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NOW HIRING: Reporters in Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg & Ottawa




Canada’s fastest growing independent media company is looking for a new senior reporters for the position of bureau chief in Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.

Position Overview

The Bureau Chief is the manager and chief reporter responsible for overseeing the News Division in a given province or region for the Western Standard.

Bureau Chiefs working outside of the Company’s Calgary headquarters may in some circumstances work from a home office.

The Western Standard produces a high volume of news and opinion content on a daily basis.

Reporting and Parameters

The Bureau Chief reports directly to the Editing News Director. 

He or she will have their performance reviewed on an annual basis. 

Major Duties & Responsibilities                                                                         

  • Write frequent and compelling news copy with a rapid turn-around. 
  • Use the Freedom of Information Act and other tools available to obtain compelling and important content for news copy.
  • Oversee and edit the copy of the employees and contractors in the News Division’s Bureau.
  • Meet with the Editing News Director and subordinate employees and contractors to assess the direction of the News Division’s Bureau, develop short and long-term goals, and ensure compliance with the Western Standard’s Editorial Principles.
  • Listen to the viewpoints and reports of the News Division’s Bureau employees and contractors. 
  • Maintain awareness and knowledge of the Western Standard’s readership and editorial metrics.
  • Maintain a reasonable and professional social media presence.  

Job Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in journalism or communications is preferred but not required.
  • 5-8 years’ industry experience.
  • Passion for writing and editing interesting copy.
  • A portfolio of published copy.
  • Strong knowledge of the media process and industry.
  • Excellent communications and research skills
  • Self-starting

If you believe that this a challenge that is right for you, send your resume and cover letter to careers@westernstandardonline.com.

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DAVIDSON: Elect a Senator that will stand for freedom

Conservative Senate nominee candidate Pam Davidson writes that Albertans should elect a Senator who will fight against Liberal attacks on freedoms.




Pam Davidson is a Senate nominee candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada

Over the last two years we have seen mounting evidence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unfailing commitment to undermining Canada’s freedoms. 

In introducing Bill C-10, the Liberals announced a plan that would allow the government to regulate internet content. When concerns about the effects of the bill on freedom of speech were raised, the government refused to back down. In the weeks leading up to the federal election, the government introduced Bill C-36 to bring back hate speech legislation which could once again curtail our longstanding commitment to free speech. 

And, while announcing his recent string of federal vaccine mandates, the prime minister said, “simply having a personal conviction that vaccines are bad will not be nearly enough to qualify for an exemption”—leaving no room for deeply-held conscience exemptions to the government’s vaccine mandate program. 

As a result of these legislative initiatives, there are worrying signs that our freedoms are being eroded and, as Canadians, we have become an increasingly divided people. But it was never supposed to be this way. 

Since its founding, Canada has allowed men and women of radically different backgrounds to live together despite their differences. To the surprise of the watching world, Protestants and Catholics committed to living together peacefully in this new country – as did the English and the French.   

And as the world watched, they also came. Canada became a haven for refugees and conscience prisoners from around the globe who knew that Canada could offer them something their native countries could not: freedom. 

This success did not come as the result of strong protections against misinformation and unpopular opinions. Instead, Canada succeeded because here, on our shores, every Canadian was offered the promise of political and religious freedom. Men and women could live their lives according to their own consciences without the threat of government interference. 

To this day, Canada is a diverse country consisting of many cultures, social customs, and institutions. Canadians often disagree with each other on many important issues – including faith and politics. But despite our meaningful differences, we have been able to build a country together by ensuring that each person’s basic freedoms are protected and not subject to political coercion. 

Because of this, the Liberal government’s recent attacks on our freedoms and the true diversity that has made Canada strong are fundamentally un-Canadian and we must speak against them. 

We need to restore confidence in our political institutions. Instead of acting as vehicles for top-down ideological advancement, institutions like the Senate should function as a chamber for the people’s representatives to deliberate on how to maintain our hard-fought political liberties. 

We must cultivate a spirit of freedom in our culture by always defending our fellow citizens’ right to speak, even when we disagree with what they have to say. We should also support the independent media outlets that are committed to the truth-seeking task of journalism rather than stirring up division and distrust between Canadians. 

There are many reasons to lament our government’s campaign against freedom. But rather than a pessimistic resignation to permanent Liberal dominance, we ought to courageously offer a truly Canadian vision for the future, in which freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, are all properly protected. 

Canada is not perfect, and we have not always fulfilled the Canadian promise of freedom for all. But thanks to the men and women who came before us, we have made continual strides toward a fuller fulfillment of that promise. We shouldn’t stop now. Let’s defend our freedoms and keep Canada strong and free. 

Pam Davidson is a Senate nominee candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada

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LORENCZ: It’s time for a pro-life senator

PPC Senate nominee candidate Kelly Lorencz writes that politicians should be afraid of the abortion debate.




Kelly Lorencz is a Senate nominee candidate for the People’s Party of Canada 

Since my campaign for the Senate nominee election started, I’ve received hundreds of emails, phone calls, and social media messages from concerned Albertans. It is clear that citizens are engaged in this election, and engaged in the issues. They aren’t nearly as election-weary as some would have you believe. In fact, quite the opposite. They are demanding change and are holding candidates’ feet to the fire for answers to their questions — and that is a good thing. 

Albertans from all walks of life have asked me about Canada’s ever-expanding police state, our problems getting Alberta energy to tidewater, the ways in which we ignore rural municipalities, vaccine mandates, COVID-19 lockdowns, and freedom of speech. 

But, they also ask me another important question, one which very few political figures will provide a direct answer to. I’ve never been one to shy away from a blunt answer, so it’s time I speak to my views on abortion. 

To put it simply: I am pro-life. 

I was a little taken aback by all of the interest in my views on the topic. Mainstream media would have you believe that the question is settled, and that any politician who professes pro-life views is by definition a pariah. Conservative-minded people are hounded mercilessly about their views, as if their anti-abortion stance proof that they are horrible people, misogynists, or whatever other -ists, -isms, and -phobes. 

Yet it’s clear that the question of abortion is not settled. It’s one Canadians still care deeply about, as evidenced by the sheer volume of inquiries I’m receiving on the topic every day. It’s time for politicians to be upfront about their views, and for Canadians to have their say by debating this topic.

Abortion is often hidden under the guise of “women’s health” or “reproductive health” — words that make ending the life of a child infinitely more palatable for people. It is neither of those things. Abortion occurs to the detriment of societies, families, and communities.

I resolutely support reforms that make terminating a pregnancy the least attractive option, including limits on late-term abortions.

I am in favour of supporting pregnant women and ensuring that the economic conditions are right for them to make a pro-life decision. I support providing women with real options. I support implementing ultrasound laws to ensure women are fully aware that they are carrying a human life before being prescribed abortion drugs.

I’m also determined to stop Canadian taxpayers from spending another dime on funding abortions in foreign countries. We should not be funding abortion within our own borders, let alone sending millions overseas to fund another country’s so-called “reproductive health.”

Politicians underestimate the pro-life movement at their peril. Even the most ardent pro-abortion supporters generally have to stop and think about whether or not they would support late-term abortions.

I am never in favour of abortion, but I would not let the perfect become the enemy of the good. I would vote for pro-life laws, even if they don’t go far enough in my personal opinion. It’s a complicated debate, and one in which tensions are sure to arise. Any solution we come to will surely mean a portion of the population will oppose at least some of the details.

But, I believe more and more Canadians support at least some restrictions on abortion rather than continuing on as the only democracy in the world without any whatsoever.

I support Canadians having their say. Real conservatives must stop avoiding this conversation. It needs to happen. 

Kelly Lorencz is a Senate nominee candidate for the People’s Party of Canada 

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BC aims to vaccinate kids five and up by early November

Studies showcasing COVID-19 shot results in children under five years of age can be expected later this year.




Health officials in British Columbia say children ages 5-11 may be eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by early November, and encourages them to do so once approved.

The announcement comes days after the revelation the same age group will be required to wear face-coverings in all public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

“We’ve seen now how interconnected we all are,” said BC Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry on Tuesday, keeping in line with her pro collectivist language whilst equating individualism with a lack of compassion.

“The choices we make affect not only affect our own health and well-being, but it affects the health and well-being of our communities, our families, and our province … and we’re seeing that with the challenges that are faced in certain parts of our province.”

The “challenges” Henry refers to, are the unvaccinated.

“The actions we take — or choose not to take — affect the children in our lives, affect our elders and seniors, our neighbours, our friends,” said Henry, adding how communities with lower rates of vaccination have “higher rates of spread.”

At a surface glance, vaccination rates do seem to reduce cases in many areas, but only in the immediate short term, leading to a inaccurate sense of protection beyond a few months.

Data from Israel — which has seen a steady increase in COVID-19 infections since June 2021, despite a high vaccination rate — challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity.

Israel’s response to their unexpected situation, in an attempt to get cases down again, was to require booster shots after six months of one’s second dose in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.” Some expect BC to follow suit.

“We are also looking at how we can use booster doses in certain communities as a way to manage some of the severe illness and the outbreaks that we are seeing,” said Henry, prior to announcing the near arrival of vaccines for youth 5-11, pending approval from Health Canada.

Dr. Steven Pelech, president and chief scientific officer at Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation, and chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee at the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, has been warning British Columbian’s of the risks COVID-19 vaccines may impose, particularly on young people.

“If you’re under 19, your chances of having harm from the vaccine is about four to five times higher than getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 itself,” said Pelech in an August 19 interview with the Western Standard.

Several European countries suspended the use of the Moderna vaccine for people under the age of 30, citing heart inflammation as well as inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart.

Iceland has halted the Moderna vaccine for all ages.

As for Pfizer, studies showcasing COVID-19 shot results in children under five years of age can be expected later this year, says the multinational pharmaceutical corporation.

Reid Small is a BC correspondent for the Western Standard

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