through a great deal of difficulty and it requires these institutions to lead as vessels of science not ideology…The Justice Centre demands both schools follow the science and adopt policies that bring students together in the most safe and lawful manner.”

The letters sent to both schools from the Justice Centre on November 19 warned that the schools are seeking to deprive students from education on the basis of vaccination status, contrary to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Sections 2(a), 7, and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Harding is a Western Standard contributor based in Saskatchewan

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CRA wants more tax filers to file online

The government’s own research shows millions of paper filers resist change.




The taxman is angry that too many Canadians are still filing by mail, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

The government’s own research shows millions of paper filers resist change.

“Those who submit their taxes by mail most often say they use paper rather than filing electronically because it is simply how they prefer to do it, e.g. they do it out of habit, because ‘it’s what they are comfortable with,’ they like it, etcetera,” said a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) report.

“Just 13% cite security issues.”

Data show of 30.5 million tax returns filed this year a total 2.7 million or 9% were filed on paper. Millions of taxpayers, a total 4,234,772 including Internet filers, demanded refunds be paid by mailed cheque instead of direct deposit.

The CRA complained it would be “more timely and efficient” if all taxpayers used the Internet. The Agency spends $6.9 million annually mailing T1 general tax forms alone.

“There is still a sizable proportion of taxpayers who are conducting their business with the Canada Revenue Agency through paper rather than taking advantage of digital services which are much more timely and efficient,” said the report.

Research showed typical paper filers were working age men under 55 who completed their own return without a tax preparer, had a university degree, earned more than $80,000 a year and were more likely than other Canadians to prefer in-person teller service rather than online banking.

“The most important factor influencing why respondents file by paper instead of online is disinterest,” wrote researchers, who added: “Apathy is a barrier. Fifty percent of likely switchers say they are simply not interested in switching. Therefore the agency will have to demonstrate the value of switching.”

Findings were based on questionnaires with 2,000 taxpayers who filed returns by mail. The Agency paid Earnscliffe Strategy Group $130,061 for the survey.

The research follows a failed 2012 campaign to have all Canadians use direct deposit for payment of tax refunds and benefit cheques. The attempt by the Receiver General of Canada, the federal office responsible for processing payments, was intended to save costs. Paper cheques cost 82¢ apiece to process compared to 13¢ for electronic transfers, by official estimate.

An estimated 13% of taxpayers refused to surrender bank account information to the Receiver General. “Cheque recipients have become harder to engage,” said a 2020 Department of Public Works survey.

“A few have a general distrust of the Government of Canada’s ability to protect data,” wrote researchers. A total 23 percent of Atlantic residents said they wouldn’t rely on the government to protect their privacy, followed by 22% in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 21% in Ontario, 19% in Alberta, 18% in BC and 12% in Québec.

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WATCH: Alberta Oil drives Guilbeault to meeting with Nixon

Federal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault’s tour of Alberta has already kicked off with a whiff of hypocrisy.




Attended by a sizable entourage, Guilbeault exited his black gasoline-powered SUV and hustled into the McDougall Centre in Calgary for a meeting with Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon.  

Guilbeault has dedicated most of his career to telling Canadians they need to transition from petrochemically fueled transportation. During this meeting though, Guilbeault chose not to find an utilize an electric-powered SUV in order to demonstrate his environmental virtue. With the resources of the entire federal government behind him, one would have thought that Guilbeault could have arranged appropriate transportation for his cross-Canada tour.  

It’s almost as if electric vehicles are still not ready for mainstream use yet. 

At least Guilbeault contributed to the Western economy with his conspicuous consumption of local petrochemical products.  

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