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PAYETTE SCANDAL: Gov.-Gen. abuse was ‘physical’

Payette resigned January 21 – the same day that reports claimed the investigation into her toxic work environment had been completed – and the findings were damning.




Allegations by former staff against former Gov.-Gen Julie Payette include that she got physical with them, the CBC reports.

On top of verbal harassment, allegations of physical contact were reported in testimony given to Quintet Consulting during interviews and will be included in the final report, multiple sources told CBC.

“Payette’s workplace behaviour went beyond screaming at, belittling and publicly humiliating employees — and included unwelcome physical contact that caused some participants in the review to feel threatened,” said the CBC report.

After dozens of interviews, Quintet Consulting’s final report concluded Payette and her second-in-command, Assunta Di Lorenzo, were responsible for a toxic workplace environment at Rideau Hall, said CBC.

Payette resigned January 21 – the same day that reports claimed the investigation into her toxic work environment had been completed – and the findings were damning.

Both the Globe and Mail and CBC described the report into Payette’s actions as “scathing.” CBC sources said the negative findings in the report could make it difficult for Payette to remain in her role as Governor-General. 

A litany of former staffers complained about abusive behaviour from Payette with many leaving their jobs and seen in tears after meeting with her.

In a statement, Payette apologized.

“Everyone has a right to a healthy and safe work environment, at all times and under all circumstances. It appears this was not always the case at the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General. Tensions have arisen at Rideau Hall over the past few months and for that, I am sorry,” said the statement.

“While no formal complaints or official grievances were made during my tenure, which would have immediately triggered a detailed investigation as prescribed by law and the collective agreements in place, I still take these allegations very seriously. “

“I am a strong believer in the principles of natural justice, due process and the rule of law, and that these principles apply to all equally. Notwithstanding, in respect for the integrity of my vice-regal Office and for the good of our country and of our democratic institutions, I have come to the conclusion that a new Governor General should be appointed. Canadians deserve stability in these uncertain times.

“From a personal side, this decision comes at an opportune time, as my father’s health has seriously worsened in the last few weeks and my family needs my help.”

CBC has reported last year, Payette has been causing headaches for the RCMP security details by slipping away on foreign trips.

Payette’s secrecy and resistance to working with the RCMP routinely sends her protective detail scrambling to fulfill last-minute requests and drives up spending on overtime, hotel and plane tickets, multiple sources told CBC News. 

The force has also had to apologize for her behaviour to foreign security abroad because she treated them so poorly, said sources. 

CBC reported RCMP confirmed there was more than a $1 million increase in spending to protect the Governor General in 2019-20 compared the previous fiscal year, when it cost $6.3 million. 

Earlier is was reported Pyette had spent $141,000 to plan for a private staircase that was never built.

But Pyette’s spokeswoman said Canadians don’t have to right to ask about her living arrangements.

It was part of hundreds of thousands of dollars Pyette demanded in privacy upgrades before she would move into Rideau Hall – but she still hasn’t moved into her official residence almost three years into her five-year mandate. 

More than $117,500 was also spent on a gate and series of doors to keep people away from Payette’s office, according to the National Capital Commission (NCC), which manages the official vice-regal residence.

While a large chunk of the grounds of Rideau Hall are open to the public, Payette “wanted to come and go without anyone seeing her,” one source with knowledge of the project told the CBC.

Multiple sources told CBC, Payette doesn’t like maintenance workers in her line of sight and even RCMP protection officers aren’t allowed to stand directly outside her office door and must hide in a room down the hallway.

In June there were claims the Queen’s representative in Canada had seen a mass exodus of staff while reducing others to tears after dressing-downs.

“Four members of Payette’s communications team have departed during the pandemic period alone. A fifth person is leaving this week and another two have taken leaves of absence. It’s just the latest wave of staff to quietly transfer out of the small office in response to mistreatment during Payette’s mandate,” multiple sources told the CBC.

“This has gone from being one of the most collegial and enjoyable work environments for many of the staff to being a house of horrors – it’s bullying and harassment at its worst,” one source told CBC.

Multiple sources told CBC Payette routinely complained of being tired, underfed and overworked.

Payette, a former astronaut, was appointed Governor General on the advice of Trudeau in October 2017. Her term runs until 2022.

At the beginning of her mandate, CBC reported, Payette put staff on the spot by quizzing them about outer space — asking them to name all the planets in the solar system, for example, or to state the distance between the sun and the moon.

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard
TWITTER: Twitter.com/nobby7694

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard and the Vice-President: News Division of Western Standard New Media Corp. He has served as the City Editor of the Calgary Sun and has covered Alberta news for nearly 40 years. dnaylor@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. Greg Misquitta

    January 27, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    So – Let’s be Clear – These are the Facts:

    For ONCE –
    **Duh C-ommunist. . .B-roadcasting. . .C-orporation. . .
    **Communist Rag TO Star. . .
    **Duh Fraud N Fail (Formerly Globe and Mail). . .
    Are ACTUALLY – “Reporting The News” and NOT – “Creating the News”. . .

    Then – you NEED to ASK –
    WHY the Sudden “Conversion” to – Journalistic Ethics; Especially since, TRUDEAU. . .
    (Backed by the NDP and BLOC and Trudeau-Lite CCP, er, CPC – EXCEPT for Derek Sloan. . . as well as The CBC and TO Star and G&M). . .
    BANNED “Conversion Therapy” – TRU’ their Bill C-69.

    Here’s WHY:
    “They” have been ASKED to EARN – their FAIR SHARE of – the CAD 650 Million, Trudeau STOLE from Taxpayers to BRIBE the Media and UNION THUG Bosses

    As Part as “The Deal” and in a Quid – Pro – Quo, the MEDIA “Found” an Opportune “Issue” – to DIVERT People’s Attention FROM Trudeau’s ACTS of Treason and High Crimes, viz:
    a) LYING – since October of 2019 about the existence of the WUHAN KUNG FLU Virus
    b) Intentionally KEEPING the Borders Open for International Flights from HOT SPOTS – China and Elsewhere
    c) Keeping the Borders Open for Illegal Criminals and Terrorists (FLOODING Canadian Society from the South and Elsewhere)
    “b” and “c” from 2018 TRU’ – December 2020 and Today
    ENGAGING in – “b” and “c” – with ZHEERO Heath and Security Checks!
    d) Selling Pandemic Equipment to the CCP, at a Cost to Canadian Lives; then Paying the CCP – to BUY BACK the same
    f) GIVING HIMSELF and Other Federal Politicians and BUREAUCRATS – a RAISE – DURING the Plandemic and Lockdowns – whilst Bankrupting Canada and Canadians

    (ALL of the ABOVE- with the Co-Operation of ALL Federal and Provincial and Municipal Politicians and Bureaucrats and “Medical Experts” – Led by Theresa Tam and The MEDIA)

    UDDER Acts of Treason and High Crimes:
    **INTENTIONALLY – Saboutaging NAFTA Negotiations –
    IN SPITE of Donald Trump and VP Pence GIFTING Canada with MORE THAN – FREKLAND and Trudeau were ASKING FOR; and Antagonising DT – During Negotiations by Mocking him (FREKLAND’S Key Note Speaker GIG – in Toronto, at a Bash-Trump Lovefest DURING the Negotiations) – as reported in:
    The Business Financial Post, TO SUN, REBEL Media, True North Initiative, Post Millennial, Gateway Pundit, etc and by Francesca Chambers (Daily Mail / UK)
    **GIFTING the CCP – with Special Status – whilst Canadians Languished in Chinese Prisons on Trumped Up Charges
    **ORDERING the Armed Forces – to Provide the CCP – with Sensitive Defense and Other Classified Information
    **When Donald Trump – OKed KEYSTONE XL (One Week AFTER being Sworn In) – Trudeau and Notley – began SETTING UP Roadblocks and Increasing Regulatory Processes to the Point – the Company WITHDREW and Walked Away
    **Using Tax Dollars – to Bribe Protesters – to Protest AGGRESSIVELY AGAINST Kinder Morgan. . . then USING MORE TAX Dollars – to BUY KM at a PROFIT of Over 700% to Investors; then LETTING IT LIE IDLE (Like Him). The Company – TOOK the Profits and INVESTED THEM in – Donald Trump’s Houston
    **$exually Molesting the Female Reporter in BC – then MOCKING her (Claiming she was Delusional – because Trudeau is – a FEMINIST)
    **JUDY WILSON – RAYBOULD and Jane Philipott (Do I NEED to Explain?).
    WHY? because Trudeau is a FEMINIST and BELIEVES in Multiculturalism and Gender Diversity
    **USING Tax Dollars – to Pay Islamic Terrorists – Over CAD 30 MILLION (as a Reward – for their Peaceful Acts)
    **VICE ADMIRAL STORMIN’ NORMAN (Need an Explanation?)
    **SNC-Lavalin and WE Charity – because Trudeau BELIEVES IN – “The Rule of Law” and “Transparency in Government”
    **STEALING Tax Dollars to BRIBE UN Members – so TRUDEAU could get a “Temporary Seat” on the Security Council. The Members – Majority DESPOTS and Islamists Themselves – TOOK “OUR MONEY”, SMILED at Trudeau, Complimented his SOCKS; then SNUBBED HIM and by Extension SNUBBED Canada and Canadians
    (To name some)

    So – to DEFLECT People’s Attention – from ALL of the Above and “Protect” THEIR MEAL TICKET and Places at the Public Trough, the MEDIA and UNION Bosses – are SCREAMING about The GG. . .

    • Ed Sanchez

      January 28, 2021 at 8:39 am

      Well stated

    • Warren Leigh

      January 28, 2021 at 11:08 pm

      All true. However, the GG’s disgusting behaviour still matters. She is part of the same corrupt regime and her position is itself a giant perpetual waste of taxpayer $$. We can’t allow even the lesser rot to go unnoticed. Not that she’ll face any criminal prosecution once she’s gone; her victims need to come together and hire a legal team to file charges against her. Trudeau will give her a big fat severance package. We can’t allow that to unpunished either.

      • Greg Misquitta

        January 29, 2021 at 12:35 pm

        No ARGUMENT – there – Warren.

        However, my Points were:
        a) The HYPO (and HIPPO) GRITsy of -The Media

        b) The FACT that – Trudeau’s and Hajdu’s and FREKLand’s and Tam’s ACTS of TREASON and High Crimes – will Adversely IMPACT ALL (who Live in Canada). . .in EVERY AREA of our Lives – for AT LEAST Three to Four Generations. . .
        Which the GG’s Actions or Lack thereof (as well as those of her Exec Assistant)- will NOT.
        However, I recall READING that – there are Class Action Law Suits AGAINST the Ex-GG and her Assistant, being Considered.
        I would be VERY Surprised, IF Trudeau ALLOWS this to Go -TRU’. . .
        or – to KEEP UP “Appearances” – “Advises” (on the “Advice” of HIS PUPPET Master – with Big BUTTS) – the AG (his Lackey UNLIKE JWR) –
        and Judges (ALL Liberal Appointees) to REFUSE to Hear the Case (s) OR Quickly RULE AGAINST. . .

        c) The IMPLICIT and EXPLICIT – Support to said Actions – by The NDP and CCP, er, CPC and BLOC (ALL of whom – gave Trudeau a BLANK CHEQUE – for the PLANDEMIC) and KEEP Him in Power.. . .
        The CCP, er, CPC’s Virtue Signaling wrt their “So-Called” Bills AGAINST Illegal Guns – is a RED HERRING. . .
        ERIN and his O’so Willing TOOLE’S – EACH a SCHEER Disaster – KNEW, that, this BILL – would Never go TRU’. . .
        However, they are HOPING it will give them Plausible Deniability. . .
        CREATE the ILLUSION – :They” are Conservative. . .
        THEIR SUPPORT FOR – Open Borders. . .The Paris Accord. . .the Like. . .
        (Regardless of WHAT THEY – “Claim” – for Votes). . .
        DEFLECT from their – Abuse of the Constitution and Charter and Fundamental Tenets of – FREE Speech –
        and their CAVALIER Approach the Importance of UNIVERSAL Franchise thru’ Secret Ballot. . .
        GIVEN their Actions – Towards TROST and JIM KARAHALIOS and SLOAN and DeCARIE and CHRIS ANDERSON, et al. . .

        That’s WHY – I KEEP REPEATING, that:
        Voting CCP, er, CPC – in the Next Election. . .
        “THINKING” the O’Toole Liberals – will be Different from Trudeau AND/OR Succumbing to the SCARE TACTIC of – Splitting the Vote. .

        I and many Others like me – MADE THAT MISTAKE LAST TIME and will NOT REPEAT IT.
        “WE” will be Voting – PPC – in the Next Election (and it is Likely, that, Many might Even VOTE – for the Maverick Party).


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Truckers: ‘We are not separatists or terrorists’

The organization announced the number of heavy trucks-alone- going to Ottawa is close to 50,000, a large increase from the original expected 1,600 trucks.




Truckers on the Freedom Convoy are rejecting characterizations they are “separatists” and “terrorists.”

“A small team of Alberta truckers, their family members and friends, came to the decision that the Government of Canada has crossed a line with implementing COVID-19 vaccine passports and vaccine mandates. As of today, we now have the support of millions of Canadians from across the country,” group organizers said in a press release.

Demands from the Freedom Convoy to the federal government are:

  • Terminate all vaccine passports, including inter-Canada passport systems.
  • Eliminate mandatory programs of vaccination and contact tracing.
  • Respect the rights of those who wish to remain unvaccinated.
  • Cease the divisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates.
  • Cease limiting debate through coercive measures with the goal of censoring those who have varying or incorrect opinions.

“A unified and free Canada can be our future, and it starts now with reminding the government they serve the people,” stated the truckers.

“We have an opportunity for all of us to come together irrespective of our differences and do what is needed to ensure our freedoms are protected now and for future generations.

Statements claiming the convoy participants are ‘separatists’ or ‘terrorists’ are “categorically false and an attempt to smear” the movement, organizers said.

“It is saddening this kind of rhetoric is coming from Prime Minister Trudeau and his government. Instead of protecting our basic freedoms outlined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Justin and his government seek to do the opposite. He is continually issuing defamatory comments and maligning large segments of the population. If history has taught us anything, these are actions that cannot be ignored. We are peaceful, hard-working Canadians who love our country and want the betterment for all Canadians.”

The organizers said due to the mass support of the movement, they can no longer guarantee the average Canadian will not be disrupted by the protest.

“For that, we are truly sorry, and we will do our very best to limit the disruptions to your lives. We ask that Canadians remember we are fighting for everyone’s freedoms and it’s the political class that has abandoned us all,” said the release.

The organization announced the number of heavy trucks going to Ottawa is close to 50,000, a large increase from the original expected 1,600 trucks. One driver going the opposite direction told the Western Standard he measured the convoy at 100-km long as it approached Winnipeg.

Some supporters are unable to commit to the whole trip, but are finding ways to still participate.

“A lot of vehicles just join the parade while it’s close to their homes and then peel off later, so it’s dynamic,” Martin Halvorson, a driver in the convoy, told the Western Standard.

“The amount of people is unknown because we are not counting … The numbers are big,” convoy organizer, Andy Draaistra, told the Western Standard.

“All the support is unbelievable, we hope the overpasses will hold the tons of people,” said Draaistra.

via risex100, Twitter
Via Basia Porter, Twitter

The protest is against federal COVID-19 mandates and is scheduled to arrive in Ottawa January 30 and then hold a mass demonstration the next day, Monday, when Parliament reumes.

Ewa Sudyk is a reporter with the Western Standard

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China changes Fight Club ending to cops busting anarchists

Multiple scenes from the original cut were deleted and a new ending was added.




The classic film Fight Club has been changed for viewers in China, with a ‘happy ending’ that complies with domestic censorship rules.

An altered version of the 1999 film was released on streaming platform Tencent Video in China over the weekend.

Multiple scenes from the original cut were deleted and a new ending was added.

Many in China had seen the original film pirated online and were surprised when streaming the newly released version.

Instead of buildings exploding at the end, the version shows authorities step in and win. 

Original closing scene of Fight Club

In the closing scenes of the original the narrator kills off his imaginary alter ego Tyler Durden and then watches multiple buildings explode with Marla Singer, suggesting his character’s plan to bring down modern civilization is underway.

In the censored version released in China, the narrator still kills off Durden, but the exploding buildings scene is replaced with a written message on black screen.

“The police rapidly figured out the whole plan and arrested all criminals, successfully preventing the bomb from exploding.”

As well as Tyler, figment of the narrator’s imagination was sent to a ‘lunatic asylum’ for psychological treatment and later discharged.

Revised ending to Fight Club

China is home to some of the strictest rules regarding censorship, and only a handful of foreign films are released each year.

In the past Hollywood has created alternative cuts in order to comply with Chinese censorship rules, in hopes to access millions of viewers in the country.

It is unclear if the cut was made by western movie producers, or the Chinese government.

Tencent did not comment on the matter.

Authorities under President Xi Jinping have been working to eliminate society of influences classified as unhealthy, including within movies, television, computer games.

This effort was also extended to cracking down on the country’s local celebrities for perceived immoral behaviour.

The Cyberspace Administration of China announced earlier this week an organized month-long ‘clean’ web campaign to create a ‘civilized and healthy’ online atmosphere.

Ewa Sudyk is a reporter with the Western Standard

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Butt launches Twitter tirade on Scheer for supporting truckers

“It’s a truly depressing turn for our politics to take in Canada. Have we paid no attention to what happened to US politics, and how it happened?”




The former top aide to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has launched a Twitter broadside against former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer after he supported the truckers’ convoy rolling across Canada to protest vaccine mandates.

“Thank you Truckers! Trudeau is attacking personal liberty and threatening everyone’s ability to get groceries because of his overreach on vaccine mandates. He is the biggest threat to freedom in Canada,” Scheer tweeted.

Scheer tweet

That was enough to set Butts off.

“A breathtakingly irresponsible thing for a former Leader of the Opposition to say. Calling the prime minister — any prime minister — the biggest threat to Canadian liberty? This isn’t a dog whistle. It’s a welcome mat,” he tweeted.

“Politics is a rough business and not for the thin of skin or faint of heart. But the people in these enormously important offices have to respect those offices, even if they don’t like each other.”

Butts tweet

In a later tweet, Butts said: “Have been thinking about Mr Scheer’s comments all day. It’s a truly depressing turn for our politics to take in Canada. Have we paid no attention to what happened to US politics, and how it happened? I almost wish I were a Conservative, so I could fight for my party’s soul.”

On the weekend, Butts took a run at organizer Tamara Lich in an attempt to cast doubt on the integrity of Convoy For Freedom 2022.

“An Alberta separatist has collected almost a million bucks on a GoFundMe page to ‘support’ trucker protests. Where will the money go?” asked Butts in a tweet. 

More than $4.5 million has been raised to date as thousands of truckers are expected to descend on Ottawa this weekend.

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