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Ben Harper draws controversy for visiting gun range

“The summer keeps getting better and better!” said Ben Harper.




Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s son, Ben Harper, is under social media attack after posting a picture of himself at a gun range.

On Sunday, Harper posted on Twitter quoting a version of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s famous saying referring to having the “best summer ever” post-COVID-19.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to the post, but many were outraged at Harper not only for his support of firearms but also for echoing his support of Kenney’s high hopes for summer.

One Twitter user commented: “Of course when you’re being paid more than $100,000 to run around playing games and posting pics, it’s a great summer for you. Not so great for nurses, doctors, teachers, health care workers, medical specialists – all those who actually work to make things better for Albertans.”

Another said: “Are you even in the province? Why are we paying you more than nurses?”

Even more offered similar sentiments referencing Kenney’s recent plan to cut the wages of nurses by 3% and asking why Harper was being paid a six-figure salary.

Harper did draw a small number of supporters from the post, with another Twitter user commenting “cue the responses from the angry #ableg Twitter voices. It must be kind of enjoyable to live in the heads of so many rent free. #abpoli”

This isn’t Harper’s first brush with controversy, as he was criticized in October 2020 for being hired by Kenney’s government as a policy advisor for the premier’s office.

As of publication, Harper has yet to comment on the Tweet and has since reposted at least four things to his Twitter page referencing Stampede and other current events around Alberta.

Jackie Conroy is a reporter for the Western Standard

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  1. Jack Masterman

    July 21, 2021 at 8:55 am

    My teacher said “Guns Kill”

    I told her my pencil failed my last exam.

  2. Westcanguy

    July 20, 2021 at 11:48 pm

    Wow, a province full of Karens.

  3. Left Coast

    July 20, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Have a Read Uddin . . .

    How The Communists Took Control

    It figures you would be a fan of the Dumbest Leader on the friggin Planet today Justin Trudope. The boy who flunked out of College Twice with a Teacher Certificate.
    Trudeau I was the worst PM in Cdn History . . . till his Idiot Son.

    Canada is full of Useless Eaters today thanks to Justin & his Dad . . . read the Bio on ole Pierre bet there’s all kinds of things you didn’t know. But then you likely belong to the same Marxist Cult . . . yes!

  4. GS Uddin

    July 20, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks for confirming the rabid right wing gun nut stereotype Ben.
    The Trudeau dynasty has lasted over decades and continues. The Harper dynasty will last decades too- with Ben asking “Would you like fries with that”?

  5. Seven-Zero-One

    July 20, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    The Fall in 2023 .🌹Wildrose majority government🌹

  6. Dennis

    July 20, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    Susan Grant & Left Coast, agree 100% and would only add, its time for Alberta to stand up and be counted.
    Wildrose.party 2023

  7. GonadTheRuffian

    July 20, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Typical Leftwing pukes. If they don’t like something, no ones allowed to like it; their so open minded you know.

  8. Susan Grant

    July 20, 2021 at 11:51 am

    I dont much like Ben these days because he took the traitorus Kenney side, BUT I dont begrudge him his right to learn, use, and practice with his weapon. I would much rather see people informed and skilled, able to confront the criminals. I wish he would grow some courage and confront JK, TS, and the wicked witches Hinshaw and Notley! Oh right I forgot when you are being paid very well by the Global Cabal you DON’T call them out!

  9. Left Coast

    July 20, 2021 at 11:17 am

    Ben Harper is practicing “Gun Control” . . . the art of hitting what you are aiming at!

    For our idiot faction on the Twitter-verse . . . Shooting is an Olympic Sport . . . are you weak minded couch potatoes not aware? Like who care what these fools say . . . lol

    ALL Marxist/Communist/Fascist leaders throughout the ages disarmed the Public . . . our Crime Minister is attempting to do the same.

    Reality is guns don’t kill . . . people kill, especially weak minded leftist tolls or radical marxists. There’s a town in Georgia were everyone has a gun, and the Crime Rate is the lowest in the nation.

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Moe calls Unified Grassroots founder

Following the Western Standard article on Ness’ appeal for an audience with the Saskatchewan premier, he gave her a call and talked for more than an hour.





Unified Grassroots founder Nadine Ness finally got a phone call from Premier Scott Moe, one week and 20,000 YouTube viewers after her online request` to talk.

In a subsequent video posted December 4 entitled simply A Message From Nadine Ness, President of Unified Grassroots, the retired RCMP officer said the premier called her the evening of December 3.

“I’m gonna give credit where it’s due. He did in fact call me last night and we spoke for quite a long period of time. I’m surprised he didn’t brush me off, to be honest. It was a good, productive talk. And I foresee there being more in the future,” Ness said in the video.

Ness said she would reveal more of the content of their conversation in a subsequent Unified Grassroots Facebook post, but told Western Standard the conversation was more than an hour.

“I suspected a lot of people in Saskatchewan felt the way I felt and felt the way a lot of people in our organization feel. And I have to admit, seeing the response of that video kind of confirm my suspicions, that we’re not alone, that the people of Saskatchewan have become really concerned with the direction this province is going with the Christmas holidays approaching,” Ness said in the video.

Ness read some mainstream media headlines where articles recommended households have their own vaccine mandates and gave suggestions for how people could tell their unvaccinated family members they weren’t welcome.

“There’s this big push that maybe you shouldn’t be inviting some of your family members over for Christmas, or maybe you should be telling them they’re unwelcome. I find that really concerning. Is this really we’re where we are right now? A year ago would you have thought that you’d be thinking and feeling the way you’re thinking and feeling right now?” Ness asked.

“It makes me wonder who has taught us to think and feel this way? I can’t help to think but think that mainstream media and news organization and Premier more I’m not not gonna let you off the hook with this one, but you play a big part in this as well.”

The Christmas season was a good time to come together, not split apart, Ness said.

“I highly encourage if you have alienated anyone from your family, maybe it’s a time to call and make amends and say I’m sorry. If we don’t do something now, we’re going to look at ourselves in the mirror a year from now and not recognize who we’ve become.”

Ness, who lives near Langham, Saskatchewan, said Unified Grassroots was hosting a “hamper food / winer clothes drive, along with some Christmas music” at an as yet undecided location on December 12.

“See, that’s the Saskatchewan that I know. The Saskatchewan that I know is the one that raises the most for Telemiracle. It’s the one when a farmer is sick, the entire community comes together and combines his field; the one where we’re if someone’s having a hard time in their family, you’ll get some meals sent to your home. People will bring you food,” said the former New Brunswick native.

“And that’s the Saskatchewan that I fell in love with and decided… to make my home. I really don’t want us to become something we’re going to regret…

“It’s time we recognize that there’s a lot of hurt going on. What if we changed our focus instead of COVID, if we changed it to loving one another or caring for one another? Maybe Maybe Saskatchewan would be a better place and start going in the right direction.”

Harding is a Western Standard contributor based in Saskatchewan

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Bernier given vote of confidence by PPC members

Bernier received the support of 95.6% of members.




The leadership of Maxime Bernier in the People’s Party of Canada has been given an overwhelming show of support by members.

Party Executive Director, Daniel Tyrie, announced Saturday that with 15,454 votes cast and a voter participation rate of 57.5%, Bernier received the support of 95.6% of members, who had to answer Yes or No to the following question: Do you support Maxime Bernier remaining as Leader of the People’s Party of Canada? 

“I am extremely proud to know I have the support of the vast majority of our members. I believe this vote signals a strong unity within our party around the principles and policies that I have been defending since its founding,” said Bernier.

“We have grown so much over the last three years, but we’re just getting started. I have big plans for the PPC to prepare us for the 45th General Election and I am excited to get to work with this newfound mandate!” 

The leadership review was conducted online in partnership with third-party firm, SimplyVoting. The vote took place between November 12th and December 3rd. All PPC members with active membership by September 20th, 2021 (the date of the 44th General Election) were allowed to vote. Official results from SimplyVoting are available on their website at https://ppc.simplyvoting.com/index.php?mode=results&election=155777&language=en

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Sask Polytech ditches vax policy but burdens unvaxxed with testing costs

The Justice Centre is unsatisfied with the response of Sask Polytech and reiterated its intention to pursue legal action against the institution and against the University of Saskatchewan over its requirement for staff and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19.





The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is unsatisfied with the decision of Saskatchewan Polytech to reverse its vaccination requirement for staff and students because the institute does not recognize natural immunity and imposes testing costs on the unvaccinated.

On November 19, the Justice Centre sent Sask Polytech and the University of Saskatchewan letters demanding they reverse their requirement that all staff and students be vaccinated by January 1, 2022. 

On December 1, Sask Polytech reversed its “vaccinated only” policy but now requires unvaccinated staff and students to comply with testing three times a week at their own expense. In a press release, the Justice Centre called this “unacceptable.”

“Such testing requirements for students are even greater than the Saskatchewan government’s requirements for employees of its ministries. Sask Poly has also failed to recognize the compelling scientific evidence of natural immunity for those who have already recovered from Covid-19 and have proof of antibodies,” reads a JCCF press release on Saturday.

“Testing costs, which could exceed $200 per week, mean that only the wealthy and privileged can bear the burden,” stated Andre Memauri, the Justice Centre’s Saskatoon-based lawyer.

“Sask Poly, which has chosen to impose discriminatory testing requirements for staff and students, has the ability to acquire these tests at wholesale cost.”

The Justice Centre said it would commence legal proceedings against Sask Poly in the Court of Queen’s Bench unless Sask Poly immediately absorbs the testing costs and recognizes natural immunity. 

On October 28, the U of S and Sask Polytech announced mandatory vaccinations for all students, staff and faculty, removing the alternative of twice weekly testing which had been in place since the start of the school year. The Justice Centre will also commence legal action against the U of S for refusing unvaccinated students. 

On November 26, Global News reported a 19-year-old student was hospitalized briefly with breathing problems after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The student’s mother, Michelle Marciniuk, publicly called for the university to reconsider its policy.

The U of S’ policy includes exemptions on medical and religious grounds in accordance with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. But according to the Justice Centre, the university usually rejects exemption requests or does not respond to them for several weeks. Besides this, the university has made itself the arbiter of faith considerations for religious exemptions. Medical exemptions have become a difficult document for patients to receive in Canada, due to regulatory pressure on physicians not to provide them based on their medical judgement except in very rare circumstances.

The U of S crowns itself for academic freedom, diversity, equality, human dignity and a healthy work and learning environment, yet it has harshly terminated faculty for speaking on the hallmark principle of informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination of children,” stated Andre Memauri, a U of S alum. 

“Now, the U of S seeks to exclude and villainize those who decide for various reasons not to be vaccinated…Without question, our community has been through a great deal of difficulty and it requires these institutions to lead as vessels of science not ideology…The Justice Centre demands both schools follow the science and adopt policies that bring students together in the most safe and lawful manner.”

The letters sent to both schools from the Justice Centre on November 19 warned that the schools are seeking to deprive students from education on the basis of vaccination status, contrary to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Sections 2(a), 7, and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Harding is a Western Standard contributor based in Saskatchewan

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