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SOLBODIAN: Tam needs to answer questions about Fauci lies

What does Canada’s chief medical officer think about the lies Dr. Anthony Fauci, top medical advisor in the U.S., told to save his sorry skin?




A good time to hear Dr. Theresa Tam’s perspective on the shocking revelations would be now.

What does Canada’s chief medical officer think about the lies Dr. Anthony Fauci, top medical advisor in the U.S., told to save his sorry skin?

Was she surprised to hear Fauci funded dangerous gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) where mounting evidence points to as the source of the leak of COVID-19 that killed 3.7 million people and crippled global economies?

Does she support this research that manipulates viruses and pathogens, increasing their lethality by turning them into super viruses to see how they affect humans? 

Despite Tam’s close ties to the World Health Organization (WHO) wasn’t she told Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases (NIAID), was funneling U.S. tax dollars into dangerous research?

Tam, an advisor to the all-knowing WHO, is allegedly bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Did Tam rely on Fauci’s advice about face masks? 

If so, is she troubled that Fauci was intentionally deceptive when he mandated masks, yet secretly said they don’t protect people from COVID-19?

“The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material,” Fauci wrote in a recently disclosed email.

After this stunning revelation, will Tam recommend altering edicts forcing Canadians to wear masks?

What does Tam think about a growing chorus of experts questioning Fauci’s calculations on the COVID-19 death toll?

The damage Fauci inflicted on a world devastated by COVID-19 may be incalculable.

He hid information that might have drastically changed the course on how this pandemic was handled.

Fauci was busy behind the scenes working damage control to protect himself, to hide that he was directly implicated in funding engineering the very coronavirus he was ever-so-heroically fighting to save them from.

The gall of this creepy little man is unfathomable.

Thousands of emails obtained by Buzzfeed and The Washington Post through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request prove Fauci fretted the public might believe COVID-19 ordinated from the WIV. 

They reveal he was told Jan. 31, 2020, by National Institutes of Health scientist Kristian Anderson that COVID-19 bore the marks of being engineered by gain-of-function research.

Yet Fauci repeatedly said COVID-19 originated from bats, or maybe pangolins, eaten in a Wuhan wet market while disputing the possibility it was engineered in the WIV down the road.

He lied to the cameras, he lied in the White House, he lied under oath in a Senate hearing.

As more virologists and scientists speak out, the door is slamming shut on the theory that COVID-19 was transmitted from animals to humans.

Between 2014 and 2019 the NIH, backed by Fauci’s NIAID, committed $7.4M for research that includes some gain-of-function work, some of it conducted at the WIV.

Many researchers oppose what’s a means of creating bioweapons. 

Even China’s ‘batwoman’ Shi Zhengli, WIV’s head coronavirus researcher, warned about the deadly Frankenvirus experiment she helped create. 

Fauci’s long been an avid supporter of this research.

Canadians need to know if Tam, a medical professional, is troubled by Fauci’s scheming betrayal.

Why did it take FOIP emails to expose Fauci? Many people must have known about his nefarious deeds.

Experts – doctors, scientists, researchers – who dare question the great Fauci or the WHO’s COVID-19 claims are under siege. Attempts have been made to destroy their careers.

Fauci carried a frightening amount of influence beyond the U.S. borders. How much did Canada rely on  him to shape its response to COVID-19?

Tam’s not the only one yet to comment on Fauci’s fall from grace.

Our politicians are silent. Are they afraid of offending the communist Chinese government at the expense of Canadians?

Ontario MP Derek Sloan is one of the brave ones who was chastised and labelled a racist for asking questions Canadians want answered.

“The trail goes pretty deep here. We see that the NIH was funding gain-of-function research of viruses in China. They said it wasn’t supposed to be for that. We have no idea what China was using it for. We’re just buying into whatever China tells us. I think Canada is too naive in dealing with the communist party of China. We need to wake up,” said Sloan.

“There needs to be a Royal inquiry into every aspect of the handling of COVID-19. And it needs to start yesterday. This is something I called for a few weeks ago. There are so many pieces to this that just don’t add up. We need to get to the bottom of it and we need to do it quickly.”

With the Liberal government’s abysmal record of transparency and an election looming don’t count on them.

And this is likely something the opposition – particularity the timid Conservatives – won’t tackle.

Slobodian is a Western Standard columnist based in Manitoba

Linda Slobodian is the Manitoba Senior Columnist for the Western Standard. She has been an investigative columnist with the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Alberta Report. lslobodian@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. Mars Hill

    June 8, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    The cabal and their minions are built on lies, deceit and corruption, it’ll all unravel.

    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17 Jesus


  2. Laura

    June 7, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    Canada gave money to the research lab as well as the United States. We aren’t exactly innocent of being involved in biological warfare. The Canadian government helped kill people. The Winnipeg Lab is involved. Big surprise. CCP and Trudeau are best of friends, and let’s not forget Mayor Nenshi of Calgary. another CCP party friend and admirer.

  3. Penny4YourThouhts

    June 7, 2021 at 9:46 am

    The saddest thing of all is that all of us anti-vaxxer, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists who were screaming from the rooftops about this purposely released (and yes there is proof – go through all the emails and the multiple published peer-reviewed paper trails) gain of function virus, which by definition is a PLANNED pandemic, were right.
    Sadder yet, is the same bunch of us who were cautioning everyone AGAINST injecting themselves with the experimental gene-therapy shots rebranded as vaccines were not only ignored but also vilified, demeaned, ostracized, discriminated against, etc. There is proof these shots are far more harmful than safe, but our govt STILL coerces people into injecting them, and people refuse to consider the mounds and mounds of proof.
    What is it going to take for people to see how corrupt this entire system is? Big Pharma funds 2/3 of Health Canada’s budget. No one sees a conflict of interest here? It also is the major advertiser for every mainstream media outlet. Can we spell PROPAGANDA? It funds research at the universities, prints the textbooks, and controls every aspect of so-called health care.
    We can choose to allow these corrupt people to control our lives or we can choose to find the courage to ask WHAT IF? What if this is all true? Then, maybe, just maybe we can all work together to find a solution.

  4. Lisa

    June 7, 2021 at 7:54 am

    We will not hear any criticism from Dr.Tam regarding Fauci’s involvement with the Wuhan Lab, as I suspect this may be why.


  5. Susan Grant

    June 7, 2021 at 6:12 am

    Who cares what she/he (TAM)thinks. We should be asking how she is connected to the Winnipeg LAB that surely will be proven to be connected. Go watch John E Hoover Channel on YT. Look for the post “The Canadian Connection” from aprox 3 weeks ago!

  6. Steven Ruthven

    June 6, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    We in Canada do have the right to question loyalty to Canada Justin Trudeau. Your loyalty to Canada has been suspect since your utterance “the country Canada belongs to us” meaning Quebec. Also your utterance that “Canada is a Post Nation State” is further proof you have no loyalty to Canada, but only to Quebec.

    In Canada. If you are a white person asking a critical question of a not white person. You are then subjected to being called a racist by the Prime Minister of Canada. Then subjected to a leftist media hanging to make sure the point is driven home.

    Here is the problem for Canada. Trudeau appoints many to important positions not based on experience or competence. Minister of Finance Freeland as an example.

    Trudeau’s love & infatuation with all things Chinese is another concern. Level 4 Virology Lab at Winnipeg, Manitoba as an example.

    MP Sloan’s question regarding loyalty to Canada was a fair comment to Tam. One that I would have asked myself if I was there PM Trudeau.

  7. Steven Ruthven

    June 6, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    CNN & the socialist media in the USA are lying & spinning Dr. Fluci’s story backwards and forwards, but I think those e-mails of his along with others are implicating. Dr. Fluci & others involved could be cuffed to a criminal process. We will see.

    Fox News is on the story full-time & we have nothing like Fox News in Canada to hold Trudeau & his crew of misfits accountable. If we had a 24/7 conservative news channel, on cable, wouldn’t that be nice?

  8. Left Coast

    June 6, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    Fauci lied like a sidewalk, his Emails now reveal that he knew the truth 15 months ago.
    He signed a waiver to allow Gain of Function research & funded the Wuhan Lab. Obama also could be in on the scam . . .
    He should be investigated and do some jail time . . . and any others connected to this scam.
    To me he always looked like a little wanna-be Napoleon.

    Tam lied and repeated WHO propaganda right from the start. Many in Canadian Media & Politics today are CCP Assets . . .

    This was never any more than a Bad Flu Season . . . the insane Lockdowns have done enormous damage to the Canadian Public and destroyed much of the Economy.
    O’Foole and the Cons have been missing in action . . .

    In spite of dozens of well-qualified Drs. mostly in the USA where they were not being Crushed by Cdn Medical Associations . . . they were ignored. It was all about Politics folks . . .

    Douglas W. Allen, economics professor at Canada’s Simon Fraser University said;
    Lockdowns have had little effect on bringing down COVID-19 deaths and could be one of Canada’s biggest policy failures in history, a professor wrote in a research paper published this month.

    But low intellect Premiers & the slow-thinking Crime Minister consulted no competent Scientists . . . just followed the China Model of lockdowns & tyrany.

  9. Robert Lang

    June 6, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Tam’s Father is one of the 3,000 Official CCPC. Think about that?

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GIEDE: The legacy of residential schools still haunts us

There is a palpable sense of anger and grief in nearly every quarter, but I am deeply skeptical about the possibility of concrete action and change.




The 215 children’s bodies uncovered in Kamloops, BC, on the grounds of the Indian Residential School have shocked us all. Calls for action have ensued, Facebook has provided frames, and both church as well as state authorities have expressed their regrets. There is a palpable sense of anger and grief in nearly every quarter, but I am deeply skeptical about the possibility of concrete action and change.

Indeed, the death of innocents in Canada is often used by our political class to double-down on their own agendas. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will continue to not fulfill promises of clean drinking water on reserves. BC Premier John Horgan has twisted this tragic moment of history into a justification for the continued clear-cut logging of our old-growth forests – an impressive non-sequitur even for him.

Policies and initiatives that would end the Third World reality experienced on reserves, help protect indigenous women and girls at home and in transit, or create more economic opportunities for all status, non-status, Metis, and Inuit regardless of location will not be enacted, despite having sat on the desks of our politicians for decades. In short, these solutions would cost money, and talk is far cheaper.

Ironically, no one was counting the cost of building and staffing the residential school system when it was debated and developed in the 19th Century. Every political movement – from child welfare groups to land speculators who wanted First Nations out of the way – viewed the use of education to assimilate aboriginal children as the most progressive method at hand to solve the centuries-old “Indian problem.”

The residential school system was conceived within the Indian Act of 1876, but did not fully mature until 1894, when an amendment made day school attendance mandatory for aboriginal children. There is no denying schools were built far away from the traditional territories of First Nations which helped facilitate assimilation. Yet these locations were also chosen because of the realities of staff and supplies.

Education was almost the exclusive purview of churches at our founding, so it only made sense for churches to extend their role along with the widening borders of Canada. Large government contracts were appreciated by all denominations involved, as these served to fund missions both at home and abroad. Ottawa provided the bricks and mortar – Christianity provided the staff inside these buildings.

Non-aboriginal children were also sent to these schools. Unlike America, using excess capital to enforce segregation was too costly for our leaders, whatever discriminatory attitudes they might have held. For some of my fellow aboriginal agitators it may be distraction from their preferred narrative, but the truth is that the non-indigenous children at residential schools were just as likely to suffer abuse and neglect.

To the point of abuse and neglect, there is no excuse. Those who committed sins willfully or by omission are worthy of the stiffest penalties that our justice system can mete out. There must be transparency as to who attended and staffed the residential schools – if those records are not surrendered willingly, the power of the courts must be utilized. People have a right to their history – even to the darkest parts of it.

But the central fact remains the Canadian political class was willing to expend what must equate to billions of dollars today on assimilating aboriginals for over a century. Why, now we know what would actually help solve the challenges faced by the First Nations, are those in charge unwilling to pay the cost? How much more expensive could it be to build up a new generation with intelligent policies?

Empty apologies and payouts withheld for years will neither undo the damage nor create a better tomorrow. For those who have made Western sovereignty their rallying cry, there is a mutual enemy of the federal government ready in the form of we, the First Peoples of Canada. If Ottawa refuses to fix what their policies broke, then provincial authorities should step in, creating alliances with aboriginals.

Mourning and grief are appropriate responses to the news we’ve received. And while transparency about the past must happen in order for healing to occur in the present, we must not allow more commissions or committees to take the place of real change. Clean drinking water, economic opportunity, education, safe means of travel: let these be the demands First Nations make in honor of the 215 children long lost.

Nathan Giede is the BC Political Columnist and the host of Mountain Standard Time

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SLOBODIAN: Fed up Canadians mobilizing to take our country back

They’re stomped on by a smug woke crowd too dumb to know they’re merely useful idiots in a cunning plan to steal our freedoms and privacy.




A movement to take Canada back is on solid ground.

It’s fueled by Canadians fed up with being pushed around. 

People are targeted if they attend church or synagogue (not mosques though), question the brain-washing garbage their children learn in school, ask Saint Theresa Tam hard questions about COVID-19, call boys boys and girls girls, keep businesses open, or play in the park.

They’re stomped on by a smug woke crowd too dumb to know they’re merely useful idiots in a cunning plan to steal our freedoms and privacy. 

Even politicians cower at the woke crowd that weaponizes social media. All 12 of them – each with multiple Twitter accounts creating the illusion they are legion – will come at you screeching like a crazed (because they are) herd of banshees.

The time’s ripe for a movement.

Canadians are hungering for a leader who’ll save us from this madness. 

Sadly, the inept have secured top management positions in every federal political party. 

They keep good politicians tethered.

But MPs with all parties, like countless Canadians, abhor late-term abortion, disagree with same-sex marriage not being motivated by hatred but by religious beliefs, are aghast that children undergo sex changes, want to lift COVID-19 lockdowns, wonder why twerking Drag Queens ‘entertain’ kids in libraries, support police, admire how former President Donald Trump strengthened America, and rue globalists running/ruining Canada. 

They obediently lose their moral compasses when told to shush. Not shushing destroys political careers, they’re warned. 

Even worse, the Trudeau CBC Fan Club will hate them. 

Honest, open debate is forbidden.

Just look what happens to one who dares to defy the shush rule! 

Derek Sloan was pummeled and banished for, largely, expressing his moral beliefs, although no one was honest enough to admit that.

But the MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington had the courage and conviction to carry on. 

He’s still standing.

Sure, he’s not standing in the same place since he was booted out of the Conservative caucus in January – but he’s still fighting for the unwashed Canadians few politicians have the guts to fight for.

Sloan was wrongly portrayed as an LGBTQ hater and a white supremacist sympathizer because someone dug deep to find some nut job made an obscure $131 donation to his campaign. 

The ‘racist’ Sloan was accused of hating every Chinese person on the planet because he dared question public health officer Tam’s ties to the World Health Organization when she parroted COVID-19 lies it fed us. Well, well, don’t recent revelations vindicate Sloan now?

Canadians wonder if there’s hope of salvaging the life we cherish in this good and beautiful country.


There’s a movement underway that’s building momentum.

Freedom loving Canadians have united to build a viable option, hopefully in time for the next election.

It’s too premature to “expose” the many groups and political parties involved, or provide more details, says Sloan. That’ll come soon though.

“I have been working actively to forge all of those elements together into a credible sort of political movement. That’s still in the formation stages but I want everyone to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” he says in an interview with the Western Standard.

Sloan says “hundreds of thousands of people” across Canada receive his communications and in the past six months he has gotten “tens of thousands” of emails.

“Many of them are saying: ‘Derek, I can get behind you just tell me what to do,’” says Sloan.

Canadians are “begging” for a party willing to take a strong stand.

The woke mob may screech the loudest, but it’s not the true Canadian voice.

“They are a minority of people that are pushing an agenda. There is a strong groundswell of dissent to that. But there’s also a lot of Canadians kind of in the middle-of-the-road that don’t know what to believe and need a real alternative,” he says. 

The Conservative strategy to play it safe, hoping people will like them, is backfiring.

“The Conservatives have every ability to stand strong on whatever issue they want. If they’re not willing to do it now, we certainly can’t expect that they would do that if given the chance to govern,” he says.

Sloan, a member of the end the lockdown caucus comprised of current and former politicians, says the “biggest elephant in the room” is dealing with the response to COVID-19.

“If COVID went away tomorrow there’s still many issues. We’re dealing with a fanatical embrace of critical theory, whether it’s critical race theory, whether it’s critical gender theory. We’re dealing with a fanatical embrace of climate alarmism,” he says.

“We’re dealing with very aggressive ideologies that don’t believe in free speech, that don’t believe in dissent, that don’t believe in democracy unless it suits their own ends.”

Combined forces are moving quickly to change Canada into a “debt-ridden, freedom-stricken, second-tier country.”

Canada needs an option that shows them the way to go, says Sloan who feels an obligation to serve Canadians.

“I believe personally that one day I’ll have to account to God for how I used my time on this earth. I hope, when that time comes, God looks at me and says as He did to others ‘Well done good and faithful servant.”

Countless Canadians will get this.

Others will cackle and mock, dismissing Sloan as a religious fanatic. 

They foolishly dismiss the movement at their peril.

Slobodian is a Western Standard columnist based in Manitoba

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CARPAY: Bad ruling against a church’s charter rights begs for an appeal

“Judge Shaigec has gone off the judicial rails, not regarding the facts, but in failing to apply a proper two-step Charter analysis.”




The dismissal of the Charter freedoms of Pastor James Coates by Alberta Provincial Court Judge Robert Shaigec on June 7, 2021, is crying out to be appealed.

As any first-year law student can tell you, Charter claims are judged in two simple steps.

First, the court rules on whether a government action (law, policy, health order, arrest, charge, fine, prosecution, imprisonment etc.) violates one of more of the Charter freedoms to associate, assemble, worship, express oneself, travel, and move about freely without facing house arrest or prison. For the past 39 years the Charter has been part of Canada’s constitution, courts have ruled that charges, fines, tickets, arrests and prosecutions clearly qualify as “government action.” The moment that a citizen is charged with violating a federal, provincial or municipal law (whether the penalty is jail time or only a fine) is the moment when that citizen’s Charter rights and freedoms are impacted. The existence of a particular law, and being charged with violating that law, are one and the same.

Next, if the answer is ‘yes’ and some form of government action violates one or more Charter rights or freedoms even in a small way, the court must make a separate assessment as to whether the violation of that Charter freedom is “reasonable” and “demonstrably justified” with compelling evidence “in a free and democratic society.” At this second step of the process, the government is obligated to put forward medical and scientific evidence to try to justify its public health orders, or to justify whatever other law, policy, ticket, fine, arrest or prosecution is violating Charter freedoms.

The facts of this case are not disputed, apart from some minor details. 

In early 2020, when Premier Jason Kenney compared COVID-19 to the Spanish Flu of 1918, everyone in Alberta became terrified of the new virus. Governments across the globe believed the dire predictions of Dr. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College of London, who also warned that we were dealing with a virus as deadly as the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed 50 million people at a time when the world population was barely one fourth of what it is today.

Pastor James Coates and the GraceLife Church congregation initially complied with all public health orders. However, as the “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into the permanent violation of our human rights and Charter freedoms, the church members (like so many other Canadians) observed the politicians’ ongoing fearmongering was simply not based on facts. 

In our 15th month of lockdowns, the government’s own data and statistics show COVID-19 is harmless to 90% of Canadians, and has a 99.77% survival rate. Death rates in Canada in 2020 were in line with those of 2019, 2018, 2017 and prior years. Statistics show COVID-19 has not had any significant impact on population life expectancy. This isn’t the Spanish Flu of 1918. Not even close. 

To date, politicians have not put forward evidence to back up their repeated claims lockdowns save lives. Lockdowns harm the mental and physical health of millions of children and adults. The Manitoba government’s own expert witness, Dr. Jared Bullard, admitted in court under oath that PCR testing for COVID-19 is not accurate 56% of the time.

Governments and media dishonestly use ‘case’ numbers to keep Canadians in a state of permanent fear. But children are as likely to die of lightning strikes as they are to die of COVID-19. Canadians under 70 should be more afraid of dying in a motor vehicle accident than dying of COVID-19.

After significant research, deliberation and reflection, Coates and his congregation eventually ceased to comply with Kenney’s irrational and unscientific public health orders. Since the fall of 2020, they have held normal, regular church services. The government has not presented any evidence in court that GraceLife’s full church services have caused any harm to anyone.

Judge Robert Shaigec has gone off the judicial rails, not regarding the facts, but in failing to apply a proper two-step Charter analysis.

Public health orders obviously violate Charter freedoms. This is further confirmed by the 35 days Coates spent in jail.

Limiting church attendance to 15% of fire code capacity obviously violates citizens’ freedoms of association, religion and peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the Charter. Public health orders that make it illegal for people to hug each other and sit next to each other obviously violate the Charter-protected freedom of association. A legal requirement to cover one’s face is an obvious violation of the Charter’s rights to liberty and to express oneself freely, and for many individuals this law also violates the Charter-protected security of the person. Whether these limits are reasonable, necessary, and producing more good than harm is an entirely separate legal question, to be answered at the second stage of Charter analysis: is the violation of the Charter freedom “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society?”

Unfortunately, Shaigec ignored the obvious impact of public health orders on the Charter freedoms of religion, association, expression and peaceful assembly. He instead embarked on a hair-splitting exercise that finds no support in 39 years of established Charter jurisprudence. 

Strangely, Shaigec ruled the enforcement of public health orders did not violate the Charter freedoms of Coates. This is a mystifying finding, and entirely misses the point. The Coates case involves a constitutional challenge to the health orders themselves, not their enforcement. If a law is unconstitutional, that law’s enforcement is also unconstitutional.

Shaigec cites seven reasons for his conclusions, none of them supported by case citations from other court rulings: Alberta Health Services and the police were acting under the authority of the Public Health Act; GraceLife Church was not “targeted” by government; similar restrictions applied to “secular” activities and gatherings; health bureaucrat Janine Hanrahan acted reasonably and professionally; the RCMP did their best not to disturb church services; the police acted on reasonable grounds in issuing the ticket; the police did not obstruct a religious service (prohibited by section 176 of the Criminal Code.)

None of these seven reasons shed any light on the judge’s outlandish and bizarre thesis that law enforcement does not qualify as “government action” to which the Charter applies.

Shaigec suggests that citizens’ Charter rights are not violated when they are threatened, intimidated, ticketed, fined and jailed; he seems to believe that as long as the enforcement of a law is carried out in a reasonable manner, there are no Charter violations. Amazing. 

It will be interesting to find out whether the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench agrees upon hearing the appeal that will be filed by the Justice Centre.

John Carpay is a Columnist for the Western Standard. He is also president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (jccf.ca) which represents Pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens, and other Canadian challenging lockdowns in courts across Canada

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