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SELICK: Ontario & BC threaten dissenting doctors

The CPSO has threatened to revoke the license of doctors that openly disagree with mandatory masking and lockdowns.




On April 30, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) announced a controversial new policy many Ontario doctors had been fearing. 

CPSO ordered Ontario’s doctors not to make any statement that might be considered anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing, or anti-lockdown. It forbids them to promote “unsupported, unproven” treatments for COVID-19. The CPSO doesn’t say which treatments, or by whom they are to be judged as unsupported or unproven. 

Doctors are further forbidden from making comments that might encourage people to act contrary to government health orders. 

Finally, there’s a naked threat: say the wrong thing and you’ll face “disciplinary action.” This translates into, ‘We’ll suspend your licence, cut off your income, and impoverish you.’

This is a horrifying statement from both a medical and a legal perspective. 

A courageous group of doctors, calling themselves Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth, quickly pushed back with an online declaration. As I write this, 512 doctors and 13,288 concerned citizens have already signed it. 

They make these three major objections. First, the CPSO is commanding them to abandon the scientific method, which requires vigorous, open debate in order to test existing theories and improve upon or replace them with more accurate ones. That’s how science advances.

Second, the CPSO is commanding doctors to breach their pledge to patients to seek out and apply evidence-based medicine in their care and treatment. Instead of a full range of current and emerging evidence from multiple sources, doctors are restricted to applying stagnant information from only one source: the government. 

Third, doctors are being ordered to violate their patients’ right to be fully informed before receiving medical treatment. This implies doctors will also have to violate their own duty to obtain fully informed consent, putting themselves at risk of eventual lawsuits. Full information about masks, social distancing and vaccinations is not something you can impart to a patient in a five-minute office visit. Half the world has spent the past 15 months seeking out information about these subjects and there’s still plenty of room for debate. 

It’s therefore easy to see why many doctors are outraged by the new CPSO policy. But as a lawyer, I can see two other problems. 

First, the dictates of the CPSO violates the Ontario Human Rights Code. Sec. 6 of the code says: “Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to membership in any trade union, trade or occupational association or self-governing profession without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex …” [emphasis added].

The CPSO’s threat is a clear statement of its intention to discriminate on the basis of creed. Although some people interpret “creed” as religion, it actually has a broader meaning. If ever anything qualified as a creed, a doctor’s Hippocratic oath would. It requires doctors to use their own judgment for the benefit of their patients and to “abstain from whatever is deleterious.” Doctors also pledge to “give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked.” 

Any doctor who has extensively researched the scientific literature on mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and lockdowns will know there is an increasing body of evidence that all of these practices can do more harm than good. More than 4,200 vaccination-related deaths have been recorded in a US database, called Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), where adverse events are widely under-reported. The number in Europe is more than 10,000. Doctors can’t “un-see” this information. It forms an important part of the cost/benefit analysis in determining whether or not COVID-19 vaccines are appropriate for their patients. 

The CPSO, by threatening the licenses of doctors who speak up about these issues, is forbidding them to exercise their creed and discriminating against those who do, contrary to the Human Rights Code. 

Doctors also have rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Sec, 2 protects the rights to freedom of conscience, belief, opinion and expression, while Sec, 7 protects the rights to liberty and security of the person. The CPSO statement – with its implicit threat to cut off doctors’ incomes – violates these rights. As the body exclusively empowered by the state to govern doctors’ conduct, there’s no question the CPSO is an agent of the state and is therefore governed by the Charter. 

Other professionals in the health care industry – chiropractors and naturopathic doctors – have told me privately they too are being bullied into silence and forced to comply with inadvisable practices, such as masking. And now British Columbia has gotten into the game, too. Its College of Physicians and Surgeons issued a May 6 statement containing similar threats. 

Eventually, this issue will come before the courts – possibly when a doctor disobeys the CPSO and is facing disciplinary action, or when doctors proactively hire lawyers to sue the CPSO for violating their rights. I look forward to the time when someone stands up. 

Karen Selick is a Columnist for the Western Standard

Karen Selick is a Columnist for the Western Standard. She has previously written for the original Western Standard, the National Post, and Canadian Lawyer Magazine. She is the former Litigation Lawyer of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and is the owner of KeenEyesEditing.ca. You can see her videos at https://www.bitchute.com/channel/SuoLpS8cVejQ/

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  1. mm

    Karen Selick

    June 2, 2021 at 7:00 am

    Dennis, it’s interesting that your doctor is already well aware he could lose his job for talking about ivermectin. Would it help if he knew of any groups that were standing up against this tyranny? You might try sending him the link posted in this article, where he can join 543 doctors (current as of June 2) and 14,388 concerned citizens in standing up together.

  2. Dennis Richter

    June 1, 2021 at 8:54 am

    Well said Left Coast, I’ve been banging this drum for some time. Nobody, and I mean Nobody in the media or government wants to even discuss this topic. Why is that? Why does my family doctor become agitated at the mere mention of Ivermectin and openly state he could loose his job for talking about it. There is something terribly wrong with this country and our so called Health Care System.

  3. d.r.cmolloy@gmail.com

    May 31, 2021 at 7:56 am

    I think most sane people have questions on what is happening.It may be the courts will make a decision that will be acceptable to the general public in Alberta. This leadership of the UCP needs to change as this is not what the taxpayers were promised. The UCP must ditch these buffoons and get a leader that works for all Albertains or park them at the curb. Its time that these smaller parties make the move to challenge the UCP and the NDP. An old quote comes to ming [ Its not that your good just the best of a bad lot]

  4. Glenn Weir

    May 29, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    My God, reading some of these comments, it could’ve been ME who wrote the words. Echo the disgust with human beings – thoroughly disgusted that people are so weak and willfully blind, acting like children before Big Daddy Government. Sickening. Let’s continue to resist this nonsense, friends. Let’s work to thwart this Great Reset they’re itching to bring in.

  5. Penny4YourThouhts

    May 29, 2021 at 9:20 am

    When a governing body resorts to threats, manipulation and coercion, people really need to start asking WHY. Why would they feel it was necessary to behave this way? If the science is valid, why are these measures necessary?
    The bigger question to ask is who is really behind all of this and why is it happening? It most certainly is NOT just about the trillions of $$$ certain folks will make with the mRNA gene therapy injections now referred to as vaccines. It’s about far more than that.
    The children have successfully been programmed to be blindly obedient to ‘medical intervention’ through the repetitive use of PCR testing in schools. Utterly absurd when you consider children were NEVER at risk of more than a cold. They have also been programmed to be anti-social through social distancing. The list goes on and on of the psychological damage yet people are not enraged enough to march in the streets to protest. Instead, they line up for gene modification shots hoping their obience will earn their freedom back. This is a sad, sad world we live in.

  6. Kelly Carter

    May 29, 2021 at 8:44 am

    There was a study done on masking by Denmark last fall. (Published in November I think). The interesting thing is they found no statistical significance in masks preventing the wearer from contracting COVID. There wasn’t even a strong trend. And when you look at their procedure they did try to bias the data in favour of masking. Everyone seems to forget the basic biology of viruses which can be found in any first year university biochemistry/biology textbook. Viruses are much much too small to be stopped by any mask especially the cloth variety. Doctors took to wearing masks during certain procedures to prevent bacterial transmission whihc in medicine is generally the greater health threat. Even then doctors, nurses, and lab techs recieve extensive training on how to use PPE without contaminating themselves or the work area. Most public use masks very incorrectly which ultimately contaminates more things than if the did not wear a mask. The idea of stopping “droplets” is interesting backyard myth buster/paper theory. Again though when you look at fluid dynamics (how fluid travels through small appatures in this case) you would aerosolize the droplet particle, not contain it. Velocity would slow down, but particles would become smaller meaning they remain suspended in the air longer, which I postulate is more problematic when you are dealing with a virus. Without a mask the droplet could be propelled further, but the larger droplet would also fall out of the air faster. Turning your head and sneezing or coughing towards the armpit/ground mitigates the distance factor.

    The mRNA vaccine is very interesting new technology. It was being tested for cancer tratments and had not recieved permitting. I have some very serious concerns about the safety of such a vaccine particularly long term. As a cancer patient it would be a non-issue. As a treatment for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, due diligence has not been done. More importantly beyond the fact that no long term studies have been done, it would normally take 3-5 years for any new vaccine/drug to recieve permitting. The COVID vaccine recieved approvals in under a year. Plus protections are offered to all companies absolving them of any liability. The vaccine was tested on a normal health population that had an over 80% chance of having no or mild symptoms with the actual illness. So no I do not believe the vaccine has been properly tested for both efficacy and safety. It should not be given to anyone outside of the high risk group for COVID, and it should absolutely B remain personal choice to take it. Our much deadlier childhood diseases that are vaccinated for (with proven very safe and effective vaccines) remain personal choice.

    I am personally very disturbed by the silencing of dissenting expert views. I have been watching this for several years in other subjects where scientists will lose their jobs and careers for speaking out. It is wrong and unscientific. I am also extremely concerned about the call for vaccine passports. Vaccines are not the only route to herd immunity, and COVID is endemic within the population so it is here to stay. I am even more concerned about what happens after COVID. My fear is the next bug of the season will need to be force vaccinated for and no travel or lockdown of economies as premptive to allowing the new bug to spread. Probably will have to prove you are completely disease free to travel again (an impossibility). Anyway, I am very concerned!

  7. mm

    Karen Selick

    May 28, 2021 at 6:31 pm

    Hey, Slim! Lots of people are starting to think about moving to Texas for that reason. It will be interesting to see how people sort themselves out over the next couple of years, moving to jurisdictions more in keeping with their philosophies. I wouldn’t be surprised after that to see states (and provinces) seceding.

  8. mm

    Karen Selick

    May 28, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    These are great points, Left Coast. I agree.

  9. Slim Pickens

    May 28, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    Justin still being the ‘golden boy’ of the cabal…Texas knows how to handle the situation….

  10. R3

    May 28, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    K, I only know of a young man who died from unexplained cardiac failure, in other words, the jab.

  11. Left Coast

    May 28, 2021 at 10:40 am

    Canada’s Failing HC System . . . almost 40th in the world and proud of it . . .

    These Medical Associations are run by Despots . . . non-thinking Despots!

    The so-called Vaccine . . . that is not really a vaccine but an mRNA Experiment.
    But they conclude that it is “Proven Science” . . . they are liars & frauds.

    Had they taken the advice of Drs. at places like Stanford University, others who had treated patients with HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc & Vit C & D . . . all showed Positive effects.
    Likely 1000s of Canadians died needessly because of lack of knowledge and insane restrictions placed on the Medical Community.

    India did it a little different . . .

    “People will be given Ivermectin 12mg for a period of five days. Expert panels from the UK, Italy, Spain and Japan, found a large, statistically significant reduction in mortality, recovery time, and viral clearance in Covid-19 patients treated with Ivermectin,” Rane said on Monday. — Hindustan Times

    Three other Indian states have followed Goa’s lead in adding Ivermectin: Uttarkhand, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. And, as expected, they have seen a drop in new daily cases as well, with Uttar Pradesh down nearly 75% from a peak of 37,944 just four days after they began following the April 20 AIIMS guidance to just 10,505 on May 16.

    Ivermectin is cheap — 50 cents a dose. It is an old drug. With a long-standing history. Problem is, with a cheap drug, nobody gets to profit off the fear with shiny new patents.

    Ivermectin like HCQ is CHEEP . . . and there’s the rub . . . Drug Companies are making Billions from the so-called Vaccines . . . many of these Med Associations are on the Drug Company payrolls . . .

  12. K

    May 28, 2021 at 10:39 am

    If this was a real pandemic, we would all know someone who’s died. Instead, we don’t, and we’re getting bribed and coerced into injecting our populace with a rushed vaccine. HMMMMM.

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MORGAN: It’s time for Kenney to resign

“I say this regretfully, but it’s time for Jason Kenney to resign as premier of Alberta and as the leader of the United Conservative Party. I wish things had ended differently.”




Premier Jason Kenney gambled and lost.

His move to declare Alberta as being permanently open for business was a hail-Mary pass for a beleaguered government and it has failed in the worst possible way.

Alberta is in the midst of a health care crisis, deaths are on the rise and we are entering a new period of mandatory vaccine passports, lockdowns, and other restrictions.

I say this regretfully, but it’s time for Jason Kenney to resign as premier of Alberta and as the leader of the United Conservative Party.

I had the highest of hopes for Kenney. I was enthusiastic as he won multiple leadership races and merged the previously intransigent Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties. I was thrilled when Rachel Notley’s NDP government was trounced in the general election. I thought we’d be looking forward to some steady, competent, conservative governance for at least a couple of election cycles.

I was wrong. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Love him or hate him, Jason Kenney is undeniably one of the brightest and hardest working politicians in Canada. He worked his way from advocacy into elected office and then became a respected cabinet minister in a number of portfolios. It appears Kenney met his match when it comes to the party and provincial leadership. He has managed to alienate both the left and the right within the province and I don’t see how he can recover from this.

Kenney’s leadership woes were already appearing well before the COVID-19 pandemic appeared on the scene. The shotgun marriage of the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservatives was showing cracks as caucus infighting began to smolder. The pandemic crisis exacerbated the issue and Kenney is now heading up a deeply divided caucus with multiple members having been tossed out of the party or disciplined. This inability to manage his own caucus has shaken the confidence Albertans had in Kenney to manage the province.

The Kenney government has been noteworthy for setting high targets and then failing to move toward them. The Fair Deal panel appeared to be an act of deferral, rather than an exercise to build a stronger, more independent province.

Kenney refused to take strong actions against Ottawa despite the open hostility shown to Alberta by the Trudeau government. This has fed the theory Kenney is using Alberta as a stepping stone towards pursuing a federal run. We can safely say Kenney’s federal career is finished at this point.

It seems that everything Kenney has touches turns to scheiße. The energy “war room” has turned into a running joke and with long and constant delays on its launch. The Allen Report examining groups that attack Alberta’s energy sector has been a waste of time. Energy producers seeking a sense of confidence in Alberta have been left disappointed.

In picking a battle with Alberta’s doctors and nurses, Kenney has drawn fire from all sides of the political spectrum. While there certainly is room to reexamine the agreements with health care providers, it has to be done carefully and with strong leadership. The UCP has appeared ham-handed and virtually leaderless on the issue.

The Kenney government has become election fodder used to hammer the O’Toole Conservatives on the federal front. The UCP looks so inept and unpopular that Trudeau is using it to attack O’Toole, and O’Toole hides from any association with Kenney.

Politicians are by nature self-interested beings. Caucus members within the UCP are surely weighing their options as the Kenney government continues to crash and burn in public opinion. With less than two years to go before the next provincial election comes, they know the window for getting rid of Kenney is closing quickly. The only hope the UCP has of winning the next election is to get a new leader and show some sign of new direction, and soon.

Rumblings from caucus are soon going to become a roar.

There are two options for the UCP right now. They can keep Kenney into the next election and most likely hand Rachel Notley a second NDP term, or they can get on with finding a new leader and reconnecting with Albertans. The UCP now is simply too wildly unpopular to regain the trust of the electorate under Kenney’s leadership.

I still respect Jason Kenney and appreciate what he did on the federal front, along with his efforts to unite conservatives in Alberta. I would like to see Kenney retain what dignity he can by resigning for the sake of Alberta and his party. It would hurt his pride, but it still would be a better end to a political career than being kicked out by his own caucus, or by the electorate in a general election. His “best summer ever” strategy failed and it’s time to face the music.

I wish things had ended differently.

Cory Morgan is the Alberta Political Columnist for the Western Standard and Host of the Cory Morgan Show

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FILDEBRANDT: In the face of tyranny, freedom demands our defiance

“Our silence is compliance. Our compliance is surrender.”




Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has crossed a line.

When and where he crossed it is not easily discerned, but he has most certainly crossed it.

The premier announced at an early evening press conference Wednesday he was putting Alberta back under lockdown, the fourth so far. It didn’t work the first three times, but government is nothing if not a mandatory recurring set of bad ideas.

Yet he went much further than another routine lockdown this time. This time, he imposed a vaccine passport, a policy he and his party had been fundraising in opposition to just days earlier. Will the hapless UCP members who handed over their cash be refunded for these donations?

It is a nakedly authoritarian policy, designed to deprive men and women of free choice over what to do with their own bodies. Kenney’s vaccine passport will create a two-tiered, legalized segregation of society.

As the Hindu caste system did in times of old, society will be divided between the “clean” and the “unclean.” Alberta’s government will create a legally required class of untouchable people lowered to the status of second-class citizen. These Albertans will have vastly fewer rights and freedoms than do their betters.

Political disagreement too often leads to overheated rhetoric, with unjustified labels thrown around too casually. Every conservative is a ‘fascist’, and every liberal is a ‘communist,’ in Twitter political parlance.

Bad government does not always equal tyrannical government, but tyrannical governments do exist.

At what point does a government cease being merely “bad”, and become tyrannical?

Most dictionaries define a tyrant as “a cruel and oppressive ruler.”

It’s a broad definition that can admittedly be applied haphazardly. Not every ruler we strongly disagree with is a tyrant, but we know tyrants do rule.

A single act does not a tyrant make, but at some point, Alberta’s government has become tyrannical.

Was it when they sent police to beat up kids for playing hockey?

Was it when they jailed Christian pastors?

Was it when they raided and barricaded churches?

Was it when they seized small businesses that were going under for staying closed?

Was it when they outlawed rodeos and protests against the government?

Or was it when the rulers were caught on camera enjoying a nice dinner on the rooftop of the Sky Palace—in contravention of their own laws—while the ruled were locked down in the confines of their homes?

If it was not at any of those moments, it certainly must have been when Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced the legalized segregation of Albertans into a new stratified class system.

A keystone marker of an authoritarian government is ‘otherism’, or scapegoating a minority.

It’s true the overwhelming majority of currently infected COVID-19 cases are among the unvaccinated, and the government is not wrong to point this out; but it’s language used to demonize the unvaccinated as a selfish, dirty, untouchable ‘other’ is dark and divisive.

The vaccine passport will have one set of rules for one class of people, and another set of rules for the other.

This is a difficult position for those of us in the minority of the majority – who support and encourage COVID-19 vaccinations – but oppose the authoritarian imposition of mandatory vaccines or vaccine discrimination. Until now, I have always encouraged my friends, family, and colleagues to get vaccinated as a generally safe and largely effective defence against COVID-19. But I only ever encouraged them to do so as a free choice.

Now, getting vaccinated is no longer a free choice, but an act of compliance with an authoritarian government. The ‘decision’ to get vaccinated has ceased to be a matter of making a good choice.

When government legislates personal morality, the act of compliance with the law ceases to be an act of morality.

Giving to the poor through charity is a moral act. Giving to the poor through mandated taxes is an empty fiscal transaction.

Getting vaccinated under threat to one’s liberties from the government ceases to be a selfless act for the good of others when compelled to do so by force.

It’s questionable that a vaccine passport will see more than a moderate increase in vaccination rates, as the vaccine-indifferent give in to forced compliance.

The refuseniks—those who range from anti-vaccination and vaccine-hesitant—now see reason to dig in. The hardcore anti-vaccination crowd will be unchanged regardless, only more entrenched in their beliefs as they are discriminated against by their own government.

The vaccine-hesitant, however, may well see a hardening of their views into a kind of conscientious objectionism.

The wife of a friend—an acclaimed biochemist—has not been vaccinated, but had every intention of doing so once she had enough time to observe the results in the general population. Since Kenney and Shandro’s announcement of a mandated vaccine passport Wednesday, she has made a decision not to be vaccinated. For her, it is no longer a matter of making a good choice, but a matter of refusing compliance with an unjust government order.

As much as I may think she would be better off getting the jab, I have a hard time blaming her.

The “my body, my choice” pro-choices are nowhere to been seen. Most of them have scurried under the rocks of paternalistic authoritarianism with nary a word to say about the sanctity of personal sovereignty.

Free men and free women–vaxxed and unvaxxed alike–have a duty to resist.

An unfree society is not one worth protecting and is deserving of resistance. A free society is worth everything we have to give and sometimes demands it by choice.

Churches should refuse to turn away worshipers. Restaurants should refuse to require discriminatory vaccine passports. Bars should refuse to stop serving beer after 10 pm. Employers should refuse to shut down their offices. Kids should refuse to stop playing hockey. Ordinary men and women should demonstrate openly in the face of oppression.

Our silence is compliance. Our compliance is surrender.

Derek Fildebrandt is Publisher of the Western Standard

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FILDEBRANDT: Two years to flatten the curve

“The result of the premier’s weak & indecisive leadership is that Alberta is going to enter its second year to flatten the curve, with no end in sight.”




“Criminal incompetence” was the term used by one senior UCP member today.

“If these guys were running a business, the whole lot of them would be fired for it,” said conservative continued.

It’s been more than a year and-a-half since COVID-19 started to lap Canada’s shores.

Governments overreacted at the time with draconian lockdowns and other mandatory restrictions. That initial overreaction could arguably have been forgiven. Little was known about the virus, and the Chinese Communist Party was jailing doctors and journalists that tried to speak out. For all we knew, it was the doomsday virus of our worst Hollywood nightmares.

As it turned out, it wasn’t. It was serious, but not the Spanish flu that was feared. It may have been an overabundance of caution, but not entirely unwarranted under the circumstances.

But the actions of the Alberta government since are beyond excusable.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” was the mantra.

It’s now more than probable that we’ll soon be entering “two years to flatten the curve.”

Premier Jason Kenney admirably recognized some of the errors of the first lockdown, like shutting down most independent retailers while allowing big box stores to continue on with only mild interruption. As summer 2020 approached and cases declined, he ended the lockdown and loosened restrictions to more-or-less tolerable levels.

And then fall 2020 approached. As the regular flu season set it, so too did a surge in COVID-19 cases. NDP Leader Rachel Notley called for a return to lockdowns and a few weeks later, Kenney did just that.

It was Lockdown Number 2.

A majority of Albertans supported it at the time, but some resisted, including one teenager who was attacked by incompetent police officers for the offence of playing hockey.

“I’ll f**king take you!” was heard as the outlaw attempted to skate away from the scene of the crime.

It lasted all the way through Christmas, with the government prohibiting most family members from visiting loved ones over the holidays. That is, unless you travelled to warm sun destinations without restrictions, as did a sizeable number of UCP MLAs, staffers, and a cabinet minister.

If we’re going to mark a moment in which the government lost its moral authority, we can draw a straight line to this event. It is at this moment that Kenney and his government began to lose the plot.

Several refusing congregations declined to shut down their churches or follow other government orders. Their pastors were arrested and jailed, while police raided the churches and took control. Real Free World stuff.

In May, a rebel farmer near Bowden, Alta. held a ‘No More Lockdowns Rodeo’ in defiance of the government.

Soon after, Kenney told his caucus, “If they are our base, I want a new base,” according to several MLAs present.

More than a dozen UCP constituency associations passed a special resolution demanding a leadership review before Kenney headed them off at the pass by having his review scheduled for soon before the 2023 election.

Then, 17 UCP MLAs signed an open letter criticizing Kenney’s handling of COVID-19 and demanded an end to lockdowns and restrictions. MLAs in the caucus told the Western Standard at the time the premier threatened the rebels with an early election if they didn’t fall in line.

It was a clear sign that Kenney was losing his iron grip on caucus.

Then on May 31, MLA Todd Loewen called for Kenney’s resignation, and was joined in his call by fellow MLA Dave Hanson. Kenney responded by having Loewen fired, alongside trouble-maker Drew Barnes. MLAs inside the caucus told us they believed the vote to be razor close, but the actual tally was never revealed. At least to them.

It was a political bloodbath, with a serious revolt against Kenney’s leadership on the move.

The revolt gained steam days later, when photos emerged of Kenney, Environment Minister Jason Nixon, Health Minister Tyler Shandro, and Finance Minister Travis Toews — along with an assortment of staffers — have an illegal dinner on the rooftop patio of the Sky Palace in clear violation of their own rules.

The revolt threatened to spin out of control, until Kenney’s announcement on May 26 that all restrictions will be lifted in stages. By July 1, Alberta would be “Open for Summer™.”

In fact, it would be the “Best Summer Ever™.”

The Tories were so confident in this that they sold merchandise with the jovial slogan plastered across hats.

The rebels in caucus weren’t quite happy campers, but it more-or-less shut them up. The caucus revolt was dead.

At some point in August, a man approached the premier at what appears to be a Stampede gathering, surreptitiously taping their conversation.

“It’s open for good. Open for good,” Kenney tells the man.

“I swear to God,” Kenney said, making the sign of the Cross.

On September 2, Notley called for Kenney to reinstitute forced-masking and impose a mandatory vaccine passport. In short order, Kenney followed the NDP leader’s demand for masking, but not on vaccine passports.

For good measure, the government made it illegal to serve beer or booze after 10 p.m. because well, you’ve got me stumped there.

COVID-19 case counts are on the up this fall, just as they were last fall. They will probably go down again when the weather gets warmer in 2022.

Hospital and ICU capacity are severely strained.

But how is that possible? How is it after one and-a-half-years of COVID-19 as the overwhelming priority of the government and massive sums of money borrowed to pay for increased spending, and 70% of the population now vaccinated, that our healthcare system does not have the capacity to handle a relatively predictable surge in cases?

How is it possible that after the suffering, sacrifice and toil endured by Albertans since March 2020, that Alberta is back under another lockdown, as of Friday.

Oh yeah, that would be Lockdown Number 3.

“Criminal incompetence.”

The UCP Caucus is bitterly divided over whether to return to lockdowns or impose mandatory vaccine passports.

Sources in the caucus tell the Western Standard that three MLAs openly said that they had “no confidence” in Kenney’s continued premiership and leadership during their emergency Tuesday meeting.

Much of the caucus is on the warpath over Kenney breaking his word that Alberta was “Open for Good™.”

Others in the caucus, like Leela Aheer, are openly blasting the premier for botching the whole thing by reopening too early, in their minds.

Kenney has tried to straddle both sides of the fence since the beginning, with predictably inconsistent results.

The mandatory-vaxers and lockdowners are furious at what they perceive as Kenney’s inaction and weak leadership. The refuseniks and anti-lockdowners are equally furious at the premier’s overreaction and weak leadership.

The result is Alberta is going to enter its second year to flatten the curve, with no end in sight.

Derek Fildebrandt is Publisher of the Western Standard

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