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Kenney says sorry for Sky Palace shindig

Kenney said after the outcry, staff went up and measured the distance each chair was set aside from each other.




Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has apologized.

Kenney told a press conference Monday he was “taking full responsibility” after photos emerged of him and top ministers breaking COVID-19 regulations during an outdoor dinner meeting on the Sky Palace balcony.

Kenney said after the outcry, staff went up and measured the distance each chair was set aside from each other. He said while four chairs were two feet apart, two chairs were not. In one photo, a total of eight people were at the table.

“I regret the perception this has created. I truly regret it. I take full responsibility,” a contrite Kenney said.

“I sincerely apologize to my colleagues and Albertans. I hope to learn from this.”

But Kenney dodged when asked why there was a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey on the table, saying only it was given to him as a gift for his birthday.

Kenney was pilloried after photos emerged last week showing him sitting with eight other people – including cabinet ministers – on the Sky Palace’s patio, clearly not following socially distancing rules. The linen-covered table is topped with a 40 oz. bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, wine glasses and bottled water.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro, Finance Minister Travis Toews, Government House Leader Jason Nixon were all gathered around the table.

Shandro and Toews both apologized for their part in the dinner during question period, after Kenney’s apology.

Leela Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women, and Minister of Community and Social Services Rajan Sawhney both took shots at Kenney over the weekend.

UCP MLAs Angela Pitt and David Hanson have publicly said they were appalled by the group’s behaviour. Independent MLA’s Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen have called on Kenney to resign

The UCP caucus chair, Richard Gotfried has stepped down from his role in the wake of Jason Kenney’s Sky Palace shindig.

And earlier Monday, former Wildrose leader Brian Jean demanded Kenney resign.

The Western Standard’s Fact Check found Kenney and his guests have 18 counts of violating their own regulations, and eight counts of violating their own guidelines.

Kenney claimed it was a working business dinner that was taken outside because the risk of virus transmission is lower than being inside. He brushed aside NDP criticism, saying they did not want Alberta to reopen and no COVID-19 regulations were broken.

The Sky Palace was a media-dubbed name when it emerged former Premier Alison Redford was renovating the top of the Federal Building into a private residence for her and her daughter.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard and the Vice-President: News Division of Western Standard New Media Corp. He has served as the City Editor of the Calgary Sun and has covered Alberta news for nearly 40 years. dnaylor@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. Proudly_Free

    June 9, 2021 at 10:04 am

    He can apologize by FIRING HIMSELF after he fires Hoaxshaw and everyone else who was at that table that night. He can then go turn himself in to police for all of the blood that he has on his hands from the thousands who have died as a result of his policies. We’re all in this together, Mr. Kenney. So, it’s time for you and your colleagues to start missing some paycheques too.

  2. Neil Montgomery

    June 8, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Well, if anyone us us gets “caught” breaking Kenny’s ridiculous rules and subsequently end up with a large fine, we will just go to the media and apologize, regret the perception it created, take full responsibility and tell Kenny that we hope to learn from this, then throw the ticket in the trash and carry on living in Kenny’s pretend world of deception, lies and outright lies
    where all other causes of death have taken a sabbatical (for the last 18 months) and every death is directly related to the COVID Plandemic. Me think somebody has caught Mr. Kenny chasing the sheep in the pasture, and he is terrified that he might have to apologize publicly, regret the perception it created, take full responsibility and tell the public (or the priest) that he hopes to learn from this.

  3. Baron Not Baron

    June 7, 2021 at 7:36 pm

    WILDROSE INDEPENDENCE PARTY OF ALBERTA !!! No need for anything else but to live free in an independent Alberta. Independent from despots!

  4. Steven Ruthven

    June 7, 2021 at 7:21 pm

    Was an expensive birthday party, politically for Premier Kenney, very expensive. Former Premier Redford fell off that building also.

  5. Baron Not Baron

    June 7, 2021 at 5:57 pm

    Shove your apology up yours and get the hell out of Alberta!

  6. berta baby

    June 7, 2021 at 3:09 pm

    There goes bother 10 % of his support, bet he wishes he didn’t lose his base now huh?
    I think a fake apology isn’t enough … charges should be laid and resignations handed in.

    Shandro and kenney can’t play the I didn’t know card…. those cucks jailed pastors and set the rules .

    What a pathetic joke of a leader

  7. Geri Klaassens

    June 7, 2021 at 2:48 pm


  8. Geri Klaassens

    June 7, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    So true. Birthday parties on a rooftop are not what I or many others object to, but the hypocrisy.
    The fact that so many regulations and guidelines were violated proves
    1) the government doesn’t believe any of them are valid, and
    2) there are WAY TOO MANY rules and regulations!

  9. Geri Klaassens

    June 7, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Working business dinner? That’s an unusual synonym for birthday lunch, imo.

  10. CodexCoder

    June 7, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    Sorry (not sorry). The non-apology apology. Got caught meaning that the Dina Henshaw rules are in fact total bovine excrement. Let the people go!

  11. Cosmo Kramer

    June 7, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    He should not be apologizing for dining out. He should be apologizing for prohibiting Albertans from dining out and the oppressive lockdown rules he is persecuting Albertans with. He should be apologizing for the failed businesses, suicides, substance abuse, poor mental health, domestic abuse he has inflicted on Alberta. He should be apologizing for aggressively marketing (as if big Pharma cannot pay for it on their own?) an experimental DNA altering injection not approved by Health Canada (with a record number of deaths and adverse reactions) for an illness with a 99.8% recovery rate. That he is pushing it on children who are at 0 risk is all the more horrendous.

    If he apologized for all the carnage that would show true courage and remorse.

  12. Barbara

    June 7, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Max Bernier and Derek Sloane coming to the the ledge in Edmonton

  13. K

    June 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Swine. Only apologizing because he was caught. Only apologizing. Resign and replace with a non-globalist, NOW.

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Unvaxxed grounded in Canada

As of November 30, travellers will no longer be allowed to submit a negative test result in place of proof of vaccination to board a plane or train in Canada.




As of Tuesday, Canadian travellers over the age of 12 will no longer be able to fly or travel by train in Canada without proof of vaccination.

The policy was originally set to come into effect on October 30, however, the federal government announced it would grant a grace period to unvaccinated travellers allowing for a negative COVID-19 test to be provided within 72 hours of the trip.

As of November 30, travellers will no longer be allowed to submit a negative test result in place of proof of vaccination to board a plane or train in Canada.

The new travel restrictions for the unvaccinated come on the heels of the emergence of a new variant of concern (VOC) dubbed Omicron by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cases involving the new variant, originally detected in South Africa, have been found in other countries including five cases within Canada.

Although there is not much known about the new variant at this time, the WHO confirmed scientists around the world are working to determine how the highly-mutated variant will affect transmissibility and severity of illness in the population.

Canada, along with other nations, closed its boards and expanded its screening protocols to travellers arriving from affected areas in southern Africa.

The Canadian airline industry welcomed the vaccine mandates when they were announced in October. Air Canada and West Jet have both confirmed they will be asking all travellers to produce proof of vaccination before boarding their carriers as of Tuesday.

While health measures such as masking and screening will still be required, no measures for quarantining individual travellers have been put in place with the exception of those who have travelled through or arrived from southern Africa.

“If you indicate to your airline or railway company that you’re eligible to board, but fail to provide proof of vaccination or valid COVID-19 test result, you won’t be allowed to travel and could face penalties or fines,” the government indicated in a statement.

The Canadian government is also warning permanent residents abroad to expect to provide vaccine passports to return home.

The rules don’t apply to commuter trains.

The Government of Canada has created a “reliable way to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination history when travelling internationally and within Canada,” states the government’s website. The document is verified once uploaded to ArriveCAN upon returning to the country.

The website warns travellers are not guaranteed entry to another country with the documents and suggests checking the rules of your destination country and the countries you travel through.

“Today, Canada passed a sad milestone in its history,” said Matt Slatter, a pilot with a major Canadian airline and a founder of Free 2 Fly, a hub that has “Canadian aviation professionals standing with passengers in defence of freedom.”

“No longer can it hold itself as a beacon of freedom and liberal values.”

The Free 2 Fly website encourages passengers and airline workers who “feel strongly that the ability to travel should not be linked to vaccination status,” to sign up and join their movement.

“With the advent of mandates requiring all aviation and rail passengers to be vaccinated, Canada is now effectively a two-tier society,” said Slatter.

“On one tier, compliant citizens are afforded many of the rights they once enjoyed in a free society. While the other tier is essentially relegated to their own localities, with limited exception.

“History suggests this style of governance will only lead to more tragedy and heartbreak. The cure is inevitably worse than the disease. Will Canada learn from the mistakes of the past?”

Currently, there are just under 38,000 signed up on the Free 2 Fly site. One of the goals of the group is to “wage a legal campaign to block, and/or overturn, all vaccination mandates.”

Melanie Risdon is a reporter for the Western Standard

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CRTC trying to hang up on spoof calls

Caller ID spoofing occurs when callers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious or altered phone numbers when making calls.




All those calls from the taxman and Canadian Border Services officials threatening to arrest you could soon be coming to an end thanks to new regulations from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

“Many Canadians are now able to determine which calls can be trusted thanks to a new technology aimed at combating spoofed calls named STIR/SHAKEN. Caller ID spoofing is frequently used in nuisance and fraudulent calls to mask the identity of the caller,” said the CRTC in a release.

“As of today, telecommunications service providers will certify whether a caller’s identity can be trusted by verifying the caller ID information for Internet Protocol-based voice calls. This new technology will help reduce the frequency and impact of caller ID spoofing. As service providers continue to upgrade their IP networks and offer compatible phones to their customers, more and more Canadians will be able to see the effects of STIR/SHAKEN.”

It’s believed up to 25% of all calls in Canada are scams.

The CRTC said Caller ID spoofing occurs when callers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious or altered phone numbers when making calls.

“This new caller ID technology will empower Canadians to determine which calls are legitimate and worth answering, and which need to be treated with caution. As more providers upgrade their networks, STIR/SHAKEN will undoubtedly reduce spoofing and help Canadians regain peace of mind when answering phone calls,” said Ian Scott, CRTC CEO.

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SLOBODIAN: CBC’s list of woke words to help whites

Certainly, chiefs and elders running First Nations couldn’t manage without these buffoons sitting in a newsroom or office telling them some white guy saying the word tribe should deeply offend them.




If you’re easily offended grab a soother, a soft blankie, and go powwow with your spirit animal in a non-spooky safe space. 

This is not for the ultra-sensitive ever-hunting for ways to accuse “sexist, racist” meanies of inflicting immeasurable pain with their words that leave victims emotionally crippled.

CBC Ottawa journalists brainstormed with possibly phantom readers to compile a lame, tone-deaf list of racist words and phrases.

Of course, the savage list targets — you guessed it, insensitive white people viewed as black sheep in the La La Land where well-paid publicly-funded media fools obsess with skin colour — and sells them down the river.

Just when you think the divisive ghetto CBC tends to dwell in couldn’t-possibly-get-more-ridiculous, they conjure up this fine example of your approximately $1.5-billion tax dollars at work. 

Apparently, CBC consulted black, indigenous, and people of colour to find out what offends them. Nope, no white people. Doesn’t matter if anything offends them. They all apparently have a blind spot when it comes to tolerance, so they don’t matter.

“We ran some of the words by anti-racism and language experts, who said some of these phrases can be hurtful to various groups of people for their historical and cultural context,” said CBC.

Statues have been torn down, history is removed from school curriculums, innocent books are banned, and this is the historical content CBC uses, not to protect, but to create division and wounded feelings. 

Fellow taxpayers, we’re getting gypped with this wasteful CBC spending.

“It might be time to rethink your use of these phrases and remove them from your daily lingo. CBC Ottawa compiled a small list of words, submitted by readers and some of our journalists who are black, indigenous and people of colour,” said CBC.

The list includes ghetto, to sell someone down the river, brainstorm, blackmail, savage, spooky, gypped, powwow, crippled, tribe, black sheep, blindsided, first-world problem, spirit animal, lame, grandfathered in, and tone deaf.

So, what did the ‘experts’ say? Basically, white is bad. Really, very bad.

“The issue here is that these are all negative terms,” said Joseph Smith, an anti-racism trainer and educator. “It connotes evil, distrust, lack of intelligence, ignorance, a lack beauty — the absence of white.” 

He said the lowering of blackness in value was enhanced and pre-dated the transAtlantic slave trade. So white people walking Canadian streets who had nothing to do with that and are appalled by that are guilty? Got it.

Anti-racism trainer Jas Kalra, an inclusion and diversity coach, pointed out the tech industry is moving away from using whitelist and blacklist and adopting terms like block-list or deny-list. 

Great. And so now, the world is a better place.

According to CBC the word ghetto “implies a negative connotation toward people of a certain socio-economic class often associated with racialized groups.”  

What about the term white trailer-court trash people freely utter? If CBC feels any sympathy or outrage about those hurtful words, it neglected to say.

Ai Taniguchi, a linguist and an associate language studies professor with University of Toronto Mississauga, said words like spirit animal, powwow and tribe used by English speakers “can be a painful insult to indigenous communities.”

“If a non-indigenous person says ‘This is my tribe,’ I don’t think it’s OK, despite the fact that they’re using it presumably in a metaphorical way,” said Taniguchi.

“I didn’t know it was racist’ does not eliminate the pain of the hearer,” said Taniguchi. “As language users, we have the social responsibility to monitor the impact our utterances have on others, especially when it involves a marginalized group.”

Awww, isn’t it great that these helpless marginalized groups, most of whom are making it just fine on their own and getting along with their white neighbors and coworkers, have these condescending experts to protect them from racist slurs that aren’t meant to be racist slurs?

Certainly, chiefs and elders running First Nations couldn’t manage without these buffoons sitting in a newsroom or office telling them some white guy saying the word tribe should deeply offend them.

How would black Canadians even know what they are supposed to be wounded about without this expert help?

People make a living and derive superior self-satisfaction from creating and fueling division.

Really, who are the racists though? 

This has an anti-white stench all over it. And by feeling a need to ‘help’ marginalized groups understand what is offensive, these experts label them inferior.

Here’s another list of words and phrases that are harmful and highly offensive: CBC. Inclusion and diversity coaches. Fake lists of racial slurs.

Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard

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