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Former Liberal MP calls Trudeau a ‘fool’ unconcerned with increasing costs

Dan McTeague said Justin Trudeau’s Clean Fuel Standard and $170 carbon tax are far worse than the “Green Shift” proposed by Stephane Dion




A long-time Liberal and former MP says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a “a fool who is nothing more than a marionette for the Laurentian elite.”

Dan McTeague, who has helped Liberal campaigns since 1978 and was a Liberal MP for Pickering from 1993-2011, said Trudeau’s Clean Fuel Standard and $170 carbon tax are far worse than the “Green Shift” proposed by Stephane Dion as Liberal leader in 2008.

“There was a time when Liberals actually did give a damn about the cost of living and they don’t today,” said McTeague, who once chaired a government task force on gasoline pricing and is now president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

By 2030, Trudeau’s Clean Fuel Standard is expected to add another 11 cents per litre to the cost of gasoline, while the hike in carbon taxes will increase gas prices by another 36 cents per litre.

“We’re being led down this path of high costs, less jobs, all to be brought even into this fear, the aura of wokeness on the belief in the green climate front,” said McTeague in an interview with the Western Standard.

McTeague insists Trudeau’s “climate alarmism…has gripped the country at a time which would have the most devastating impact.” He also expressed concerns with Trudeau’s “virtue signalling” and “preachy” approach to government.

“It’s left a good number of Canadians without them knowing whether it’s a party that has their back, that has their interests. It’s really about top-down lecturing, moralizing about the new [climate] cult, and conform or be cast out. And that’s really the divide and conquer that I think has unfortunately gripped the nation beyond its economic woes, beyond its lack of accountability in terms of representation, beyond its dangerous move towards a fiscal collapse,” said McTeague.

“It’s important to have a strong energy sector to be able to pay for the social programs – you start messing with those as this Prime Minister has done, and his gang, you start cutting away the very economic and social underpinnings of this country.”

The 18-year Liberal MP believes the Trudeau government has deeply divided Canadians.

“We’re looking at really an undeniable collapse in our democracy and it’s unfortunate, but it’s created significant divides that I never thought would be ones a country could withstand – regional divides, city versus rural, West versus East, have and have nots versus haves, and…public servants versus those who work in the private sector.

“All these things tend to demonstrate there is no common purpose. The goal of government to make everyone work together and to get all the cylinders firing up and are rolling in the same direction has all been thrown out in favour of one or two handpicked issues in which you, your opposition, each either track or stand or fall.”

McTeague interned on Parliament Hill in 1981-82 when the first Trudeau was in power, and says the elder was more tolerant of debate and disagreement.

“The Liberal Party was far more tolerant and far more objective about future of Canada and everyone had a role. And that was true under Pierre Trudeau, whether we liked him or not. That guy could stand up to people in a good debate unlike his son who can’t tolerate anybody who is opposed to him. And that would not be like Paul Martin or Jean Chretien or Bill Graham or Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff.

“If you had something to say, you could say it. You could say it publicly, you could disagree with him, you could disagree with him on the floor of the House of Commons. At the end of the day, we were all Liberals. That is no longer the case. It’s an intolerant, academically intolerant group of people whose whole purpose is to divide and conquer and win by the narrowest of pluralities.”

McTeague believes Canada is on a path toward greater authoritarianism and that “this prime minister and the technocrats who dictated this policy to him are really only interested in attaining their woke objective, getting their carbon offset markets up and running, and enrichening their friends.”

“Every Canadian should be prepared to throw these bums to the side…these guys are not Liberals, they’re pretenders – and dangerous ones at that.”

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  1. Dave Van De Cappelle

    January 25, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    We could get rid of him if The Election guys would change the law to only let citizens vote, right now it lets anyone in Canada vote, with or without being a citizen, And with most of the not yet have citizenship or have no interest in getting Citizenship can vote and most of those Immigrants that fit that description, are all in the GTA. I watched the last federal election and all of Ontario voted CP except for the GTA

    • Guest

      January 25, 2021 at 4:17 pm

      Justin Trudeau is a master of slight of hand. Roxham Rd. being one. That bloody RCMP Commissioner who sits on her ass and is Trudeau’s patsy is useless as t’s on a bull. Trudeau is stacking the voter lists with illegals and our law enforcement is blind to the law of the land to stop it. The PM has total power in Canada that’s not a democracy, but it is a fucking dictatorship in the hands of a corrupt, immoral, valueless clueless bastard like Trudeau.

      Liberal taxpayer paid media are corrupt as hell in their coverage of Trudeau.

  2. Guest

    January 24, 2021 at 5:06 am

    Many voters in Canada vote on feelings alone. Trudeau is a master at being a celebrity first and not much second. He tells the low information voters what they want to hear. Then demonizes anyone who opposes his fairy tells as racist or homophobic or Harper fault.

    The liberal media love ❤️ Trudeau after all he’s given them what they most wanted. Work for nothing and get your money for free.

    Ho Canada 🇨🇦 ya what a fucked up country.

    • Dr.RTFM

      January 24, 2021 at 12:54 pm

      “Many voters in Canada vote on feelings alone.”

      This is not surprising. Ask yourself when was the last time you head a person say “I feel like we should ….” when the person should have said “I think we should ….” I observe this extremely frequently, and research has shown repeatedly that the words a person chooses affects that person’s thinking.

      Incidentally, this is why the term “social distancing” was an extremely poor choice. Not only is it incorrect for achieving its intended purpose (people need to maintain physical distance, not social distance, if you want to reduce the spread of viruses from one person to another), but it is actively detrimental to people’s mental wellbeing.

  3. That's Dr. #SAND to you...

    January 23, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Thank the turnips for voting for Prime Minister Socky McBlackface.

  4. Charles Martell III

    January 23, 2021 at 7:09 pm

    I knew Trudope was a “Fool” back in the day when he became Lieberal Party Leader . . . .
    Goes to show you . . . even a Liberal can eventually figure it out.

    as for the NDP . . . read their Constitution, it reads like Karl Marx.

    • Greg Misquitta

      January 25, 2021 at 4:08 pm

      The NDP is – The Old – Communist Party of Canada.

      Founded in – SK, it’s TWO Founding Members (Amongst Others) are:
      BOTH Councilors at Socialist $hitty Hall (Toronto).

      This is what Kelly McParland asks:
      My Opinion – People LOVE their FREE Stuff and Welfare (Regular or Sophisticated – Equalisation) and Marijuana and Multicultural “Exclusive” Ghettos and ENJOY Virtue Signaling and Sharia Law Diktats and Lip Service to Causes; hence, the likes of Trudeau and Jagmeet and Doug Ford and Patrick Brown and O’Toole and Nenshi and Notley and Roy Romanov and Horgan and Wynne and Del Duca and John Tory and Horwath get Elected.
      Also WHY – Liberals are SO “SUCCESSFUL” in Paradises like – QC and Toronto and BC and Atlantic Canada.

      Kelly McParland: Why do Canadians keep supporting this error-prone government?
      Kelly McParland Jan 25, 2021

      • Charles Martell III

        January 25, 2021 at 4:30 pm

        Most of Canada’s large cities are now the United Nations . . . I personally think Canada as we knew it is done like dinner. Many of these folks value free stuff more than Freedom.
        Becoming clearer every day that Alberta and other western provinces would be better off as a separate country.
        Don’t believe BC would be in . . . it could flounder on its own!

      • Greg Misquitta

        January 25, 2021 at 7:49 pm

        Agreed; though I DOUBT – MB will be an Easy Sell.
        Correct me IF I am Wrong; however, ny underatanding is – MB – has been a NDP Bastion for a While.

        Pallister’s WIN – was a Fluke (I think) and he has Governed like a Liberal for a While Now.

        BC’s Liberal Party – has been – Considered – “The Conservative” Option, for a while now.
        Gordon Campbell (though a Liberal) – did Govern with “Some” Conservative Principles. Sadly he – Overstepped and got Recalled.

        Northern BC – MIGHT JOIN WEXIT – After it sees the Benefits that ALL in Alberta (and Hopefully SK) Enjoy.

        However, AB will have to WEXIT – FIRST and Demonstarte to SK that it is a REAL Benefit.
        Then – SK – will Join and soon Nothern BC. MB MIGHT FOLLOW.
        Mainland BC – Not Likely.

        WEXIT is – Alberta’s Last Hope – to:
        CHART – Your Own – FUTURE
        MANIFEST – Your Own – DESTINY

      • Charles Martell III

        January 26, 2021 at 4:23 pm

        BCs Liberal Party was a conglomerate of Cons, Social Credit & Liberals . . . first rose under Gordon Wilson, then Campbell took over and won the Election in 2001. In 2001 BC was the highest taxed region in Canada, high unemployment, declining Real Estate Prices. Campbell fixed the mess . . . to his credit.
        BC heading in that direction today.

        “Campbell said, “After considerable soul-searching and discussion with my family I’ve decided to ask the B.C. Liberal party executive to hold a leadership convention at the earliest possible date to select a new leader of the party,” he said.

        Campbell has been premier since 2001.”

        I grew up in Manitoba, my dad was a big NDPer, met Russ Pawley in the late 70s when he was premier & he told me he knew what my needs were. I told Russ he had his head where the sun don’t shine . . . used to have long discussions with my father over the insane NDP.

        In the 60s Manitoba was prosperous and Conservative, Ed Schryer became the First NDP Premier in 71 I think . . . and things started to go downhill . . .

        I moved to the coast in 75, best decision ever.

        You could be right about the BC hinterlands, they certainly don’t think like the Lower Mainland. That of course would be go for the new country, Kitimat is a great location for a deep water port. Already used for Aluminum and someday CNG if it ever gets built.

  5. Dr.RTFM

    January 23, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    And who replaces him? The only option I see of any substance whatsoever is Maxime Bernier, but I don’t see him getting elected any time soon. The CPC end up in the same place as the LPC, but take longer to get there; the NDP get their faster; none are proposing a different direction.

    • Greg Misquitta

      January 23, 2021 at 4:59 pm

      I am ALMOST – One Hundred Pct sure, that:

      A Group calling itself – CANADA PROUD – is IN FACT an Arm of the Trudeau Lite CCP, er, CPC.

      By “Donating” a Dime to them, you are IN FACT Propping Up the Elitists in the “Establishment”.
      YUP – the Elitists who:
      FIRST – took Membership and Donation Dollars, as “Their FAIR SHARE, for their Lifestyles. . .
      From DeCarie and Karahalios – then CANCELED them.
      THEN – took MOR Donation and Membership Dollars NEAU from those who REGISTERD for the SHAM – They are Calling a “Policy Convention” – then CANCELED them by – CANCELLING Sloan.

      Identical to WHAT – Doug Ford did to: Karahalios and Tanya Granic Allen in Ontario.
      (Ontario Proud – is the ARM of the Patrick Brown and Doug Ford PCPO).


      THINK Carefully!

    • Greg Misquitta

      January 23, 2021 at 5:03 pm

      Re your Comment Specifically:

      Maxime Bernier and his PPC – MAY NOT FORM Government (in the Short Term); however, like the NDP and BLOC and GREENS, could be a Very Vibrant and Tough Opposition that could make a Positive Difference.

      That’s ONE Reason – to Vote PPC – in the Next Federal Election.
      Another Reason: Doing the above – will send a Clear Message that your VOTE and Taxes and Donation / Membership Dollars (IF you are a Part of ANY Party) and VOICE – CANNOT be Taken for Granted.
      Another BIG Reason: Doing the same thing Over and Over gain, and Expecting a Different Result is the Definition of Insanity.

      As far as Dan McTeague is concerned: He has ALWAYS CALLED – A SPADE A SPADE.
      As far as Trudeau is CONCERNED: Trudeau INHERITED – a FIFTY Billion Dollars SURPLUS in 2015 (December).
      WITHIN Three and a Half Years – he had CONVERTED this into the LARGEST DEBT in Canadian History!

      Less Than – SIX Months – ago and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN CANADIAN HISTORY. . .
      Trudeau Applied to the IMF for a FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS LOAN (on OUR Backs and those of Our Children and Grandchildren).
      Anyone who knows – SOMETHING about HOW – the WB / IMF Operate should SIMPLY LOOK at – AFRICA and Most South American and Asian Countries.
      Once EITHER the IMF / WB – get their Tentacles INTO an Economy, it is ONLY a Slow but Sure SLIDE into Bankruptcy and PERPETUAL Debt; at Some Point, EITHER One or BOTH of these Institutions – will OWN said Country (for ALL Practical Purposes – Fiscal / Economic / National Security / Foreign Policy).
      TRUDEAU – is ALREADY Ordering Canada’s ARMED FORCES, to Divulge Operational Intelligence and give Access to Other Security Information to – The CCP (with Canadians Languishing in Chinese Prison of “Manufactured Charges”).

      That’s TRUDEAU’s END Game.

      The PLANDEMIC has come at an “Opportune Time” for him and his “Masters”.

      It gives Trudeau the “COVER” he needs to Speed Up the Conversion of this First World Nation, into the UNHOLY – Nexus – ‘tween:
      The RED and The GREEN
      Trudeau’s ADDITIONAL Carbon Tax (to Increase Over $100.00 / Tonne) by 2030, is a Big Part of the Above “Process”.
      CANADA’S “FEDERAL DEBT” (Alone) – Stands at – ONE TRILLION Dollars and Climbing.

      Obama began that Process – in the USA.
      Donald Trump – Stopped and had BEGUN to Reverse the Process.
      Biden is SPEEDING UP – the Process – to ACHIEVE Obama’s “ONLY Objective”.

      In Ontario: Doug Ford has PROVED to be IDENTICAL.
      Doug Ford – INHERITED – a DEBT, from the McGuilty / Wynne / Del Duca / Horwath
      A DEBT being SERVICED by – REGULAR FOLK – @ $12.5 “BILLION” / Annum on INTEREST Alone to Service said Debt.
      Circa June / July 2019 (Long BEFORE the Plandemic and First Lockdown) –
      Doug FROD and his Gang had INCREASED the DEBT to the Level that –
      REGULAR Folk “Were” Paying $14.9 “BILLION” / Annum (an Increase of Over 10% – in TWO Years) in INTEREST Alone to Service Debt (with ZERO Beneft to Regular Folk) + an ADDITIONAL Provincial Carbon Tax.
      (This was Reported by – the Business Financial Post, then Ben EISEN in the TO SUN as well as the Ontario Taxpayers’ Federation).
      God ALONE KNOWS – WHAT the Interest Payment on Today’s Debt @ $400 BILLION (Ontario) is.

      Like Trudeau and Patrick Brown andMcGuilty / Wynne, DOUG FORD has BROKEN EVERY Promise he made to become: Leader of the Party and, then, Premier.

      • Dr.RTFM

        January 24, 2021 at 12:46 pm

        I didn’t say I wouldn’t vote PPC; I did so in the last election and expected to do so in the next election, presuming it to be a possibility in my riding. I have never understood this nonsense about “splitting the vote”; if you vote for anything other than your preferred choice you are unlikely to achieve anything; what constantly amazes me, TBH, is the number of SoCons who continue to vote CPC and expect to get anything; the CPC has made abundantly clear, repeatedly, that they take the SoCon vote for granted because “if you don’t vote for CPC, you might as well vote for Trudeau; oh, and BTW, we aren’t going to give you anything that you want, but you HAVE to vote for us.”

        I’m not a SoCon (and largely cannot stand them, though we share some points in common, notably a belief in fiscal responsibility and a general view that people should be broadly responsible for their actions (so regardless whether or not a woman can have an abortion, she can pay for it herself if she wasn’t trying to prevent pregnancy; for G-d’s sake grow up an take some responsibility for your behaviour!)) but I’ve truly never understood why they take so much sh!t from the CPC and still vote for them. Very, very weird.

      • ninetyninepct

        January 24, 2021 at 2:33 pm

        There is no preferred candidate in my riding, and I am no politician. Other than spoil my ballot, what can i do? I am stuck in a Federal and Provincial NDP shithole here in BC. I refuse to use a write-in ballot, as every one has an ID number that is unique to that ballot. The bastards will know how I voted. Screw them. Maybe I will write “Fk Trudeau, none of the above” on my walk-in ballot.

        PS: To be a Federal party, the Bloc should be forced to have candidates in every Province. I would have supported their separation. As it is, they only represent Quebec.

      • Greg Misquitta

        January 24, 2021 at 5:25 pm

        Interesting Point – ninetyninepct.

        I actually did Spoil my Ballot – ONCE – by Literally CANCELING EVERY Name / Party and WRITING at the BOTTOM: NOTA (None of the Above)

      • Greg Misquitta

        January 24, 2021 at 9:31 pm

        You make a Good Point Dr.RTFM – on the Issue of Abortion. I had responded to the same; however, the Powers that be at DISQUS have Chosen to Delete and/or Hide the same; likely, at the Behest of – Trudeau and/or O’Toole and their Cancel Culture Crowd. Being a Compassionate “Real” Conservative, I will try and Repeat the Comment to the Best of my Recollection:

        Good Points Dr.RTFM!

        I am FIRMLY Pro-Life; however, also Believe in the Constitution and Charter – both of which are EXPILICT and IMPLICIT:

        When I was on FB (Approx’ 3 Years ago), I had this same Discussion with a Self-Professed “Liberal Feminist – cum – Wannabe ‘Conservative’ ” from Belleville/ON – of the O’Toole and Patrick Brown and Doug Ford and like – SCHEER Disasters Genre.
        This is what my Final Response was – based on which – she CANCELED ME by Unfriending me and Reporting me to FLAKEBOOK Commie Socialist Cancel Culture TWITS (WHO WARNED me NOT to be Abusive).

        This is what I wrote; can ANYONE tell me WHAT is Abusive in the Response I gave her, please:

        I said: I BELIEVE in the Constitution and Charter; both of which give ALL of Us – Rights WITH Responsibility.
        a) When you get – PREGNANT – you MADE your Choice. One gets Pregnant by CHOICE or because of Irresponsible / Negligent Behaviour.
        No One I KNOW will be Blessed with – an Immaculate Conception.
        Do you BELIEVE you will?
        Would you, therefore, AGREE that – Getting Pregnant is NOT a Health Issue; Rather a Lifestyle “Choice”?

        b) Having MADE the CHOICE, as in “a”, you NOW have BUYER’S Remorse and Demand – a Second Choice. Have you NOT HEARD of – Caveat Emptor?

        c) Now AFTER Demanding a SECOND Choice – you FURTHER DEMAND, that – I PAY FOR “YOUR CHOICE” of Lifestyle. Is that HOW you were Raised? To Demand OTHERS PAY for YOUR Choices – in Life?

        Then – I went Further – How about a Compromise, Dear Lady?

        a) Pay for your Choices and Enjoy the Right to Make Them.

        b) Abort WITHIN the First Trimester – ONLY! If you really WANT to Abort – because of – Buyer’s Remorse – then the First Trimester gives you Ample Time to do so and Pay for the same (yourself).
        Heck – EVEN the LAW is Clear:
        **IF (at a Certain Stage in Pregnancy) a Woman with Child, gets Killed in an Accident or by a Stray and/or Intended Bullet or Knife, etc and – is NOT a Fault (Other Than being in the WRONG Place at the Wrong Time) and the Child in her Womb –
        Also Dies –
        the DA / Crown Prosecutor has THE CHOICE to CHARGE and INDICT the Perpetrator with a DOUBLE Homicide.
        So – The LAW Recognises, that – LIFE Exists in the Womb at a Certain Stage.

        c) IF a Woman gets Raped and is Afraid of getting Pregnant, she can Immediately go to the Nearest Emergency, get a Rape-Kit Administered and Avail of a “Pill” – that Prevents Pregnancy.

        d) IF a Couple or Single Woman – is Pregnant and it is Found Out – Late in the Term that there is a Danger to the Life of. . .
        The Mother-to-Be OR that the Child in the Womb – IF Born –
        could have Serious Disabilities and/or Ailments from Day One or Soon (Leading to Massive Physical and Mental and Emotional and Monetray Cost) – then the Mother-to-Be can Make the CHOICE and Pay for It.
        Why Pay for it?
        Because IF – the Mother to be – Took the Baby to Late Term, the INTENT was to have the Child.
        WE KNOW it Costs Approx’ – CAD 250K to Raise a Child, from Day One thru’ 18 (At Least); and IF the Parent (s) is PLOGLESSIVE – then the “Child” will still be Living in their BASEMENT or Grandma’s – TILL Age 50 (At Least).
        So they can Afford an Abortion, ANYWAY.

        e) For those BELOW 18 – Parental Consent Required.

        f) Education System – $ex Ed’ should Focus on HEALTH and HYGIENE with Emphasis on the Emotional and Psychological Trauma Associated with Abortion PLUS the Real Dangers of Contracting STDs – Especially AIDS by having UNPROTECTED $ex.

        She CANCELED me and Reported me for being Abusive and FLAKEBOOK’S Cancel Culture Crowd “WARNED ME”.
        (Many have been “Employed” by Doug Ford and Trudeau and Patrick Brown and Notley and Nenshi and John Tory and Horgan and Pallister and Kenney and Horwath and Del Duca and Jaggu and O’Toole and like – SCHEER Disasters).

      • Sanford Thompson

        January 24, 2021 at 2:43 pm

        Confessions of an economic hitman. Dept traps designed by the tecnocrats at the IMF and baited with promises of personal riches and an appeal to vanity and narcissistic egos.
        We are living through a corporate global coup

  6. working ant

    January 23, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    He calls it like it is…good on him..! Now IF ONLY PEOPLE WILL LISTEN….

  7. warrenzoell

    January 23, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    I’m still confused as to why the Canadian electorate voted for this idiot in the first place. Let alone re elected. The stupid is strong with the Canadian voter.

    • GonadTheRuffian

      January 23, 2021 at 9:57 pm

      During which election did he start using the Dominion voting machines and in how many ridings?
      If they are widely used in the next election Turdeau could well become dictator for life.

  8. doug

    January 23, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    blackface groper boy will have this guy blacklisted & banned from the elite liberal fold.

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Three unvaxxed U o W staff suing province

The instructors allege that due to their vaccine status they’ve had to withstand “ridicule, hatred, maltreatment and discrimination,” in a statement of claim?




Three unvaccinated University of Winnipeg Collegiate instructors forced to take unpaid leave are suing the province and several parties over an “overboard, unreasonable, and discriminatory” vaccine mandate.

The instructors allege that due to their vaccine status they’ve had to withstand “ridicule, hatred, maltreatment and discrimination,” in a statement of claim reported by CBC and Winnipeg Free Press Friday.

“All of the plaintiffs have suffered vilification and extreme ill-will being directed at them as ‘unvaccinated’ people as a result of the University of Winnipeg and other government of Manitoba representatives making false public statements and promulgating policies which have the effect of stating the unvaccinated are to blame for the pandemic,” says the lawsuit.

The university, province, Manitoba’s chief public health officer, Manitoba Health, and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration are included as defendants named in the lawsuit filed Monday in Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench. 

The plaintiffs, placed on unpaid leave last September 7, are Renise Mlodzinski, who holds degrees in education and music performance; Evan Maltman, who holds degrees in kinesiology-physical education and education; and Kyle Du Val, who holds degrees in science-physics, music performance, and education.

The instructors allege being placed on unpaid leave caused their vaccination status to be “immediately apparent.”

They point to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that protects Canadians from being compelled to disclose private medical information, including vaccine status.

As well, they note, the Criminal Code of Canada deems it an offence to make statements that willfully and promote hatred an against an identifiable group.

They allege the province’s vaccine policy amounts to “an expressed intention to engage in a conspiracy to commit assault” because it attempts to force employees to be vaccinated.

The lawsuit calls for the vaccine policy to be stayed until the court reviews the matter.

The provincial government has implemented policies that cast blame on the unvaccinated for hospital overcrowding, the spread of COVID-19, and restricts their rights to access society treating them as “sub-humans,” says the lawsuit.

It challenges the university’s policy claim that vaccination is the single most effective health measure “essential to the university’s institutional response” to reduce the spread of COBID-19 and claim scientific evidence doesn’t support that.

“The rhetoric has resulted in a large portion of Manitobans believing that if they are fully vaccinated, they are safe from the virus and cannot be infected or infect others. Omicron has exploded this mythology,” says the lawsuit.

Scientific studies show no significant difference in the viral load between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who tested positive for COVID-19,” says the lawsuit, pointing to breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated people.

The province and chief medical officer Dr. Brent Roussinhave promoted a “false sense of security” that the vaccinated are protected, it alleges.

“There is neither a moral obligation to vaccinate, nor a sound ethical basis to mandate vaccination under any circumstances, even for hypothetical vaccines that are medically risk free.

“Under the present circumstances, when the science clearly demonstrates that the so-called vaccines do not provide either complete sterilizing immunity nor prevent the ‘fully vaccinated’ from infecting others, the grossly unethical nature of vaccine mandates” becomes even more clear.”

The vaccines, with ingredients not revealed to the public, haven’t undergone the standard approval process that takes years “to properly assess the benefits and risks from clinical data, including any potential long-term side effects,” it says.

“The vaccination program in Canada is being adjusted on the fly as adverse effects manifest necessitating the need for constant amendments of safety guidelines. This underlines the experimental nature of these vaccines.”

They point to Ontario data showing one in 5,000 suffered myocarditis from the Moderna vaccine, and one in 28,000 patients from the Pfizer vaccine.

Recommendations that people age of 18-24 receive the Pfizer vaccine as opposed to Moderna because of an increase in myocarditis and death in that age group have been made by Ontario, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden

“The government of Manitoba has not followed this safety protocol, nor has it provided an explanation for ignoring these concerns to Manitobans,” says the lawsuit.

The university rejected vaccine exceptions on religious grounds applied for by all three instructors.

They’re seeking $1 million in damages for violating their Charter rights and up to $1 million in damages for the “intentional infliction of mental distress, and assault and battery” they allege resulted in threats and assaults, loss of income, post-traumatic stress disorder and lost employment opportunities.

Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard

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Canadians want more indigenous representation on Parliament Hill

The survey followed a Liberal cabinet proposal to address “colonialism, patriarchy and racism” in historical commemorations.




There is too much colonialism represented on Parliament Hill and the majority of Canadians asked said they would like to see more Indigenous representation, says a Department of Public Works survey.

Blacklock’s Reporter says the survey followed a Liberal cabinet proposal to address “colonialism, patriarchy and racism” in historical commemorations.

“Sixty percent believe it is important for Parliament Hill to be reflective of the cultural diversity of the country,” said an internal survey.

“Somewhat fewer but still half of Canadians believe it is important for Parliament Hill to be a gathering place reflective of Indigenous cultures (56%).”

Twenty percent rated reflection of Indigenous cultures as “unimportant” on Parliament Hill, said the report.

Findings were based on questionnaires with 1,551 people nationwide. The public works department paid Ekos Research Associates $57,865 for the survey.

“The public opinion research forms part of the public engagement strategy to obtain feedback on how their experience on Parliament Hill and the broader precinct could be improved in the future, and how to ensure the precinct continues to be a welcoming place that reflects the values and aspirations of all Canadians,” wrote researchers.

Parliament Hill tributes currently celebrate Caucasian people including statues honouring Queens Elizabeth and Victoria, former prime ministers Macdonald, Mackenzie, Laurier, Borden, King, Diefenbaker and Pearson, a War of 1812 Monument, and statues for two Fathers of Confederation killed by assassination, George Brown of Toronto and D’Arcy McGee of Montréal.

Cabinet in a 2019 report said historical tributes must address “colonialism, patriarchy and racism.”

The document was written as a guide for the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board.

“There is a need to be cognizant of, and to confront, these legacies,” said the report. “This contributes to the ongoing process of truth-telling and reconciliation.”

Cabinet in 2017 removed historic plaques marking the Langevin Block, the home of the Prime Minister’s Office named for Hector-Louis Langevin, a Confederation-era Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Cabinet members have also expressed unease in using a meeting hall across the street from Parliament named the John A. Macdonald Building.

It was “uncomfortable coming into this building,” Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller told reporters last June 2.

“He was one of the key authors and perpetuated the Residential School system,” said Miller.

The national archives in 2021 deleted a web feature First Among Equals honouring Macdonald.

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U of M prof: Alberta suffers least, Ontario most by unvaxxed trucker ban

“You can quote me: they’re gonna spend a lot more lettuce for their lettuce,” says University of Manitoba professor Barry Prentice.




As of Saturday, truckers who cross the American border into Canada must be vaccinated for COVID-19, something one Manitoba professor says will hurt all Canadians, but Westerners the least.

Barry Prentice, Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Manitoba, tells the Western Standard the federal government has failed to properly assess the risks.

“This is nonsense. We’ve been now 22 months into this, and suddenly they think, ‘Oh, people have to be vaccinated.’ Is there a big risk? No, there’s no risk assessment associated with this decision whatsoever. And, indeed, the drivers, they tend to stay in their cabs. They’re not getting out running around. So who are they going to infect?” Prentice said.

Although the announcement was made November 19, the timing for follow-through seemed odd to Prentice, since Manitoba minimized its isolation requirements. As of January 1, vaccinated Manitobans who tested positive for COVID-19 but have no fever and were feeling better needed only five days’ isolation.

“The Manitoba government has just told us, ‘We’re cutting y’all loose. You’re on your own, good luck.’ In so many words that’s what they’ve said. ‘Look after yourself now, we’ve done as much as we can do.’…Saskatchewan’s in that train as well. Kids are going back to school, and there’s more damage done to them, psychologically, being trapped in their houses, than what risk a virus might have,” Prentice said.

“It’s back to the vaccine, either it works or it doesn’t work. Now we all know that the vaccine won’t stop you getting the virus; it just stops you from becoming a hospital patient. That is the premise. Of course, nobody wants to get the flu…I take precautions anyway, as do most people.”

The trucking industry has already had worker shortages for years and Prentice believes the border policy will raise trucking prices and push some truckers out of the driver’s seat altogether. This will mean higher prices for goods, especially for fruits and vegetables bought east of Saskatchewan.

“You can quote me, they’re gonna spend a lot more lettuce for their lettuce,” Prentice says, as he explains why cross-border trucking is less prevalent on the Western Prairies.

“There’s nothing really south of Alberta. So if you drop a load off in Alberta, you can’t pick up a load there to take back somewhere in the States because there’s nothing in Montana or Wyoming. Whereas, if you’re coming to Winnipeg, you can drop down to Fargo, Minnesota; or Minneapolis. And if you’re in Ontario, there’s a huge number of loads there to Chicago, Detroit and so on.”

Prentice believes Transport Minister Omar Alghabra is “incompetent” and his Liberal colleagues have a blind spot when it comes to supply chains.

“It really shows that this is a party of three big cities. And they don’t really understand how things move around because they’re urban, they’re urban people represented in government. Alghabra, I don’t think he’s ever been to Manitoba, let alone the rest of Western Canada or to the North. And he’s a Mississauga MP,” Prentice said.

“It goes back to the quality of leadership in the country. I don’t have a lot of belief that this prime minister understands transportation.”

The US is planning a similar mandate for truckers crossing into their country, requiring vaccination as of January 22. Prentice is more concerned about U.S. thinking and politics crossing the border than COVID-19.

“You literally can look up almost anything on the Internet. But of course, it also is a great vehicle for spreading falsehoods…to the political peril. What we’re seeing in the States right now scares me. Living next door to them doesn’t protect us from their craziness,” he said.

“We need to vaccinate them for stupidity. That’s what we need a vaccine for.”

Lee Harding is a freelance contributor living in Saskatchewan.

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