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Father who was silenced by judge after fighting daughter’s sex change faces jail this week

Court orders prevent the father from making his name public in connection with the case, nor the names of doctors involved in his child’s gender transition, nor any other disclosures that would personally identify the child.




A BC father whose teenaged daughter was transitioned by doctors to becoming male without his consent will return to court this week for breaching a gag order.

Court orders prevent the father from making his name public in connection with the case, nor the names of doctors involved in his child’s gender transition, nor any other disclosures that would personally identify the child. 

The father allegedly breached the orders in a website fundraising page.

Documents obtained by the Western Standard show the Crown allege that as late as March 2, the page included embedded videos and articles that disclosed his child’s name and that of one of the doctors involved in the gender transition.

In 2018, when the child was 13, the dad sought a court injunction to stop her from scheduled testosterone treatments to transition her to becoming male.

After that bid failed in February of 2019, the father granted an interview to a U.S. publication and a Canadian YouTube channel, despite conduct orders not to talk to anyone.

Proceedings for those breaches will be dealt with separately in court April 12 to 16, while the recent breach will be dealt with on March 16.

The father, known as “C.D.” in court documents, told the Western Standard the Crown is asking he be jailed ten days, and he is bracing for the worst. 

“A lot of people are suggesting that they may just keep me right up until the April trial because that gives them the reason to say that I am a criminal,” C.D. said.

“They’ve taken a family case, a civil case, and turned it into a criminal case.”

C.D. was placed under arrest for the recent breach, but intervention by his lawyer means they will allow him to remain free until his court appearance.

“What bothers me is there’s a warrant for my arrest, and yet you have these guys should be tried for crimes against humanity, supported by a government who is going after me, and I’m the one’s heading to jail. And they continue too, in fact, with policies that Hitler had. These are Nazis through the sterilizing children. Like it’s been absolutely insane what’s going on,” C.D. said.

“There’s a lot that people need to wake up to, on this one, for sure. I think if people knew what was really going on, I think it would end, I think it would be stopped, I think people would be horrified.”

The trial in April could result in five years of jail for C.D., though a lower sentence is much more likely.

“People will often say, you know, ‘Are you worried about spending some time in jail?’…[but] this is nothing compared to what these kids are going through,’ like 90 days compared to the life of misery that my daughter is going to be suffering.”

Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms intervened in C.D.’s case in September of 2019. As a result, the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled the following January the father could express to his child his disagreement with the treatment.

“The court needs to have a lot more sympathy for parents who are being railroaded into accepting something which they deeply feel is not in their child’s best interest,” Cameron said in an interview.

“You raise a little girl, change her diapers, and you play with her and you take her to the park. And then some doctor says, ‘Well, the reason why you’re unhappy has nothing to do with your parents’ divorce or the fact that you’re going through puberty. It has to do with the fact that you’re a boy trapped in a girl’s body and if we cut your breasts off, and if we get into puberty blockers, you’re going to feel fine. Here, wear this fake penis. That’ll fix your mental issues.”

Cameron believes the court’s publication ban on the doctors and clinics involved should be lifted.

“You have enormous power concentrated in the hands of ideologically-driven doctors, who are promoting and pursuing a particular narrative,” Cameron said.

“Which clinic is involved? Who is this person who has a track record of doing this kind of intervention in so many children’s lives? Now, what are his credentials? … These are questions that the media is supposed to be able to ask, and that the public is supposed to be able to have answered.”

Carey Linde has represented C.D. for the past two years. Last fall, he also represented a mother whose 17-year-old daughter was transitioning to become a male. The mother successfully sued to stop her child’s double mastectomy, but the media was also prevented from reporting names in that case.

“What this judge has done is said that there is a class of people in category in the medical profession, those doctors dealing with transgendered issues, caused by fear, by law, are automatically protected, and you can never say who they are. That’s just absurd,” Linde said in an interview.

On December 16, Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie of the Provincial Court of B.C. announced a policy that lawyers should announce preferred pronouns when introducing themselves and their clients in court.

“That’s caused a sharp backlash, initially by me, with a letter to our benchers and it’s grown to a situation where it’s very interesting,” said Linde of the directive.

“I’m also the subject of a complaint by the Chief Justice to the Law Society, which is a whole other story, because the Chief Justice is on the wrong side of this.”

Harding is a Western Standard contributor based in Saskatchewan

Lee Harding is the Saskatchewan Political Columnist for the Western Standard. He is also a Research Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and is the former Saskatchewan Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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  1. C.T. Smith

    April 2, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    If you don’t want YOUR children or grandchildren or nieces or nephews or just children you care about in general, or if you just care, in general, NOW is the time to stand up to this tyranny.

    Start by educating yourself as to what is going on with SOGI 123 in schools and what happens to these children when someone decides they are actually the opposite sex / gender (e.g., double mastectomies, and life-altering, sterilizing hormones for 14 yr. old girls).

    Then think seriously about standing up and attending a protest to make your voice heard.

    Protest against child medical transition in solidarity with jailed BC father, 10:30am Sat, April 10th downtown at the Vancouver Art Gallery with an amazing line-up of speakers including, Derek Sloan, Amy Hamm, Maxime Bernier, Laura-Lynn Thompson, Paul Dirks, Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh, Barry Neufeld, Jenn Smith, and Angelina Ireland.

    Please spread the news and bring as many people as possible.

    Stand Up. Speak Up!

  2. Left Coast

    March 13, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    Only ones who should be going to Jail and the Drs for Child Abuse and of course the ignorant Judge who defies Science and logic!

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Alberta gov’t granted injunction to ban weekend protest at Whistle Stop Cafe

Chris Scott and others, outraged by the province’s lockdown regulations, planned to protest the closure with a campout over the weekend adjacent to the restaurant.




It hasn’t even happened yet, but an Alberta court has already ruled a weekend protest at the Whistle Stop Cafe is illegal.

The Court of Queen’s Bench has granted a pre-emptive injunction against, Chris Scott, the owner of Whistle Stop, because the restaurant plans to host a rally over the upcoming weekend called the “Save Alberta Campout Protest.” The injunction was granted at the request of Alberta Health Services (AHS), an agency under Health Minister Tyler Shandro.

Last week, the RCMP raided the establishment and carted away all its booze. On Wednesday, the RCMP and AHS officials showed up en masse and padlocked the building.

Undeterred, Scott continued cooking pancakes, making burgers and serving coffee to his customers in the parking lot outside his shuttered restaurant. The UCP government recently banned outdoor patio service for restaurants.

He and others, outraged by the province’s lockdown regulations, planned to protest the closure with a campout over the weekend adjacent to the restaurant.

But the AHS, which sought the injunction, said the judge ruled it illegal because it would not comply with public health restrictions on mandatory masking, attendance limits, and social distancing.

“The order restrains the owner and others from organizing, promoting and attending the event and includes police enforcement and imposes significant consequences on the organizers of this event,” AHS said in a statement to media.

“AHS has taken this step due to the ongoing risk to Albertans created by those breaching COVID-19 public health restrictions.”

The Western Standard has reached out to Scott but hasn’t heard back on what effect the injunction will have. Scott said earlier in the day he will now seek elected office by running for the Wildrose Independence Party in the upcoming 2023 election.

Scott is the only gas station or restaurant in Mirror, a town of about 500, 50 km northeast of Red Deer, and now he’s seeing people from all over the province stopping in.

“The law is garbage – it”s doing more harm than good,” said Scott in an earlier interview with the Western Standard.

“If they want to throw me in jail for trying to earn a living, go ahead,” said Scott.

Scott has owned the cafe since July 2019, but it has been a fixture in town since 1967.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

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EXCLUSIVE: UCP Secretary quits over ‘lies’

Smith has worked with conservative parties since 1976.




The former secretary of Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) says she decided to resign from the board because she “was tired of all the lies.”

In an exclusive interview with the Western Standard, Cathy Smith said she handed in her notice on April 6, after a string of statements and actions about the COVID-19 pandemic by Premier Jason Kenney.

Smith said the beginning of the end started when Kenney held a press conference over COVID-19 and warned of a pandemic so extreme there would be “body bags coming out of McMahon Stadium.”

“I said to myself ‘Are you kidding me’. There will never be body bags coming out of McMahon Stadium,” said Smith.

“I know nurses. Nurses at the time told me there was nothing going on in their hospitals.”

Smith said Kenney then started to condemn the “right-wing, the conspiracy theorists.”

“I said wait a minute, I’m right-wing. And then the way we treated Dr. (Dennis) Modry. I thought this wasn’t the right way to represent our 40,000 members,” she said.

Kenney and Modry have been in a battle of letters. Modry published an open letter to the premier on the Western Standard saying lockdowns don’t work. The letter went viral and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of time. It took Kenney three months to reply with his own letter.

As party secretary, Smith dealt with more than 100 e-mails, either from party members or people who voted for the UCP, about how the lockdowns were affecting their lives.

“We had an e-mail from a family whose grandfather died because his heart operation had been postponed. I e-mailed everyone back. I explained I was not writing as a representative of the party. I told them I didn’t agree with what the party was doing,” Smith said.

Smith said she was aware of a group of men in Medicine Hat who went to high school together – 20 of whom have committed suicide since the pandemic started.

“I told everyone to get involved at the (constituency association) level if they really want to make change,” Smith said.

She said the last straw for her was when Kenney appeared on talk show host Danielle Smith’s last show on QR77 and said he wasn’t aware the party board had approved a leadership vote in 2022, just six months before the next election.

“I was just tired of all the lies, Kenney pretended he didn’t know about the leadership vote. I thought ‘This is not the way — where’s the trust’,” Smith said.

“I was tired of all the lockdowns (without proof they work). But I said to myself, I will never quit, never, never, never.”

Finally, after talking to several other board members, Smith handed in her notice.

Smith has worked with conservative parties since 1976. As to where she will vote in the next election: “I’m still waiting.”

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

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WATCH: Alberta’s costume lady forced to sell treasure trove of outfits because of lockdowns

“Fifteen months later, there is no coming back.”




It took Vickie Friesen more than 30 years of sewing to create 5,000 different costumes – everything from pirates to princesses.

Now, after a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, she is being forced to sell the lot.

Friesen and her husband, Darrell can no longer afford to keep their Three Hills Tickle Trunk outlet open and the business running after income vanished after lockdowns banned everything from school plays to Halloween.

Some of Vickie’s creations

“We just can’t afford to stay in business. There’s no theatre, there’s no parades, there’s no parties,” Vicki told the Western Standard on Thursday.

“In 2019, we were busy every week of the year with rentals. 2019 was booming. It was fabulous.

“Once word of our business got around, we started having the same customers repeated over and over. I started to ask customers to ask me what costumes we didn’t have, it was just easier.

“Now, nothing.”

Vicki recalled she sent out costumes for shows last March, but after the lockdowns, the costumes were returned and customers wanted their money back.

“Everything came back. I sat by the phone, but it didn’t ring anymore,” said Vicki.

Roman centurion outfit

“Fifteen months later, there is no coming back.”

The couple has made the heartbreaking decision they will have to sell all the costumes. A sale will be held at the store the next two Saturdays. A deal to sell their building should be signed next week.

All kid’s costumes will be sold for $10. Adult merchandise is 50% off, between $25 and $50 at their Three Hills store at 519 Main Street.

Need a storm trooper outfit? It will be there along with full ball gowns, Second World War uniforms and German lederhosen. Antique furniture is also on sale.

“They are all going for a song,” Vicki said, regret in her voice.

But some of the stuff they aren’t parting with includes all their Christmas outfits. The couple created a costumed “Christmas Convoy” through the town last year, and plan on repeating it, all over the province if asked.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus… really the Frieses

The couple did receive some federal COVID-19 aide which went to fixing a leak in the building, but not enough to even cover basic utilities.

Vickie proudly boast she has shipped her costumes all over the province: “From High Level to High Prairie.”

Tickle Trunk promo

She started sewing as a kid in Manitoba, creating costumes for theatre troupes and school plays. She also handmade graduation dresses for area high schoolers.

She stored her works of art in a 12×12 granary but it soon became full.

The Friesens and their two young children decided to move to Alberta and they set up shop in Three Hills, eventually buying a building in which to operate their business and store their dresses.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

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