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WATCH: The Pipeline. November 18 2020




Publisher Derek Fildebrandt, news editor Dave Naylor and columnist Cory Morgan discuss the top news items of the week in the West including: 

The pandemic response. Are we setting the stage for another full lockdown? 

The “Great Reset”. No longer in the realm of conspiracy theorists as Prime Minister Trudeau appears to have embraced the concept. 

Defunding the police in Calgary and elsewhere. When will the capitulation to BLM end? 

Cory Morgan the Alberta Political Columnist and Host of the Cory Morgan show for the Western Standard. cmorgan@westernstandardonline.com


WATCH: Winnipeg woman’s ride of terror as she’s dragged by cab

When Hill refused and tried to grab her phone, he sped off with her clinging to the passenger side of the vehicle screaming for help. 




A Winnipeg taxi driver who allegedly dragged a woman behind his cab as she tried to retrieve the cell phone she left in it faces numerous charges, including extortion.

Carrie Hill, 23, left her phone in the cab Tuesday night and reported it missing. When the 51-year-old driver came back Wednesday morning, he allegedly demanded payment to return the device.

When Hill refused and tried to grab her phone, he sped off with her clinging to the passenger side of the vehicle screaming for help. 

Hill, who suffered scrapes and bruises, clung to the vehicle for about a block before letting go when it slowed down to turn.

A friend captured the incident on camera, showing a woman standing by a Duffy’s Taxi talking to the driver.

“I saw my phone right in the centre console, and I saw my phone right there and I was like ‘can you just hand me the phone and he’s like ‘no, give me money,” Hill told CTV News Winnipeg.

“And I was like ‘I don’t have any money. I’m sorry, but I see my phone right there.’”

Hill called Winnipeg Police Service. The cabbie was arrested that night.

Winnipeg police say the unidentified driver is facing numerous charges including extortion, dangerous operation of a vehicle, careless driving, and failing to exercise due care for a pedestrian. 

The charges have not been proven in court.

The cabbie has been released on his own undertaking, according to the Criminal Code.

The cab company has suspended him.

This is the second recent serious incident involving indigenous women and charges against Winnipeg taxi drivers.

Calls for safe alternatives to taxis escalated after charges were laid October 6 against a cabbie over a September 26 incident.

Ikwe Safe Ride was started by four indigenous women in 2106 in response to numerous reports of inappropriately behaving and abusive taxi drivers.

The safe-ride alternative can’t keep up with requests for transportation.

“We hear stories like this all the time … constantly we hear stories about abuse and mistreatment from taxi drivers to women, indigenous women and all women,” said Ikwe co-director Christine Brouzes,

Ikwe means woman in the Anishinaabemowin language.

On October 6, Winnipeg police charged a 44-year-old cabbie with forcible confinement and assault involving a 19-year-old woman. The charges have not been proven in court.

Serenity Morrisseau alleges she was assaulted when she and two friends were in a Unicity taxi.

Morrisseau said the driver tried to convince them to go with another cab driver offering to take them to a party.

According to Morrisseau she was uncomfortable, so she videotaped the encounter.

She said the driver slammed on the brakes and stopped the cab. Her friends exited, but Morriseau said the cabbie got out and punched her four times through a window. He then got back in the driver’s seat and drove off with her hanging halfway out as her feet burned from being dragged on the pavement.

Morrisseau said she pushed her arms between the plastic shield and ceiling, suffering bruised arms and broken nails, to grab his eyes and forehead, forcing his to stop driving.

Witnesses came to her aid when the driver did stop and pulled her out of the cab.

Both the passenger and cabbie reported being assaulted and suffered visible injuries.

Satwinder Shani, Unicity’s general manager, alleged the driver was the victim and suffered bruised eyes and had his shirt ripped when first attacked.

Shani claims the driver initially stopped the cab and got out when an “aggressive and drunk” Morrisseau cracked open a beer and refused to wear a mask.

Police have audio and video from inside the cab.

Both Hill and Morrriseau are indigenous.

Meanwhile, in March 2020, taxi driver Balivir Toor, 44, was killed in what police described as a violent and unprovoked attack.

Okoth Obeing, 20, was charged with second-degree murder for the stabbing death.

Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard


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The Cory Morgan Show: NDP Joe, The CRTC and Senate candidate Pam Davidson

Live at 7:00 PM




This week, Cory rants about NDP mega-donor and activist Dr. Joe Vipond and his new crisis, Climate Change. Later Cory is joined by Senate Candidate Pam Davidson.

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The Pipeline: Kenney’s QR Passport, Equalization and DST, The Senate Election




join us this week as we discuss the rollout of Kenney’s QR Passport, the Equalization and Daylight Savings time referendums and the Senate election update.

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