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Phasing out fossil-fuels: New Liberal hydrogen plan means radical transformation of Canada’s energy system

While light on financial details, the plan will be funded by $1.5 billion from the carbon tax.




Hard on the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax announcement, the Liberals have announced a new hydrogen energy plan requiring a “radical transformation of Canada’s energy system.”

And Alberta is on board with the plan.

While light on financial details, the plan will be funded by $1.5 billion from the carbon tax.

The 141-page paper entitled “Hydrogen Strategy for Canada – Seizing the Opportunities for Hydrogen – A Call to Action” outlines a strategy for development of an at-scale, clean hydrogen economy – by phasing out conventional fossil fuels to achieve the Liberal net-zero emissions by 2050 green-goal.

“As we rebuild our economy from the impacts of COVID-19 and fight the existential threat of climate change, the development of low-carbon hydrogen is a strategic priority for Canada. The time to act is now. The Hydrogen Strategy for Canada lays out an ambitious framework for actions that will cement hydrogen as a tool to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and position Canada as a global, industrial leader of clean renewable fuels,” the paper states.

“This strategy shows us that by 2050, clean hydrogen can help us achieve our net-zero goal — all while creating jobs, growing our economy, and protecting our environment. This will involve switching from conventional gasoline, diesel, and natural gas to zero-emissions fuel sources…”

Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan was quoted as saying, “an ambitious framework that seeks to position Canada as a global hydrogen leader, cementing this low-carbon and zero-emission fuel technology as a key part of our path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Hydrogen’s moment has come. The economic and environmental opportunities for our workers and communities are real. There is global momentum, and Canada is harnessing it.”

“Canada is already one of the world’s largest producers of grey hydrogen, which is made through steam methane reforming from natural gas, mostly in the province of Alberta,” he said.

The plan calls for using Canada’s vast hydroelectric capacity to make green hydrogen through electrolysis, from biogas and a lot of blue hydrogen, which is made by taking the CO2 from grey hydrogen and making it disappear using carbon capture, utilization, or storage (CCUS).

“Hydrogen might be nature’s smallest molecule but its potential is enormous. It provides new markets for our conventional energy resources, and holds the potential to decarbonize many sectors of our economy, including resource extraction, freight, transportation, power generation, manufacturing, and the production of steel and cement,” the plan said.

The strategy is described as a “call to action” that will spur investments and strategic partnerships across the country and abroad – expanding exports and creating up to 350,000 new “good, green” jobs over the next thirty years.

Alberta’s natural gas and electricity associate minister Dale Nally said: “We very much support today’s announcement as a positive step toward a hydrogen economy that can help both the province and nation.”

Ken Grafton is the Western Standards Ottawa Bureau Chief. He can be reached at kgrafton@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. godot

    December 22, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    Shocking what a spineless ‘leader’ Kenney is. He has totally caved in to the China Virus hysteria, and now he is no board with this hydrogen insanity. Notley is all smiles … I hope the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta are ready to do battle.

  2. Charles Martell III

    December 22, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Anyone remember Ballard Power?
    Been toiling for 30 years now, I think still in North Vancouver somewhere.
    A very expensive and somewhat fanciful technology.
    I remember the Vancouver Transit system had a couple of busses . . . but they had to import the fuel for them from Keybec.
    Another dopy idea from Canada’s dumbest PM in history to fight the Imaginary Demon Gorebull Warming . . . .

  3. David Elson

    December 22, 2020 at 12:09 am


    Zero carbon emission hydrogen fuel cell technology is nothing more than solar panels and wind turbines using hydrogen in a battery. This article is feel good nonsense. The most insurmountable problem the technology faces is that it still requires the use of fossil fuels to produce the necessary materials and bring them to market.

    What’s worse. Such technologies only produce energy when the sun shines and the wind blows. You could cover the entire province of Alberta and still not produce enough power to light and heat Edmonton.

    Fat lot of good that will do when it’s dark, minus forty, and the wind isn’t blowing. You’d have to convert Saskatchewan to Battery-land to keep from converting yourself into a popsicle.

    Honestly, who comes up with this kind of bullshit?

    • GonadTheRuffian

      December 22, 2020 at 3:50 pm

      I read an article not too long ago from truthers in Germany how the German government quietly snuck the previously shut down coal-fired plants back on-line because the never ending brown outs and black outs were driving companies out of Germany.
      Yep; on windless nights solar and wind energy drop to near-zero kilowatts.

      • John

        December 22, 2020 at 8:14 pm

        There is much more to it, Germany elected a corrupt leftwing government which was propped up by the Greens in the mid to late 90’s. The ag minister couldn’t even tell the difference between a turkey and a chicken, sounds familiar?

        They subsidized the crap out of ‘renewable energy’, shut down the country’s nuclear power plants and over time coal, too.
        The government eventually had large users like steel and automobile manufacturers on ‘speed dial’ and told them, especially during cold, gloomy winter days and hot summer days to cut electricity consumption by x % or shut down completely to avoid massive nationwide brownouts despite electricity imports from neighbouring countries, incl. France, Czech Republic and Poland. The lower and middle class, especially pensioners on a fixed income suffered the most.
        What makes an energy policy like this one announced by Trudeau so much worse for Canadians is a) the extreme cold and b) the large distances and sparse population.

      • GonadTheRuffian

        December 22, 2020 at 9:30 pm

        I just gave a short, glib reply I know. But as you said the poor, and pensioners get the worst of these foolish, so-called green policies. The pensioners in Canada will soon find themselves spending their entire pension money on Turdeaus carbon taxes just to heat their houses.
        What mystifies me is that they don’t seem to care. The majority of voters in Canada seem to be mesmerized by The Village Idiot and his Leftist Librano Gang; even in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
        I suppose the next step in Turdeaus green insanity will be to start persecuting the farmers like in Europe. Then we’ll see a real disaster here.

  4. Mars Hill

    December 21, 2020 at 9:14 pm

    Cancel the carbon tax and incentivize the private sector do this and anything else the morons think they can do for us economically or for….what’s the big word these days, oh yea “safety”.

  5. joc22

    December 21, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    Kenney folded like the paper dragon he is. I’m all for hygrogen devlopment but Alberta sure as hell doesn’t need Ottawa to get involved

  6. Warren Leigh

    December 21, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    “Fortunately, nothing bad has ever happened in the history of mankind when someone tried to light hydrogen on fire.” (Matt Damon, “The Martian”)

    • warrenzoell

      December 21, 2020 at 8:47 pm

      Oh the humanity!

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Lock-down ignoring party host arrested again in Vancouver

“Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them,” said Sergeant Steve Addison, VPD.




A man arrested by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) earlier this year for running a “makeshift nightclub” from his downtown penthouse has been convicted of new charges.

Mohammad Movassaghi was initially sentenced to 18 months probation in April, along with 50 hours of community service after pleading guilty in BC provincial court on counts of violating a public health order and selling liquor.

The 43-year-old man hosted hundreds of party-goers to his 1,100 square-foot penthouse near Richards Street and Georgia Street, equipped with cash machines, menus, and doormen.

VPD officers arrived at one of the parties on January 31 after a “witness” reported the event. One of the alleged doormen was issued several fines, however Movassaghi refused to open the door and was defiant with police. Officers returned early Sunday morning with a search warrant and subsequently issued over $17,000 in fines for violations contrary to the Emergency Program Act.

Large quantities of cash were seized as well.

“Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them,” said VPD Sgt. Steve Addison, following the January 31 arrest.

“If you are caught hosting or attending a party during the pandemic, and continue to break the rules, you could face stiff fines or wind up in jail.”

Of Addisons’ top concerns was the fact that “none of them were wearing masks.”

A GoFundMe was set up shortly after Movassaghi’s arrest, which stated he’d lost $15,000 in cash and liquor.

The campaign was shut down before it reached $300.

Judge Ellen Gordon compared Movassaghi’s actions with those of a drug dealer, specifically fentanyl — a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than morphine. Her logic being COVID-19 can kill people, and so can fentanyl. Therefore there is “no difference.”

“What you did, sir, is comparable to individuals who sell fentanyl to the individuals on the street who die every day. There’s no difference. You voluntarily assumed a risk that could kill people in the midst of a pandemic,” said Gordon.

Fast forward to August and Movassaghi had violated the court orders again when he began hosting more parties in his penthouse, prompting a second VPD investigation leading to his arrest on Wednesday night.

He has since plead guilty of two counts of failure to comply with an order of the health officer and one count of selling liquor, says VPD.

Movassaghi has now been sentenced to 29 days in custody, 12 months of probation, and a $10,000 fine — leaving many wondering if he will switch up the location for his next party, possibly somewhere more discreet.

Reid Small is a BC-based reporter for the Western Standard

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Porch pirate Chahal could face $5K in fines or six months in jail

“I’ve fully cooperated and provided all the information that was requested of myself and my team,” said Chahal in the interview.




Porch pirate George Chahal, under investigation for mail theft by Elections Canada, could face a fine of $5,000 or spend up to six months in jail.

The Liberal Calgary-Skyview candidate was victorious in September’s federal election, however, he came under fire when a doorbell cam caught Chahal removing an opponent’s election literature from a mailbox ahead of the September 20 election.

Chahal, in a jersey with his name clearly visible on the back, was easily identified in the video.

A complaint was filed on September 23 and an investigation was launched.

Months later, Chahal’s name and his involvement in the incident was brought up in question period in the House of Commons this week by Barrie-Innisfail Conservative MP John Brassard.

“The member is facing a $5,000 fine and up to six months in jail during an investigation that is continuing from the Commissioner of Canada Elections,” said Brassard.

“Even with the low bar on ethics and conduct set by the Liberals and indeed the prime minister over the last six years, does the prime minister think this type of action from a member of his caucus is acceptable?”

Trudeau, in defence of Chahal, said, “The member has apologized and is fully cooperating with Elections Canada as it goes through its processes.”

Chahal, during a Friday morning interview on CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener, mentioned both he and his team are being investigated in the incident.

“I’ve fully cooperated and provided all the information that was requested of myself and my team,” said Chahal in the interview.

The investigation was initially opened by the Calgary Police Service’s anti-corruption, unit but was quickly transferred to Elections Canada.

Chahal’s admission during the Friday morning radio interview could mean the replacing of election material in voters’ mailboxes may have been more widespread and could have involved his large team of volunteers.  

The matter is still under investigation with Elections Canada.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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Suzuki apologizes for radical ‘blown up’ pipelines comment

“The remarks I made were poorly chosen and I should not have said them. Any suggestion that violence is inevitable is wrong and will not lead us to a desperately-needed solution to the climate crisis.”




Environmental activist David Suzuki issued a public apology for comments he made last Saturday referencing “blown up” pipelines if the government doesn’t take drastic action on climate change.

The radical activist made the comments at an Extinction Rebellion protest in downtown Victoria last weekend when asked by CHEK News what he thought would happen if government leaders didn’t address the climate crisis.

“We’re in deep, deep doo doo. And the leading experts have been telling us for over 40 years. This is what we’ve come to. The next stage after this, there are going to be pipelines blown up if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on.”

A released statement, also available on his website, said, “Dr. Suzuki’s comments were born out of many years of watching government inaction while the climate crisis continues to get worse.”

The statement included this apology from Suzuki:

“The remarks I made were poorly chosen and I should not have said them. Any suggestion that violence is inevitable is wrong and will not lead us to a desperately-needed solution to the climate crisis. My words were spoken out of extreme frustration and I apologize.

“We must find a way to stop the environmental damage we are doing to the planet and we must do so in a non-violent manner.”

The statement goes on to cite the work of the David Suzuki Foundation.

“Since 1990, the Foundation has produced credible and reliable evidence-based environmental information, and worked with all levels of government (including indigenous leadership), business and communities to resolve critical environmental issues.”

Suzuki was heavily criticized Monday for his comments by Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon.

“David Suzuki is so out of touch with the real world that he advocates for eco-terrorism…towards Canadian people and industries — this is completely unacceptable and extremely reckless,” said Nixon during Ministerial Statements in the Legislature.

“The NDP have a long history of collaborating with David Suzuki and their silence on his outrageous comments make them complicit with calls for ecoterrorism towards Albertans.

“We must protect our critical infrastructure and not allow these ridiculous ideological menaces to destroy what Albertans have worked so hard to create.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said Suzuki’s comment was “an implicit or winking incitement to violence,” and likened it to something you’d hear in “gangster movies.”

Contrary to accusations of inciting violence by critics, Suzuki’s statement read, “Always grounded in sound evidence, the Foundation empowers people to take peaceful and impactful action in their communities on the environmental challenges we collectively face.” 

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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