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Manitoba immunization proof requirements inconsistent at best

The Manitoba provincial government instituted a list of new rules and requirements for post-COVID-19 businesses openings. In order to enter most indoor establishments in Manitoba, people must now show individual scannable QR codes proving their vaccination record.




Manitoba’s new immunization requirements put the responsibility on business owners and operators to verify vaccinations.

The Manitoba provincial government instituted a list of new rules and requirements for post-COVID-19 businesses openings. In order to enter most indoor establishments in Manitoba, people must now show individual scannable QR codes proving their vaccination record.

The Manitoba government website states: “The Manitoba Digital Immunization Card (or the physical card), which shows a QR code, is your proof of immunization for non-medical services.” To be eligible to receive a code, one must possess a Manitoba health card, have received all doses of an appropriate vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.), and wait 14 days after the last immunization. 

The new government orders will place the onus on the operators to ensure patrons are fully immunized and to implement the QR codes.

The orders read: “…the operator of the [establishment] must take reasonable measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of subsection 3 (capacity limits and social distancing requirements). Persons who claim to be fully immunized must provide proof that they are fully immunized.”

The following businesses fall under the new legislation to:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail businesses
  • Licensed premises, a.k.a., premises possessing a liquor service license issued under the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act. (Manitoba also shows its Footloose roots by declaring “no dancing takes place in the licensed premises.”)
  • Social occasions functioning with permits under the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Act.
  • VLT’s, casinos, and gaming centres possessing a liquor license.
  • Horse racing and auto racing institutions.
  • Professional sports teams spectators.
  • Outdoor performing arts events.
  • Indoor concert halls and theatres.
  • Indoor museums and art galleries.

There are a surprising amount of businesses and entities not required to abide by the new requirements of immunization proof. The following seem to be exempt from the government’s new ruling:

  • Charities.
  • VLT’s, casinos, and gaming centres without a liquor license.
  • Personal services (spas, hair, nails, etc.).
  • Indoor recreational businesses (i.e. axe-throwing, escape rooms, trampolines, etc.)
  • Dance, theatre, and music schools.
  • Gym and fitness centres.
  • Indigenous cultural events both indoor (masks required under Sec. 34 of the order) and outdoor.
  • Places of worship (masks will be required under Sec. 34.)
  • Swimming pools, sporting, and recreational activities.
  • Outdoor museum and art galleries (not clearly specified.)
  • Post-secondary institutions.
  • Child care facilities.
  • Day camps.
  • Libraries.

Currently, immunization proof is required for most indoor activities such as sitting inside at a restaurant or seeing a movie, but not required or as strongly enforced for outdoor activities such as sitting on a patio together.

One problem with the system identified by some Manitoba residents is a lack of requirement to prove personal identification. One resident said “…they don’t ask for proof that my name is [what is says on the code], or anything. I could send it to all my friends and let them use it hypothetically.”

Another point of possible contention within the new orders are the seeming inconsistencies within the requirements for specific areas and the overall inconsistencies between what businesses will be effected by these mandates.

Businesses like museums and art galleries seem to be forced to abide by a complicated version of the orders. Immunization proof will be required for access to indoor showings, but vaccination requirements for outdoor showings aren’t specified under the order’s requirements.

The order only states outdoor museums and art galleries don’t have to abide by capacity limits, nothing about vaccine requirements to outdoor showings.

VLT’s, casinos, and gaming centres also exemplify some inconsistencies within the orders. The aforementioned functioning with a liquor license must require proof of immunization by patrons, however those functioning without a liquor license will not require proof of vaccination.

The government mandate defines a fully immunized person as one possessing two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination within a 16-week period. The order states “nothing in these orders prevents, restricts, or governs the operations of the delivery of services by any of the following:

  • The government of Canada.
  • The government of Manitoba.
  • The Manitoba Legislative Assembly.
  • The provincial court of Manitoba.
  • The court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba.
  • The Court of Appeal.
  • A municipality, except in relation to the delivery of transit and recreational services and the operation of recreational and library facilities.
  • The council of a municipality.
  • A Crown corporation or other government agency.
  • Any person or publicly funded agency, organization, or authority that delivers or supports government operations and services, including health care operations and services.
  • A health professional.

No mandates within the order have specified a separate set of rules for individuals in and around the government. The orders are effective as of 12:01 a.m. July 17 2021 and remain in effect until 12:01 a.m. Aug. 7 2021 “unless they are terminated earlier.”

Jackie Conroy is a Reporter for the Western Standard

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  1. John Lankers

    July 23, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    What’s next?
    Banning unvaccinated citizens from grocery shopping, receiving medical care and participating in elections?

    Remember, this ‘stuff’ still only has a temporary, time limited emergency registration.

  2. Left Coast

    July 22, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Interesting interview . . .


  3. Mars Hill

    July 22, 2021 at 1:08 am

    Cabal had this minion compromised, hope he at least enjoyed what they got on him.

  4. GonadTheRuffian

    July 21, 2021 at 1:30 pm

    Will the Sheeple of Manitoba stand up to this tyrant or will they allow themselves to join the ever growing list of the vaccine injured and dead?

  5. Left Coast

    July 21, 2021 at 9:12 am

    This Clown Pallister has to be the biggest dope on the Planet today . . . next to Dr. Fauci who could wind up behind bars for his part in funding & creating the Wuhan Virus.

    Tiny Manitoba is becoming the 4th Reich . . . don’t anyone look a few hundred miles south where the Citizens of South Dakota have been NORMAL since March 2020.
    Don’t pay attention to Florida, population 23 Million that has been severely NORMAL since July 2020.

    Let the folks in Manitoba know that YOU are in Charge man . . . and your accomplices in the FakeStream Media will support you 100%.

    I know of more people that died from the Vaccine than died from the Virus, the Uncle of my daughter in-law has been in the hospital since his second shot. Now we are seeing the so-called “Vaccinated” testing positive. Seems the Vaccine might wear off much quicker than they thought. But those with natural immunity, are good for a lifetime. Just saw an article where a very elderly gentleman who had lived through the Spanish Flu epidemic still had natural Antibodies.

  6. K

    July 21, 2021 at 7:55 am

    The testing ground for the rest of the country. Pallister looks like a lizard in a skin suit.

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Liberal Internet censorship plans no laughing matter

Provisions of the bill “are designed to chill speech” and would impose a “censorship regime” on Canadian internet users, said the Society.




Jokes will be banned on the Internet if the Liberals get their way, says the Canadian chapter of the Internet Society.

Blacklock’s Reporter says the group has petitioned Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s department to drop his censorship bill.

“The scheme as a whole is aimed at the suppression of speech and cannot be justified in a free and democratic society,” said the Society whose members include a former federal judge.

“This is completely wrong,” the society wrote in a submission to the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Cabinet said if re-elected it would introduce Bill C-36 An Act To Amend The Criminal Code that lapsed in the last Parliament.

Provisions of the bill “are designed to chill speech” and would impose a “censorship regime” on Canadian internet users, said the society.

“The censorship regime is designed to favour censorship over free speech,” it said.

Parliament in 1970 banned hate speech under the Criminal Code, but Bill C-36 would expand the ban to legal content “likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group” under threat of $70,000 fines or house arrest.

The Department of Justice June 23 said the measures “would apply to public communications by individual users on the Internet, including on social media, on personal websites and in mass e-mails,” blog posts, online news sites, “operators of websites that primarily publish their own content” and user-comment sections.

“The proposed legislative scheme is contrary to the guarantees of free speech enshrined in the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms as it applies to lawful speech,” wrote the Internet Society.

“The Charter protects not only the expressive rights of Canadians but the right of Canadians to access the expression of others.”

Society board members include Konrad von Finckenstein, a former federal judge and ex-chair of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, former CRTC commissioner Tim Denton, three corporate lawyers, a former treasurer of the Canadian Media guild and ex-director of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.

The Society called Bill C-36 a “wholly unprecedented” measure.

“A certain humility is necessary when Canada attempts to take on the role of policing all harmful speech, everywhere, in the name of protecting the sensibilities of Canadians,” it wrote.

“The scheme is unworthy of consideration by Parliament. Its implementation would diminish the rights of Canadians while failing in its purpose of protecting Canadians from internet harms. The proposal should be withdrawn.”

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Allison: Official bilingualism creates a regional power imbalance

Westerners must join the elite minority of bilinguals by learning a second language or be left behind when it comes to rising the ranks of Canada’s federal institutions.




Bilinguals make up only 18% of our population, yet they dominate our federal institutions.

The reason for this is no secret. Canada’s official bilingualism, legally enshrined in the Official Languages Act (1969), gives a distinct advantage to one class of Canadians; bilinguals, over all others. The Act requires that federal institutions provide services in both French and English. The result is that 40% of federal public service jobs are “designated bilingual.” This means that some 300,000 jobs which make up our federal bureaucracies are available only to 18% of Canadians and closed to the other 82%

What does this mean for regional representation in our federal institutions? It means overrepresentation from Quebec and underrepresentation from the West. About 45% of Quebecers are bilingual whereas only 7% of those in the prairie provinces are bilingual. Thus, the pool of qualified candidates for federal public service jobs is going to be overwhelmingly filled with Quebecers while having scarcely any Westerners. As spokesman for Canadians for Language Fairness, Gordon Miller, writes: “The Official Languages Act has allowed this group [the “Laurentian elite”] to dominate the federal government bureaucracy and further entrench the dominance of the Eastern provinces in federal affairs.”

The Laurentian elite does dominate the federal public service. A total of 67% of the federal public service is made up of Quebecers and Ontarians and only 11% are from the prairie provinces. Of course, official bilingualism is not the only cause that has explanatory power in the case of this discrepancy. The federal capital being located on the border between the two most populous provinces also plays a significant role in determining the regional makeup of the federal public service (a separate and distinct advantage that the Laurentians have over Westerners in controlling federal institutions). In fact, 42% of federal public service employees live in the National Capital Region in Ottawa-Gatineau.

But, when it comes to those who rise the ranks in Canada’s federal bureaucracy, official bilingualism provides an explanation for its overwhelmingly Quebecer makeup. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Richard Wagner, the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal Marc Noël, the Governor of the Bank of Canada Tiff Macklem, Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson for the National Film Board of Canada Claude Joli-Coeur, the Director and CEO of the Canada Council of the Arts Simon Brault, the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Stéphane Perrault, and the Director of CSIS David Vigneault are all Quebecers. The board of directors for the CBC, is also made up of 33% Quebecers with only one member hailing from the prairie provinces — Jennifer Moore Rattray from Manitoba. As Washington Post columnist, J.J. McCullough, suggests: “It is really hard to argue that by some massive coincidence the most qualified people for all of these jobs just happen to be Quebecers.”

Indeed, it is no coincidence. Since all federal institutions must provide services in both French and English, it is likely to have a bilingual in charge of these federal bureaucracies in order to ensure that these institutions run smoothly. As a result, Quebecers with their disproportionate number of bilinguals, have come to dominate the highest ranks of these bureaucracies.

Official bilingualism lays the groundwork for these regional disparities in Canada’s federal bureaucracies. Quebecers are overwhelmingly more likely to be bilingual than Westerners. As such, Westerners must join the elite minority of bilinguals by learning a second language or be left behind when it comes to rising the ranks of Canada’s federal institutions.

Andrew Allison is a PhD philosophy student at the University of Calgary

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Sask removes QR codes from vaccine passports

Residents will be able to download their proof of vaccination record on Saturday, but the QR code will not be included.




Saskatchewan is temporarily removing QR codes from its vaccine passports after privacy breaches were found.

The government said the vaccination records of up to 19 residents have the potential to display another person’s QR code.

The province said one person’s private information has been “erroneously captured.”

That person has been notified, as has the Office of the Information and Privacy Officer of Saskatchewan.

Residents will be able to download their proof of vaccination record on Saturday, but the QR code will not be included.

“Citizens who have already printed/downloaded/captured the QR code on their COVID-19 vaccination record between September 19-24, are asked to destroy/delete any records with their COVID-19 QR code as the code will be made invalid,” the government said in a release.

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