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Bank of China, SNC-Lavalin and WE Charity received Trudeau COVID-bucks

The Canada Revenue Agency has just made publicly available a searchable registry of the 368,240 businesses, charities and non-profits that received or will soon receive benefits under the CEWS program to date.




Bank of China Canada in Markham, Ontario

The Bank of China (BOC), SNC-Lavalin and WE Charity were recipients of taxpayer-funded Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) benefits.

The Canada Revenue Agency has just made publicly available a searchable registry of the 368,240 businesses, charities and non-profits that received or will soon receive benefits under the CEWS program to date.

Benefits paid as of December 22 total $54.02 billion.

Eligibility criteria for CEWS includes having a CRA payroll account on March 15 and being one of a host of types of employers, including individuals, corporations and registered charities having experienced a drop in revenue.

Among the recipients of CEWS benefits is the Bank of China Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of one of China’s largest state-owned banks. The largest (richest) four banks in the world are all Chinese, and the Bank of China is one of them – with over US$3 trillion in assets as of 2019. BOC posted a 31.36 per cent profit margin for Q3 2020.

Other beneficiaries included Montreal-based global engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin – of Lavalin-Gate – that saw the resignation of Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould. In 2016 Lavalin, signed a compliance agreement with the Federal Elections Commission relating to a criminal investigation which determined that the company had used multiple employees to skirt corporate donation limits to the Liberals. Lavalin posted revenue of $47 billion in 2019. 

More recently in the news, Trudeau-linked WE Charity also received CEWS benefits. WE announced on September 9 that it would be closing its Canadian operations as a result of the scandal, the subject of another ethics investigation of Trudeau.

Other major Liberal campaign supporters who received CEWS benefits include Bombardier and Power Corp. of Canada.

Another controversial beneficiary is the anti-abortion Campaign Life Coalition and Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, self-described as Canadas’ “premiere advocate for legal and cultural change” on right-to-life issues.  

This conflicts with the rules for collecting benefits under the Canada Summer Jobs program which precludes jobs seeking to “actively work to undermine or restrict a woman’s access to sexual and reproductive health services” or that “advocate intolerance, discrimination and/or prejudice”.

That rule was imposed following outcry after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, which he has repeatedly told voters is pro-choice, was found to be allowing taxpayer dollars to fund student summer jobs aimed at restricting access to abortion, Global News reported.

Since the CRA searchable database went online, the Liberals are now planning a review of CEWS.

A spokesperson for Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said the government plans to review the program criteria in light of some of the entities accessing the funds, said Global.

CRA has also announced a separate program called CRA Leads, through which Canadians can report suspected tax cheats to the Feds.

CEWS is intended to support employee pay cheques from businesses where revenue has declined as a result of the COVID-19 response measures.

Ineligible employers could be forced to repay the benefits received, and be subject to possible fines and/or criminal charges.

Ken Grafton is the Western Standards Ottawa Bureau Chief. He can be reached at kgrafton@westernstandardonline.com

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  1. working ant

    December 23, 2020 at 8:40 am

    Leopards can’t change their spots….”

  2. David Elson

    December 22, 2020 at 10:49 pm

    Please don’t be angry. Justine is just a miscreant schoolboy passing your lunch money on to his murderous overlords in the CCP. You didn’t expect him to give away his own money did you?

    Just think of the wonderful things Justine will learn by playing with the big boys.

  3. Guest

    December 22, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Traitor Trudeau & idiot Blair.
    Trudeau compromised himself when he accepted Chinses cash for the Trudeau Foundation in 2015 when he was first elected. Blair & Trudeau are lost in space when it comes to protecting Canadians from Chinese aggression. Trudeau’s love of himself & Quebec will always come first before the rest of Canada.

    Eastern Canadian Liberals are drinking polluted politics & supporting the demise of a once free, proud, nation when they vote for Trudeau.

  4. GonadTheRuffian

    December 22, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    The Tyrant Turdeaus’ treachery and stupidity knows no limits. Turdeau is the dumbest, most unfit leader in the history of Planet Earth! .
    Do the Soviet Canuck peons know; and if they do; do they care? I doubt it.

  5. John

    December 22, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Canada has now officially become a ‘Banana Republic’.

    • David Elson

      December 22, 2020 at 10:54 pm

      That happened a long time ago. Canada hasn’t been a real country since the government adopted that corporate logo we call a flag.

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BC removes capacity limits in some areas, but only if you’re double vaccinated

The change comes into effect October 25, and it applies to indoor sporting events, concerts, theatres, weddings, funeral receptions outside of a funeral home, and organized parties.




British Columbia will be seeing some restrictions eased for those who have can prove two doses of vaccination against COVID-19.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced Tuesday that capacity limits for events and gatherings throughout much of the province — where proof-of-vaccination is required — will be lifted.

The change comes into effect October 25, and it applies to indoor sporting events, concerts, theatres, weddings, funeral receptions outside of a funeral home, and organized parties.

Health officials will also be removing the requirement to stay seated at restaurants.

The changes do not apply to regional restrictions in effect in Interior Health, Northern Health, and eastern Fraser Valley.

Personal gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, are restricted to fully vaccinated people throughout the Northern Health region, with the exception of Terrace, Kitimat, Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Stikine, and the Nisga’a areas.

Indoor mask requirements remain in effect for all indoor gatherings and events.

Reid Small is a BC correspondent for the Western Standard

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WORLD WATCH: U.K. warns of new COVID variant as cases rise yet Japan numbers plummet

Experts are taking a close look at AY.4.2. to see how much of a threat it may pose, but say it is not yet considered a “variant of concern”.




News reports out of the U.K. are linking an uptick in cases to a new variant that “could be 10 times more infectious than Delta,” yet Japan is seeing some of their lowest case counts since this time last year.

According to the latest official data out of the U.K., an increase in COVID-19 cases includes a genetically sequenced variant labelled AY.4.2 accounting for 6% of new cases.

Graph courtesy worldometers.info

The new strain, some call “Delta Plus”, is said to contain mutations that could give the virus “survival advantages” and could make it more contagious.

Experts are taking a close look at AY.4.2. to see how much of a threat it may pose, but say it is not yet considered a “variant of concern”.

Meanwhile, reports from Japan say a very different narrative where cases have mysteriously plummeted over the last two months.

Low case rates have not been the norm in Japan throughout the pandemic. However, despite the 2020 Summer Olympics being postponed to the summer of 2021 and Japan seeing some of the highest COVID-19 case rates in the world at times, the country has never implemented any full lockdowns.

Over the last two months, rates in Japan went from over 26,121 new cases recorded on August 22 to 494 new cases as of Monday.

Graph courtesy worldometers.info

Some are crediting the incredible turnaround to a late but rapid uptake in vaccinations. Others say it could have something to do with bad August weather in the latter part of the month that kept people home.

Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the huge decline in cases and experts are warning Japan could face another surge with the gradual waning of vaccine efficacy as well as heading into the colder winter months.

Melanie Risdon is a reporter with the Western Standard

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EXCLUSIVE: Chu vows not to resign, apologizes and speaks out on allegations

Chu speaks out after allegations against him come to light.




Embattled Calgary Councillor Sean Chu says he has no intention of resigning, but has apologized to a woman he had a sexual encounter with 24 years ago.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any harm,” Chu told the Western Standard in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

City of Calgary officials confirmed Chu won the election race in Ward 4 by a mere 52 votes after allegations surfaced last week of his involvement in August of 1997 with a girl who was just 16 at the time.

“This was nothing but a political assassination,” said Chu.

Chu, who has represented Ward 4 since 2013, also fired back at some media reports which he claims were completely wrong.

Chu said he met the unidentified girl at a pub near Macleod Tr. and 94 Ave. S and not the Husky House restaurant downtown that some media had reported.

“Because it was a licensed establishment I thought the girl was at least 18 years old,” said Chu, who was in uniform with his partner at the time.

“I was single at the time and I thought some girl liked me.”

The Western Standard cannot confirm at this time if there is documentary evidence the encounter was at the Husky House or at the pub on Macleod Tr.

At some point in their interaction, Chu caressed the girl’s leg, an incident that later earned him a letter of reprimand on his file.

Chu said the girl seemed interested in him so when he was off duty he changed into civilian clothes and went back to the pub to meet the girl.

The evening continued with Chu and the girl eventually heading to his home.

Once there, the pair “started kissing and hugging, but there was no intercourse,” said Chu.

Chu admits there was “some touching underneath clothes”.

“She then said she wanted to go home and I drove her straight there.”

Chu denied media reports that a gun was produced during the evening at his home. He said he checked his service weapon in at the police’s traffic office when he signed off duty.

At one point Chu said he owned a shotgun, but denied that weapon was ever produced or shown in any way that night.

“If there had been a gun involved there would have been charges,” said Chu.

The Western Standard has not seen any documents that indicate the presence or absence of a firearm on the evening in question.

Chu said he does not drink alcohol, but added he didn’t know if the girl had been drinking.

After the incident, the girl reported the case to city police claiming she was sexually assaulted. That lead to nine years of investigations, court battles and appeals, with news of the case only leaking last week, days before the civil election.

There were never any sexual assault or weapons charges laid, and Chu says the letter of reprimand was the only discipline that came out of the entire process.

Documents obtained by the Western Standard and other media indicate that the woman claimed the whole process was a “cover-up.”

Chu served as a Calgary police officer from 1992 until he was elected in 2013.

Chu is now at the centre of a political storm with friends and supporters deserting him.

Premier Jason Kenney described the allegations as “appalling” but said he didn’t think there was any way for the province to remove a councillor who han’t been convicted under the Criminal Code.

He said he would be happy to meet with Mayor-Elect Jyoti Gondek to discuss the situation.

Kenney said as much of the legal documents are under seal, it’s up to Chu to prove his innocence.

Calgary-Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner tweeted her disgust at the incident.

“I have supported Mr. Chu in the past, but firmly withdraw all such support in light of these reports. Believing women means walking the talk,” she tweeted.

“In light of the disciplinary action, as a result of inappropriate contact with a minor which has been reported by CBC Calgary, MP Rempel Garner is formally withdrawing her endorsement of Councillor Sean Chu and he is no longer a member of her Constituency Association.”

Rempel Garner tweet

Now Chu said he is looking at his legal options and a possible defamation suit over some of what he called the false reporting.

“I have always told the truth. My reputation is important to me and now my family is hurting,” said Chu.

Chu said he wouldn’t comment on remarks made by Gondek that she will try and remove him from council.

“I will continue to tell the truth at council and will be a fiscal hawk,” he said.

“The most important thing is I told the truth and the truth will prevail.”

It appears any bid to try and remove Chu would fail because he was not charged or convicted criminally.

Calgary police released a statement Monday about its investigation in 1997. It states:

“We want to reassure Calgarians that when this matter came to light in 1997 it was taken seriously by the Service and managed in accordance with the Police Act. This has been a complex legal matter with multiple complaints and investigations as well as appeals to the Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board. One of those decisions was overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal. Ultimately, one allegation of misconduct was sustained through our internal disciplinary process.”

Dave Naylor is the News Editor of the Western Standard

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