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Notley calls Kenney a ‘weak and ineffective premier’ over third wave announcement

“Albertans’ lives are at stake, and there are proven measures that could be protecting them,” said Rachel Notley.




NDP leader Rachel Notley called on the premier to “immediately” re-introduce public health measures to protect Albertans from the “rising danger” of the COVID-19 pandemic’s third wave.

“Albertans’ lives are at stake, and there are proven measures that could be protecting them,” she said.

“I was shocked that Jason Kenney failed to do this on Thursday. He laid out a compelling case to take action and then was unable to act.”

“Jason Kenney is a weak and ineffective premier.”

In remarks on April 1, Kenney said the likelihood of 1,000 hospitalizations was possible by the end of April, describing the new COVID-19 variants as “more virulent” and “more lethal.”

The projected 1,000 hospitalizations due to COVID would stand to be the highest total at any point in this pandemic.

“He did nothing to change course,” said Notley.

Since the announcement, there have been an additional 3,987 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“The Official Opposition is calling for a re-introduction of the government’s January 18 public health restrictions, but with schools remaining open for the time being,” said Notley in a statement to social media.

The Opposition also urged the province to convene an urgent conversation with teachers and school districts to determine how to keep students, staff, and families safe through to June.

They said this should include widespread rapid testing in schools, dedicated school contact tracing, the hiring of additional staff, and the creation of an Alberta Learn From Home fund.

With renewed restrictions, Notley asked for continued supports for Alberta families, businesses, and workers, including the $125 million in unspent money from the Small Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant program and the more than $100 million in federal money meant for the still unlaunched Alberta Jobs Now program.

Notley also pleaded for the province to release all internal modelling and written recommendations from Dr. Deena Hinshaw that she has accused them of hiding from Albertans.

“He must re-introduce the measures that effectively contained the spread of COVID over the winter — and he must do it today.”

There are 10,582 Active cases, with 312 in hospital and 76 in intensive care.

The province has delayed Step 3 due to rising hospitalizations, despite nearing 300 hospitalizations.

The province confirmed social gatherings remain the top source of transmission.

Dhaliwal is a Western Standard reporter based in Edmonton

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  1. Darlene Belford

    April 6, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    First, the Chief Medical Officer should NOT be running this province; our elected officials should be. Second, the science actually doesn’t support Ms. Notley’s position–from the use of “case” numbers with many false positives through to real data on the actual effectiveness of lockdowns. Third, the unintended consequences of lockdowns are not only having a real impact now but also will continue to have an impact moving forward. Forth, while Ms. Notley’s colleagues and perhaps her support base have jobs, many private sector workers do not and many small businesses are in big trouble. Last, in my view, the real failure of the Premier was allowing himself to be (1) influenced by Ms. Notley et al, (2) not using a holist Emergency Plan and team that included more than just Health, (3) not adding essential workers such as grocery, transportation, & delivery workers to the priority list for vaccination (in addition to the most vulnerable, regardless of age) and (4) not implementing both preventative and early (before test result even confirmed) treatment protocols (in fact actively stopping or impeding same) is causing unnecessary deaths. The vaccine rollout by the Feds is a disaster and in my view extending the interval to 4 months between the 1st and 2nd dose is going to prove to be a very big mistake. For Ms. Notley, it appears, this is entirely about politics–not the health and well being of all Albertans.

  2. Proudly_Free

    April 6, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    I don’t have much time, but for starters, Notley MUST be recalled NOW, before she has any more chance of gaining power over this province again. Kenney, Hinshaw and Shandro are all utterly hapless morons; Notley is a totalitarian MONSTER. She is pure evil disguised as an angel of light. However, we’re not fooled you wicked witless worm and KAREN of a bitch.

    Second, Kenney, it was exactly one year ago tomorrow April 7 that you put your fat incompetent mug in front of a camera and with all the apocalyptic doom and gloom you could muster, predicted that Alberta would be see 800,000 COVID cases within the next 40 Days between April 7 – May 16, 2020. Uh…what happened to that again? Yeah, that’s right anybody with any shred of sanity laughed you off as blowing smoke. The only truth that came out that day was who it is you are really working for. It wasn’t for the people of Alberta; all your huffing and puffing against your bosses in Ottawa was shown to be a meaningless charade. Do some simple math again, dumbass. 10,000 “cases”/300 people in hospital = lowest hospitalization rate at almost any point THIS PAST YEAR. You try and scare us all into cowering in our homes when 97 PERCENT of anyone diagnosed with these supposedly deadly variants requires ZERO hospitalization WHATSOEVER. That’s because your bogus testing is A COMPLETE FRAUD. Quit holding us hostage against our own healthcare system; WE BUILT IT not you, with our own hard earned tax dollars, which you have wasted with ease this past year without solving the problem. You along with almost every single other Alberta politician, except for those brave few who haven’t lost their minds to this terror campaign, are the definition of insane. You keep doing the EXACT same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result. All of you need to submit to a psychiatric evaluation IMMEDIATELY.

  3. d.r.cmolloy@gmail.com

    April 6, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Many Alberta’s know the answer to this crisis is get the medical practisers out of calling the shots. They had a system to follow from the sars but opted to let the foxes into the hen house, they all love the television shot and appearing each and everyday to save the residents of Alberta . I do not have the space here to list the damage in health and business bankrupts they have caused with out suffering personal financail hardship. We shall remember ,

  4. Greg Strohschein

    April 6, 2021 at 10:16 am

    Well Motley is correct that Kenney is being weak. He should have opened up long ago and fired Hinshaw.

  5. Left Coast

    April 6, 2021 at 9:14 am

    I agree with ole Nutley about Kenny . . . but . . . Nutley would likely be worse.

    What is the solution for the problem today? Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!

    Open up Alberta fully . . . look after the Seniors’ Homes & those with health issues . . . the rest of the folks can figure it out like they have done every flu season for decades.

    Neither the Govt or their slo thinking employees can solve this . . . they have proven that for over a year now !

  6. Joc2257

    April 6, 2021 at 8:14 am

    So with all this mask wearing and social distancing the rise of a 3rd level we’re still not safe, I guess that neither of these are effective then.
    If Notley wants a complete lockdown, then she and the legislature should not receive any income other then the CERB like everyone else. I bet she changes her tune real fast when her wages are suspended for who knows how long.

  7. Dennis Richter

    April 6, 2021 at 6:16 am

    Take a hike Nutley.

  8. mppower@telus.net

    April 5, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    One can only imagine where we would be with Notley as Premier. 99% survival rate from this virus and she would close everything down. So what do you figure Rach, 2025 for reopening? You might not understand this, but guess what, people are fed up with lockdowns, which have proven useless so far. Yet you would continue using a tried and failed remedy? No more lockdowns, Now it is time to open up.

  9. Jan Derwores

    April 5, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    Number of PCR cycles in use currently in AB please

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BREAKING: Omicron found in Alberta

On Monday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced 156 Albertans self-quarantining after returning from travel in a country that had been hit with Omicron.




The tentacles of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 have reached Alberta.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw said an Albertan returning home from Nigeria, via the Netherlands, has tested positive for Omicron.

Hinshaw said they tested positive a week ago and the person, who traveled alone, is now self-quarantining.

She said medical officials are trying to “delay” the spread of the variant until more research is done.

But Hinshaw refused to say where the traveller lives over fear it would identify them.

Hinshaw also urged people not to take out their frustrations against the family of the infected person nor the countries that are under an Omicron watch.

And she said people shouldn’t “think of this as a reset to Ground Zero.”

In her daily update, Hinshaw said in the last 24 hours, health officials have found 238 new cases of coronavirus. There are 434 people in the hospital with 81 in ICU. Another six people are reported to have succumbed to the virus.

On Monday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced 156 Albertans self-quarantining after returning from travel in a country that had been hit with Omicron.

Six confirmed cases of the variant of concern have now been confirmed in Canada so far.

Earlier in the day, Canada added Nigeria, Malawi and Egypt to its Omicron travel ban.

On Friday, the government put restrictions on travellers from South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini.

“Obviously we’re watching very, very closely the situation with Omicron,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on his way into the cabinet meeting.

“There may be more we need to do and we’ll be looking at it very carefully.”

More to come…

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

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Unvaxxed grounded in Canada

As of November 30, travellers will no longer be allowed to submit a negative test result in place of proof of vaccination to board a plane or train in Canada.




As of Tuesday, Canadian travellers over the age of 12 will no longer be able to fly or travel by train in Canada without proof of vaccination.

The policy was originally set to come into effect on October 30, however, the federal government announced it would grant a grace period to unvaccinated travellers allowing for a negative COVID-19 test to be provided within 72 hours of the trip.

As of November 30, travellers will no longer be allowed to submit a negative test result in place of proof of vaccination to board a plane or train in Canada.

The new travel restrictions for the unvaccinated come on the heels of the emergence of a new variant of concern (VOC) dubbed Omicron by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cases involving the new variant, originally detected in South Africa, have been found in other countries including five cases within Canada.

Although there is not much known about the new variant at this time, the WHO confirmed scientists around the world are working to determine how the highly-mutated variant will affect transmissibility and severity of illness in the population.

Canada, along with other nations, closed its boards and expanded its screening protocols to travellers arriving from affected areas in southern Africa.

The Canadian airline industry welcomed the vaccine mandates when they were announced in October. Air Canada and West Jet have both confirmed they will be asking all travellers to produce proof of vaccination before boarding their carriers as of Tuesday.

While health measures such as masking and screening will still be required, no measures for quarantining individual travellers have been put in place with the exception of those who have travelled through or arrived from southern Africa.

“If you indicate to your airline or railway company that you’re eligible to board, but fail to provide proof of vaccination or valid COVID-19 test result, you won’t be allowed to travel and could face penalties or fines,” the government indicated in a statement.

The Canadian government is also warning permanent residents abroad to expect to provide vaccine passports to return home.

The rules don’t apply to commuter trains.

The Government of Canada has created a “reliable way to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination history when travelling internationally and within Canada,” states the government’s website. The document is verified once uploaded to ArriveCAN upon returning to the country.

The website warns travellers are not guaranteed entry to another country with the documents and suggests checking the rules of your destination country and the countries you travel through.

“Today, Canada passed a sad milestone in its history,” said Matt Slatter, a pilot with a major Canadian airline and a founder of Free 2 Fly, a hub that has “Canadian aviation professionals standing with passengers in defence of freedom.”

“No longer can it hold itself as a beacon of freedom and liberal values.”

The Free 2 Fly website encourages passengers and airline workers who “feel strongly that the ability to travel should not be linked to vaccination status,” to sign up and join their movement.

“With the advent of mandates requiring all aviation and rail passengers to be vaccinated, Canada is now effectively a two-tier society,” said Slatter.

“On one tier, compliant citizens are afforded many of the rights they once enjoyed in a free society. While the other tier is essentially relegated to their own localities, with limited exception.

“History suggests this style of governance will only lead to more tragedy and heartbreak. The cure is inevitably worse than the disease. Will Canada learn from the mistakes of the past?”

Currently, there are just under 38,000 signed up on the Free 2 Fly site. One of the goals of the group is to “wage a legal campaign to block, and/or overturn, all vaccination mandates.”

Melanie Risdon is a reporter for the Western Standard

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CRTC trying to hang up on spoof calls

Caller ID spoofing occurs when callers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious or altered phone numbers when making calls.




All those calls from the taxman and Canadian Border Services officials threatening to arrest you could soon be coming to an end thanks to new regulations from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

“Many Canadians are now able to determine which calls can be trusted thanks to a new technology aimed at combating spoofed calls named STIR/SHAKEN. Caller ID spoofing is frequently used in nuisance and fraudulent calls to mask the identity of the caller,” said the CRTC in a release.

“As of today, telecommunications service providers will certify whether a caller’s identity can be trusted by verifying the caller ID information for Internet Protocol-based voice calls. This new technology will help reduce the frequency and impact of caller ID spoofing. As service providers continue to upgrade their IP networks and offer compatible phones to their customers, more and more Canadians will be able to see the effects of STIR/SHAKEN.”

It’s believed up to 25% of all calls in Canada are scams.

The CRTC said Caller ID spoofing occurs when callers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious or altered phone numbers when making calls.

“This new caller ID technology will empower Canadians to determine which calls are legitimate and worth answering, and which need to be treated with caution. As more providers upgrade their networks, STIR/SHAKEN will undoubtedly reduce spoofing and help Canadians regain peace of mind when answering phone calls,” said Ian Scott, CRTC CEO.

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